1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?)
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TOPIC: 1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?)

1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?) 13 years ago #1

Here\'s an unusual little work-in-progress I need to finish.

I\'m told this was a promo given away by Ford dealers in the early 1970s. It\'s a rather unusual 1/29 scale and has no interior, although it does come with a battery motor. It has the original box which has the Pinto\'s original advertising slogan \"The Little Carefree Car\" on the side, supporting the idea that it was a dealer promo of some sort.

It\'s really badly engineered. The original plastic wheels didn\'t fit on their pegs, the rear axle is way too long and has no gear cog to mesh with the one on the motor and there\'s no on/off switch! So the only way to switch it on/off is to take out the batteries.

I replaced the wheels with mags from an AMT Corvair kit and chrome-foiled the bumpers, grille and trim. I still need to finish this and detail the lights, plus I need to shorten the axle and add washers to keep it in place.

As it\'s moulded in very shiny plastic and is a cool seventies-looking colour, I didn\'t paint the body, but it had the edge trim moulded in place for a vinyl roof, although the roof was cast smooth, so I made a vinyl top using masking tape and acrylic paint.


Re:1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?) 13 years ago #2

Nice looking little pinto! Was there a manufacturer name on it anywhere? And it\'s the \'71-\'72 model, definatly the better looking one than the later versions with the high impact \"truck\" bumpers! That\'s very unique as I\'ve never seen one before. Good score!

Re:1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?) 13 years ago #3

Thanks - I\'ve seen this model a couple of times on eBay, but this was (unusually) from a seller the UK. There\'s absolutely no maker\'s name on it anywhere, nor even a country of origin. It came with stickers for the grille and hubcaps, but given that these are already moulded, there was no way they would have stuck.

I\'ll post some more pics when I finally finish it off!

Re:1971 Ford Pinto Promo (?) 13 years ago #4

That is truly unusual for a dealer promo. usuall one of the \"Big Three\" model companies (AMT, MPC, Johan) did all the promos. Could this be possibly ment for markets outside the U.S.? Or was the \"powers that be\" at Ford looking for new options for give aways? That would be very interesting to find out!
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