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Re:Current projects...Silhouette 12 years, 8 months ago #46

Well, what I\'d like and what I have are two different things!! LOL!! As for what\'s on hand, I have a Deora kit and that Revell Custom Silverado with the wet bikes.  And I\'m leaning toward the Silverado. I\'m gonna dig that out tomorrow and see what\'s what with that kit.

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #47

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Hippie, Here is a candidate. Painted the same color you have a classic tower to haul your Silhouette. It would take about 2 weeks to get to you so it may not fit your schedule. If not the I can still send it to you and you can build it for me like the truck, box art. My cost on shipping both ways this time and something in it for you if I can find a trade you are willing to accept or cash. Let me know. 

Here are some pics to entice you, either way...

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Re:Current projects...New Stuff 12 years, 8 months ago #48

Well I\'ve decided on a tow rig. Not only for the Silhouette but other things that need to be pulled as well. I\'ve had this custom Silverado in my stash for 9 years nowit\'s been moved, dropped, kicked aside so many times that the box is litterally falling apart! so I guess it\'s time to build it!! LOL!! I\'m under way right now with the build up. this is also going to be a box art model, and you got to admit the box art is pretty cool! This was restyled for Revell by automotive artist Thom Taylor. who did many other customs including Frankenstude, Vette Agin, Alternomad to name a few. so I\'m trying to stay true to the design if I can.  the variable is the decals. they look mighty dry and may not work. I\'ll test one of the not so important ones and get a feel for it. I have someone who is going to send me a set they aren\'t going to use! so I\'ll get this done one way or the other!! amd as you can see the kit includes a nice scale waverunner and trailer! That\'ll get built up too! got more stuff to post so bear with me!

Re:Current projects... Corvair!! 12 years, 8 months ago #49

Here\'s a little something I just fi9nmished the other day. this was built from the AMT Prestige issue of the \'68 Corvair. I\'ve used the optional custom nose in the kit and made a dry lakes racer. it\'s running the flat 6 modified with a small blower! It\'s ment to depict the average guy that comes to places like Bonneville and El Mirage. This kind of racing has always facinated me and someday I would love the chance to go to Bonneville Speed Week!

It a deceptivly simple looking build, but a ton of work went into making a smooth front end from the nose back. the wheels covers represent unpolished aluminum and are resin pieces made by Don at Escort\'s resin. I\'ve even included a driver\'s helment laying on the floorboard. I\'ll post the rest of the pics in my profile gallery.

Re:Current projects...Speedboat? 12 years, 8 months ago #50

A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind!! LOL!! last but certainly not least is something I\'ve been working on for a week and a half now. This is the Revell Hemi Hydro ski/drag boatkit. It\'s 1/25 scale and very compatable with model cars! Part of the time spent was waiting for a good day to paint!! Now this build will have another personal first for me. I\'m using my own home brewed decal sheet! I got the software a couple months ago and have been playing with it until I could afford the waterslide decal paper! I should have this done sometime this wekend and will post picas when finished. I\'m planning to do a small series of boats to go with various tow vehicles in my collection, present and future. it\'s a nice change from doing cars for a bit!

Re:Current projects...Speedboat? 12 years, 8 months ago #51

Finished up the boat last night late! It\'s built straight out of the box. But I\'m proud to say that for the first time I made all the decals!! Used the Testors Decal making program and Wordpad for the lettering. I\'m planning on doing several boats in the near future so keep checking back!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #52

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Again, a nice job done on both the models shown here. I like the boat and would love to take that baby for a spin up the Fraser River here in BC. Nice looking trailer too. What is going to tow it to the lake or river?

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #53

Looks like the jeep piclup with be the tow vehicle. it fits the jeep just right! and the Silverado I just finished is too low!!!  I actually built tthe Silverado to pull ther Silhouette, but the trailer for that is too wide at the front to turn it! Looks like a hitch mod for that trailer!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #54

here\'s the Custom Silverado I mentioned previously. built straight out of the box as you can see by the box art in the background. the build was a breeze, but the paint gave me fits!! I pride myself in being able to lay mirror finish black paint jobs. But this booger just was having none of it!! Looks great, but the black paint is passable to poor!Thank god for bad lighting!! LOL!! This kit came with a waverider and trailer, wich will all be displayed in my gallery! enjoy!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #55

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I\'m Enjoying, I\'m Enjoying. jN

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #56

I was given what i consider quite an honor recently concerning my custom Silverado shown here. One of the clubs I belong to, Drastic Plastic Model Car club, has chosen to feature it! they have a very large web presence outside of Yahoo and have bee constructiing a gallery of all model car and truck kit box art with a page by page breakdown and posted online, for those who need to acess the original instructions. On the strings they, whenever possible, feature a model at the end built to match that kit\'s box art. And My silverado truck has been chose to be on that string from now on!!

Re:Current projects.....more new stuff! 12 years, 8 months ago #57

Been busy over at Hippie\'s Speed & Custom. Here is another speedboat! This is the AMT Rayson Craft boat that currently is included in the Model King release of the \'70 Bonneville convertable. I got the boat missing it\'s entire driveline! So I built a pro stock big block Chevy for it and built a V-drive from old blower parts! I also put in a modern enclosed drive shaft system. I also made all the declas for this little screamer!

Re:Current projects.....more new stuff! 12 years, 8 months ago #58

Heres a pic of the inside of the boat showing the new driveline and motor. I\'ll be posting all the pics in my personal gallery in a bit. come on over and checkout all the stuff that\'s in there!

Re:Current projects.......Gypsy Dune Buggy 12 years, 8 months ago #59

here\'s a quckie build i did this week of the Revell gypsy dune buggy. A really simple little kit that I\'ve been trying to trade off for 2 years! Nobody wanted it so i built it!! it\'s straight out of the box with the optional Corvair motor. It\'s painted Duplicolor Cherry red, which looks a bit brown to me! Just a neat little project i wanted to share1

Re:Current projects 12 years, 7 months ago #60

hey all, this thread was getting kinda long, so i started another current projects thread! See you there with 2 new projects!
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