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Happy and Safe Miles with your new car Kees!!!

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The car looks great, one of my neighbours has one in red, he has added the rear window louvres side & rear & also put the black decals to the sides & bonnet, it too is his pride & joy.

Good luck with the cats , they look real cute, our cat Ginge rules our house!

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<p>Thanks guys, the gray Mustang was sold to a young guy who was very happy with it.</p>
<p>There is so much in this car to discover....! I made a little trip (poor weather here all the time). Parking backwards the camera is turned on, a beeping with intervals when you are nearing an obstacle. Speech is included, so saying 'navigate home' takes you home! Keyless entry and start, approaching the car the mirrors come out, and in the dark a mustang is reflected on the street! A lot of buttons on the steering, phone (which I don't have) and music, navi, cruise control, all there. Run till empty, no screw lid on the petrol fill, tire pressure indication, you name it, it is there !</p>
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Yes, they have all the bells and whistles these days. That steering wheel of yours reminds me of my Hyundai Santa Fe. I miss it as all I have is cruise control on my trucks steering wheel. Plus the good old fashion horn.

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<p>Jealous! My wife and I were in Las Vegas 2018 and we rented one (but the 4 cylinder eco-boost). Not as much power as your 5.0l but even so what a blast. I can only imagine the performance power of your 5.0L. We went all out with the convertible version and it bloody snowed on us in Vegas  (mid south USA desert) !!!!!!!</p>
<p>I told my wife it would definitely be my vehicle of choice if we ever had the luxury of owning a "fun" car. Have fun, drive safe!</p>
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<p>Thanks guys. I just decided to change my avatar, which I do not do very often.</p>
<p>Indeed, this car is a feast. Mind you, not much driving done till now, and in fact my wife has only been sitting in it once, no driving. It is really storm after storm here, and very bad weather all the time.</p>
<p>However, this gives me the opportunity to examine all the details of this car. The 'owners guide' has about 450 pages....! The car has all the luxuries you can think of. It has keyless entry and start. It is an automatic, like my previous one. Most V8's are automatic in the USA, and with the previous one I thought about getting one with gears, but it does not really matter, because it goes fast, very fast. Although it is automatic, it has 'flippers' on the steering, which which you can change gears.</p>
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<p>The car is a genuine USA model. I say this, because BEFORE 2015, all Mustangs were USA cars, and the ones on our roads were all imported. With the 2015 model the Mustang is officially sold in Europe as well. There are a lot of small differences between the US and EU model though. Most striking is the difference in outside mirrors. The US version is more straight, the EU version seems smaller and is more edgy. The US version has a small spoiler, and 'holes' in the hood for air intake. The list is endless, but pointless to mention here.</p>

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<p>To give you an idea of the most 'bizzare' options: approaching the car the outside mirrors flip open, and at night a light coming out of the mirrors shines a Mustang on the street......everything that can have a light or indicator has one, like the floor and sills underneath the doors. Backwards view camera with warning when you are to near to an object, DAP (no antenna needed anymore), USB, spoken commands on steering, no tanklid but an inner closing, no more turning on and off light unless you want manual, the choice to play songs in alfabetical order or by artist, and what to think of adaptive cruise control: put the car in CC on the highway, and it will adjust speed when a vehicle is too close in front of you. No doubt I will come across more gadgets soon!</p>
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How many gears in your automatic transmission? My 2011 truck has 6, yours should have about 8?

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<p>Jim, there are 6 gears. It is a thing I still have to study, and I will no doubt seldom use it. The 2019 version has 10 gears!</p>
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Time for a visit

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<p>I am away all the time in my car.............</p>

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I think Theo means you come to him. After all your driving it and enjoying it.

My truck has a 4 speed transmission with 2 over drive gears so it is a six speed. Yours will probably have the same. Count them as you go up or down and read the manual, it will tell you. You have no control or very little control over when and when not to use the top gears as it is speed deterimined. When your driving 100k on the hwy you will probably be in 6th gear. Over that you will be. when you step on the gas at that speed you will feel it change down a gear or two depending on how much gas or pedal you give it. The more you push on the gas pedal the more gears it will go down, maybe even to 2nd gear to pas quickly. Top RPM and the Transmission itself will determine when it shifts back up. OR you let off the gas.
Mine in top gear will shift down 2 or 3 gears when I pass a car on the hwy. RPM goes up to over 4500 and speed gets up to 130 fast and I only have a 4.8L motor and hot hopped up like yours is. Hopped up is more power and higher RPM limits gives you more power and speed.
Have Fun and keep the shiny side up and between the ditches, as we say over here.

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<p>I tried it out a few times, but in the end I think I prefer the automatic. Changing gears with the flippers is just not the same as a normal gear shift.</p>
<p>I report in detail to the Mustang forum about my experiences. I can compare the old and the new car there as well, and there are others who compare theirs, big fun too.</p>

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This is a coincidence but I just called my daughter for the third time since the virus lock down here in BC. We email lots by the way. Anyway she just told me that her, her hubby and the two kids just got a 6 week old kitten about 3 or so weeks ago. Just about the time Kees got the cats for him and Jerry. Nice. here are a couple shots of the cat.

Here is one with my Grand Daughter holding the kitten. His name is Jasper