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TOPIC: Current projects 2

Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #1

hey all, got a coupe new projects that\'s recently completed. This is the Revell \'56 Ford Big Daddy Roth Tribute truck. the truck itself is not a bad a bad kit considering it\'s age. But the decals, while looking really cool, are a major pain to install!! I made a few mods to the kit to make it more correct. First i had to take 1/4 inch of material off both rear fenders to get them down to a more stock  width. I also switched out the kit wheels and hubcaps for the wide whites and Olds tri-bar hubcaps from the Revell \'59 Ford retractable hardtop. I aklso switched out the air breather on the motor for a more realistic one! The stock kit piece is like a hubcap!!  as usual I;ll be posting more pics in my gallery.

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #2

And I\'ve done yet another boat! This is the AMT 3 in one boat kit that was reissued about 9 years ago. It was originally released back in 1959. I\'ve selected the \"stock\" Chris Craft runabout. there is a racing version and a funky custom version( a boat with fins on top?!) The kit is very simple, and i spent all my building time doing paint! i added an exhaust for the engine (missing!) and printed the yacht flag on my printer. I also added wide whites to the trailer! Just the right boat to put behind the Roth pickup!

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #3

Hippie, Big Daddy would be proud. Again you resurrect memories from the past.

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #4

Big Daddy was THE MAN!!! That\'s why I pay homage to him by using Rat fink as my avatar. In fact i think I need some R.F. shirts!!

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #5

Hippie check your PMs...

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #6

hey all! I\'ve been kinda busy on a building streak! so I thought I\'d share a couple pics. This cool \'50s style custom is built from the AMT \'50 Ford convertable. The custom nose and rear buper are kit parts. On the front I swapped out the headlights for nearly identical Lucas high energy lights. the front bumper is a modified reat tril custom part from the \'61 Fors kit. The continental kit is from an old Johan Plymouth while the bumper mount is a modified \'59 Chevy part. The crowning touch is the very rare Carson Top that came from the original early \'60s version of this same kit. I found it in a junk box in perfect condition!! the paint is Testors Boyd\'s Orange Pearl. the interior is a textured flat metallic tan I mixed myself. It\'s got the stock dash, 13 inch chain steering wheel, pedistal mounted bucket seats and console. Lots of work to get it this smooth and this low!! Enjoy! And i have more pics of it in my gallery.

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #7

next is one of two total parts box builds. forst a \'54 Chevy sedan delivery. I wanted to try a Foose-Style paint job. the colors are metallic silver and Testors Boyds Dusty Rose Pearl. I used a Revell Parts Pack dual quad 283 for motivation, and the obigatoty big and little tires mounted on Cragars. And i added a trailer hitch to tow some of those boats i built lately! Just a nice clean build.

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 7 months ago #8

And now something that was just fun to do! Here we have a \'54 Chevy sedan delivery setup as a \'60s Gasser! This one is built from {genuine junk parts\"!! LOL!! While trading for the parts to do the other Chevy, i got a whole kit with a busted body. The whole back end was shattered from being dropped and the plastic being somewhat brittle! I poeced the body back together except for one missing chip, then puttied and spot painted to give that \'abused\" look. I pieced back together the kit\'s straight axle and cut out the rear wheel arches with the dremel tool! Pats box rear end, springs, and ahome made push pipe bumper! I dimped in the dual blown 392 Chrysler hemi from the \'53 Studebaker kit and the headers. All the black lettering I created on my computer and printed them on decal paper. The body was already painted that blue. so I hacve no idea what it is!! The rear tires are those old 2 piece things from the older AMT kits and the front tires are take offs from a diecast model!! No frills! Let\'s go racin\'!!!

this afternoon I just uploaded almost 100 new pics to my personal gallery! so I should have about all my current colletion posted! have a look-see sometime! cheers!!

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 6 months ago #9

hey all! I\'ve been kinda distracted lately. But I got a bunch of building done. I posted some new pics over in my gallery. Here\'s a taste of what I\'ve been up to. \'50 Ford Convertable, Flathead V8 twin carb for power with a modern twist on it!

Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 5 months ago #10

hey all! here\'s some new stuff i\'ve completed recently. This is tha AMT \'49 Mercury, and it\'s had a major reworking. Here\'s the rundown;
Top totally removed, rewworked and chopped 3 scale inches
all chrome removed
hood \"peaked\", headlights tunneled, new chrome spear made and installed
dual Caddy tail lights tunneled
custom dual antenneas, custom rear bumper
white carpeted interior and trunk
suspension lowered
dual full exhaust with side \"Lakes Pipes\"
custom interior with yoke steering wheel, custom seats and console with TV
dual carb, ford flathead engine with finned aluminum heads
vent windows and windshield post remoded
\"Oldsmobile\" grill bar
paint is a custom mix of Orange Pearl, Plumb Crazy Pearl, and Kandy scarlet
trunk mounted speakers and amp with electric guitar!!


Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 5 months ago #11



Re:Current projects 2 12 years, 5 months ago #12

here\'s my latest build, the Revell \'06 Dodge Magnum wagon. This is a straight box art build. I have to sound off here and tell about this kit. It\'s an excellant kit! everything fits well, all parts are cleanly molded and zero flash. It was a fun build I can honestly say! and it\'s the best representation of the new 6.1 Litre, 370 cid new Hemi, with it\'s 5 speed Mercedes automatic tranny. the kit comes with optional wheels and a optiional striping package. Just a wonderul kit, especially for the young buiulder ready to move up to the next level. Hood and rear hatch open. I reccomend this kit highly!

Re:Current projects 2...\'49 Mercury 12 years, 5 months ago #13

Hey all! i got some more projects I\'ve been working on to show. Here is another \'49 merc. But this one is unique, it\'s built dead stock!!! yes, they did come from the factory not customized!! LOL!! this is the only version of the classic mercury that I\'ve never built before!! And don\'t think I didn\'t gat harrassed about it!! LOL!!

Re:Current projects 2.....Jeep! 12 years, 5 months ago #14

here\'s my most recent build, a pre- \'68 Kaiser Jeep, this was pre-AMC and definatly pre-Chrysler! I recently got 3 big ziplock bags full of AMT/MPC Jeep parts! It\'s all the same as the present Daisy Duke\'s Jeep that\'s making the rounds now. This was built totally out of those bags of paerts! there was a couple chsnges from kit. I used a different carb than the undetailed lump of plastic provided. And I reworked the air cleaner to a different configuration as per photos I found on the web of Kaiser jeeps. it also sports a covered spare tire. It\'snot a stock kit piece, as it would just be another tire mounted there, this give it a little more of an \"uptown\" flavor! other than that it\'s kit stock! Now, I got wnough jeep parts to build at least 2 more complere jeeps plus other parts for doing crazy things!! I\'m thinking puller! And I\'m planning a 2 wheel drive Dispatcher version, otherwise known here in the States as the mail Jeep! I\'m gathering parts for that version now!.

Re:Current projects 2......Cadillac CTS-V 12 years, 5 months ago #15

Now here is one that has been an ongoing project for the last couple of months. I\'m building this Caddy similar to the CTS-Vs that run in the SCCA pro-am series. I\'ve built the chassis from a C5-R corvette, sneet plastic and lots of small and spare parts! At this point the body shell will be removable. so much of this had to be scratchbuilt, as the actual STS kit is nothing more that plastic run thru diecast molds. Revell is doing allot of that now to used the diecast tooling again and make the plastic kits cheaper and more apt to be sold! So basicly all I\'m using from the kit is the body, glass, chrome and dash!! I have all the buildup photos to date but don\'t know if I\'ll post them all here or not! But i will update this project as it goes along. I\'ve got all the hard work done!
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