65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt
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TOPIC: 65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt

65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 13 years ago #1

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This is Model King\'s Wild Cherry. As most of AMT and MK AWB kits, very simple and not much to it, but presents it self quite well once it is dressed up. Most parts fit fairly well, but the difficult parts were really difficult. I decided to add turned aluminum stacks to it, as the chrome one that come with it look pretty bad because of chipped chrome which happens when detaching from the spru. I removed the chrome, and sanded them down real good, and sprayed MM buffing aluminum. They came out nice, but after putting the sealer on the metalizer paint it dulled them out. So I order some turned aluminum stacks from Steve at Star Models.

The paint is Tamiya\'s racing white and Testors One Coat, sort of burgandy. Al and all not too bad.

(Redid this as the first one did not want to properly display the picture)

Re:65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 13 years ago #2

Gotta remember those MK kits were all released way back in the \'60s by AMT. The simplicity reflects the current model tooling tech of the period. Still I\'m glad to see these kits see the light of day again! I just aquired the Iowa Shaker A/FX Falcon like yours. Definatly on my \"to do\" list!

Re:65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 13 years ago #3

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Nice build, those AWB kits are cool to look at when they are finished. Now if MK would just do some of those AWB kits of Mopars I would be in heaven LOL.

Re:65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 13 years ago #4

For real! Resin casters are doing them but you gotta get an MK kit for the chassis and suspension! I\'m sure that even one of the resin casters is doing a corrected frame! And that\"s good. But it\'s very hard to find the straight axle setups! If they\'d just kit a \'56 Dodge and Plymouth I\'d be happy!

Re:65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 12 years, 11 months ago #5

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Nice...I\'m into the AWB drag scene as well. Here are a couple of my favorite kit resources.

resinrealm.net/Star/STARModels.html - check out the R&R line

The MK stuff is great and often a starting place for me but I can build up some nice alternatives using the guys mentioned above.
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Re:65 Ford Falcon AWB 2nd attempt 12 years, 11 months ago #6

yes I\'m familiar with both of those. I built a R&R \'60 Edsel Ranger a few years ago! Still have it but it\'s a little dirty at the moment. They\'ve also got a \'58 chevy sedan delivery that I MUST HAVE!!!! I\'ve got the AMT \'58 for a donor already. Another resin caster i reccomend highly is Drag city Casting. Ed is honest and fair and does a great job of casting! he\' doing a stock roof \'33 Willys that\'s really nice! Plus he\'s got tons of different hoods he molds! he\'s having a sale of old moles from his personal collection. I picked up and original AMT \'59 ford Galaxie 2 door hardtop!!!
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