Chaparral 2C 1/32 by MRRC
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TOPIC: Chaparral 2C 1/32 by MRRC

Chaparral 2C 1/32 by MRRC 3 years, 4 months ago #1

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<p>I have done a lot of slot racing my life, at least 35 years.</p>
<p><br /><br />I started with a home 1/32 scale Carrera track in the early sixties, together with a friend of mine. After military service in 1973, it became more serious with memberships of dedicated slot racing clubs.</p>
<p><br /><br />I came 2nd in our national Dutch championship in 1979 - 1980 and 1981 in different classes (1/32 an 1/24 scale) and 6th in the 1981 European Championship. Did races all over Europe of all kinds, sprint races, club races, endurance team races (6 hrs./ 12 hrs./ 24hrs.) and won and lost a whole lot of them. Those were my "professional " years. It gave me many memories.</p>
<p><br /><br />Gradually my interest shifted back to the good old days of model racing, no more the ultra fast, lexan streamline bodied projectiles. Meaning that the car really looked like the original 1:1 racing car. So building from a model kit, using as many parts as possible, making it look as original and as detailed as possible. Next put a classic chassis and engine on it, and go "gentleman racing".</p>
<p><br /><br />Together with a good friend of mine who is the owner of a very fine slot racing club, we organized a 1/24 scale classic Slot Racing Championship from 1991. Model cars, incorporating a pre war front engined formula class, Touring cars, GT's and Prototypes and post war Formula 1 cars, all built up to 1970, not later. Very strict rules on technical specifications and extra points for the most beautiful car. That championship is still going strong after 27 years.</p>
<p><br /><br />I quit the slot racing sport in 2001 winning the GT class that year with a 1/24 scale 1961 Lotus Elan model car. The last (team endurance) race I did was in 2004. That was an invitation to celebrate the 30 year's anniversary of the club of which I was a member for many years. Our team won with a 1961 1/24 scale Shelby Cobra.</p>
<p><br /><br />Since then I still keep in touch with my former fellow racers and I do visit some  races from time to time, constantly being asked to participate or to join one team or another. I always declined.</p>
<p><br /><br />But yesterday, visiting my good old friend Arie (the club owner), I was surprised to receive a model racing car (ready to run) as an appraisal for all the contributions I have given to the sport over the years.</p>
<p><br /><br />It is a 1/32 scale Chaparral 2c of 1963 vintage, made by MRRC. Maybe I should try it out on a track, it is very tempting.</p>
<br /><br />
<br /><br /><br /></p>
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Re: Chaparral 2C 1/32 by MRRC 3 years, 4 months ago #2

that is a nice gesture by Arie. You told me about your slot racing days some time ago. You were a champ!

Re: Chaparral 2C 1/32 by MRRC 3 years, 4 months ago #3

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Nice clean lines on that car. Thanks for the story. I was into slot cars but not to the extent you were. Did not have races but inside our own community center club. No other clubs exsisted back in the late 1950's and early 1960's when I was into it. I races with 1:64 cars. Sure was fun.
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