Dinky 998 Bristol Britannia Airliner Restoration
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TOPIC: Dinky 998 Bristol Britannia Airliner Restoration

Re: Dinky 998 Bristol Britannia Airliner 1 month, 2 weeks ago #61

A great looking plane. I remember when I restored mine that I found applying the long side decals were challenching.

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Something went wrong with my post. I had some text written with it, but both the majority of the text and the pictures were not uploaded.
Anyway, I wanted to show that the final examples with red lining also have a different body colour: metallic grey instead of silver/alu finish. This also goes for the later Comets. I also discovered that on this final version the propellers have 'Vickers Viking size' instead of the original bigger 'Shetland Flying Boat size'. The original red water based transfers are horrible as they will discolour very easily and the transfer film will get yellow. Jim, your replacement transfers look bright anyway. Remarkable that the 'Canadian Pacific' name is in red too, whereas the original should be in blue.
You did a challenging and fine restoration job, Jim! Kind regards, Jan
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Thanks Tick, this plane was frustrating what with the broken body and then fiddling with the paint a few times, the body falling apart on me and then I ruined a set of decals too. They are not cheap either.
Yes Theo, the long decals are not only challenging to place but you also have to cut the fat end a bit shorter depending on where your Black nose tip is painted. I took off a good quarter inch or 7 - 8 mm
Jan, thanks I did not know about the wording being not red. All the pictures I have seen show red lettering but I just did a google search and your correct. There is blue lettering on the red decal body line.
Thanks all for the complements on this build it was very frustrating at times and I am very happy with it now.
Jan,. I read what you wrote in my email in box but did not post it as I thought you did now want it so... I did not post it.

Here is the plane with red sides but with blue lettering above.