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Re:Current projects 12 years, 10 months ago #31

Here\'s a pic of the interior of the Blazer. The only stock kit piece I saved was the dash!! I added a rollbar, MUCH nicer seats with an armrest from a \'71 Charger, spare tire and rack to mount it, gas can, tool box and water cooler!! Snap kit are really cool because you don\'t have to worry about the kit detail and get to add your own!!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 10 months ago #32

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Nice job on the Blazer Hippie, it turned out really nice.

Re:Current projects...Something Special 12 years, 10 months ago #33

here\'s something I picked up about a couple months ago. This is an [b]ORIGINAL \'59[b] Ford Galaxie made by AMT This model is 49 years old!!! And for it\'s age is in phenominal shape!! There were some light glue marks on the body that were easily sanded off. Only damage is the tip of the left side fin, it\'s been nicked off sometime in it\'s past. I\'m going to repair it and give it it\'s first paint job! It\'s entirely a curbside model, and the hardest part will be figuring out the wheels/tires. It uses promo style rolling stock and all the hubs are damaged with tons of glue, one totally broken! I could put it back totally stock but that\'s not my style! I\'m going to update it\'s \"shoes\" a bit but that\'s all!!! I won\'t do anything to it that can\'t be changed back stock with little effort! So I\'m considering colors and cleaning the body up od most of it\'s mold lines, which aren\'t bad to begin with! No hurry on this one for sure! need to get this right the first time!

Re:Current projects... \'48 Ford Convert 12 years, 8 months ago #34

here\'s a quickie build I did last weekend! it\'s an old IMC \'48 Ford Convert from a kit that was made before 1070. It has been reissued bu Testors several times but this is an original! And something I don\'t normally do, I left the plastic the pale yellow vintage color it was molded in! Quite an advanced kit for the \'60s, but lacking in some respects by todays standards. Like the body molding strips are done by strips of chrome foil! they were never molded on or in!! This kit features opening doors and hood, folding front seat and steerable front end! Now this kit had been started by someone and the steering was glued straight! Oh well! But everything else was good! And the flathead engine was almost all built, so I just finished it for the build. The two figures do not come with the kit! They are refugees from the Revell \'59 Ford Retractable kit! I\'m gpoing to try out the new photo loading feature and post the rest of the pics in my personal gallery! But i will post one more here!

Re:Current projects.....\'48 Ford 12 years, 8 months ago #35

here\'s an up-top shot. the kit comes with the top and the boot. The original also comes with a chopped windshield, cust0om Carson Top, Hurst mag wheels and a rather questionable 427 Ford \"Cammer\". Not bad looking but not accurate! Enjoy!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #36

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May not be accurate but is still a nice display model. I like it.

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #37

Oh I do too! The inaccuracies are minor in perspective. And it\'s still a pretty good kit. One thing that throws people is the sectional body, wereas most kits these days have one piece bodies. This instead has a one piece floorboard with all 4 fenders molded on. Sort of reverse from what were all used to. You\'ve got a one piece back section and then install the cowl. And when you put the doors in place everything lines right up! And it comes with 2 different windshield frames, one a chopped version to use with the Carson Top. BTW. I have to mention that I hand painted the white walls! The kit come with the old fasioned white wall stickers. and they are so old they have boned themselves to the backing paper!!! So the experiment was to hand paint them in flat white. then once tack to coat them with Future to keep them from chipping later. So far so good! Now, the only non- kit parts I used are the beauty rings on the wheels. the kit does not include them!!! Odd, as they are shown on the box art! so I robbed these from a \'50 Ford Convert kit!
This biuld was the end of a long held dream. I had this kit twice as a very young modeler back in the \'60s. And of course my skills as they were made hash out of this kit!! so i swore that when I was older I\'d find this kit again and do it right! Hopefully you all think so!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #38

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You have done a bang up job on this model. It looks great.
Have you ever tried paper re enforcers for three hole punched paper for white wall tire stickers. I don\'t know what sizes they come in but it might be worth checking into.

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #39

I don\'t know if they come that large! That would be interesting to look into! I had someone tell me to use white out like you use for correcting typing mistakes! I\'ve worked with that stuff before and it just wouldn\'t stick to vinyl tires for very long! There\'s even one guy that swears by latex house paint!! Everybody\'s got an angle I guess!! LOL!!

Re:Current projects...Jeep Pickup 12 years, 8 months ago #40

Here\'s one I just finished up over the weekend. It\'s a Revell Jeep J-10 Honcho, with the \"Dude\" package! This was the latter released \"Pink Poison\" kit from theor \"Black top Warrior\" series. Sort of a lame attempt to captialise on the Mad Max style post apocaliptic theme. Except for the decals the kit is bone stock! I got the kit as part of a trade and had one complete wheel & tire missing! But the fellow I got it from tossed in a nice set of Desert Dog tires! I had the chrome wagon wheels and it all came togehter like they were made for each other! And i had the driver in a box of other parts and happened to have him laying on the table. I tried him in the cab and he fit perfectly! so he got painted and installed! Now I had managed to secure a set of declas from the original issue of the kit. Just before I was to install them, I was asked if I\'d be interested in a topper for the bed! You Bet I would!! so I secured the topper and \"Dude\" decals from the second issue of the kit! The fellow couldn\'t use it because he accidently stepped on the body fro his kit!!! OOPS! so he took his chassis and put it under another truck and had the topper and decals left. This past weekend I painted the topper to match the truck and decaled it! I think it\'s pretty sharp if I do say so myself!

Re:Current projects...Jeep Pickup 12 years, 8 months ago #41

Hers the back end shot. The topper has tinted windows like the real one would! And it\'s got a skylight window in the top. Very cool looking! I left the topper removable and can switch it out with a rollbar setup that was also kit stock. Hope you all like it as much as I do!

Re:Current projects 12 years, 8 months ago #42

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Hey Hippie, another nice build. Looks like you are getting better with time or did that little stroke you had do something good to you after all. Keep it up buddy. JN

Re:Current projects...Silhouette 12 years, 8 months ago #43

Here\'s one I completed just the other day. this is the AMT kit of the Silhouette show rod. The real car was completed in \'62 and was a hit at the major auto shows of the time. the model comes with a Ford 427 engine and a bunch of optional parts. I used the optioal wire wheels, which were used on the original car, along with several other wheels tyles! I also used the optional side mufflers in place of the original\'s straight pipes! I\'ll bet it was LOUD!!! Rather than paint it Candy Red like the original I opted for a Candy Purple, which I think looks much better!! Now the maun thing that keeps more of these from being built is the body seam. It\'s split top and bottom around the very visable beltline of the body. My main goal in this was to build it seamless! so during construction I did what the model airplain guys do, I biult and painted all the internals including the engine and interior. masked off all the openings and sealed the top and bottom together. A little filler putty and sanding and the seam is gone! I gave the same treatment to the matching trailer! Yes, the kit comes with a bubble domed trailer too! Another thing I did was to replace the kit\'s dual quad intake with a high rise version! Get them carbs up where we can see\'em!! One last thing was to give the build a set of the proper white wall tires like on the original, as AMT no longer supplies them!!

Re:Current projects...Silhouette 12 years, 8 months ago #44

And here\'s a shot of it\'s trailer. together it all looks like a big grape!! LOL!! The wide white was also from the parts box. Now the next thing I need to do is find a suitable tow vehicle!!

Re:Current projects...Silhouette 12 years, 8 months ago #45

Man! Hippie that is just amazing! What do you have in mind for the hauler?
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