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TOPIC: Facebook

Facebook 3 months ago #1

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<p>I decided to do a separate thread about my 'feelings' about Facebook.</p>
<p>My first 'connection' with Facebook was some years ago. Got a mail from someone that he read a personal story of mine on Facebook. As I was not on Facebook, I looked, and another 'friend' thought it an idea to do that without me knowing. I asked hime politely to remove the text. Not because it was secret, but because he dit it without me knowing. He had some trouble removing it, but in the end it was done.</p>
<p>I then decided not to go on Facebook.</p>
<p>A lot of Facebook sites you can read, but cannot be active yourself without being a member. But certain sites you can. My wife is on certain Facebook sites, so I sometimes look into her computer (she has no secrets for me) and I can answer on a site. One of them is our Historical site........</p>
<p>Someone places a picture. Most people say: 'nice' or similar shortest messages. I think those replies are meaningless, but most of you know that.</p>
<p>Also it seems that 'threads' there folow one another. So a new thread gets some short replies, but if you scroll donw for a thread placed a few days ago, and place a reply, it is never answered. Simply because people only read the latest threads.</p>
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Re: Facebook 3 months ago #2

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<p>Now take the site of Maz, which I mentioned. He placed an article (Batmobiles) of mine. Someone mentioned: 'why yellow? ' I answered: 'why not ?' No answer. A day later I replied: 'but you do like them, don't you?' No reply. I then could go to the site of the person you placed the question. The site was not very active, as besides his picture there was no activity. I palced a message there: 'please look on Maz site as you have an answer'.</p>
<p>You answer.</p>
<p> </p>

Re: Facebook 3 months ago #3

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<p>And what to think of these 'variations':</p>
<p>I visited Maz Facebook site. On the left there are 'related pages'.</p>
<p>One of them is 'Corgi and Dinky Toys' from a guy named Roger Till (does anyone know him?). To my surprise he does a lot of things I do, so as there was a button 'send message' I mailed him. No reply. The only thing I could do was to place a message on his site. A reply: I never ho into unknown mails and such, as they can contain scam. I then said: 'I give up'. Since then the post is folllowed by others, and never answered anymore.</p>
<p>On the left of his Facebook page are 'related pages' guessed, one of them is Maz Facebook page........</p>

Re: Facebook 3 months ago #4

I am a bit more into facebook, so I posted a message and photo on the PD FB site. Let's see what happens

Re: Facebook 3 months ago #5

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The Planet Diecast Facebook page was replaced by "Diecast on HobbyDB" site, I think I am still listed as the Editor or something on the page. I haven't had any input to the page since things went haywire for me on HobbyDB.

Re: Facebook 3 months ago #6

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Well, I for one hope it stays like that and falls apart. I also had problems with the owners of HobbyDB who used to own this site before they sold it off. Pretty sad state of affairs we have now.
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