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Thank you very much Kees. I have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to knowledge in general. If it interests me I like to find out more. Learning, even at 68, can be fun and keeps the brain active. I like seeing all the different models and how members go about fixing or restoring or displaying them. Even when all you see is a Hot Wheels on a Card in the New thread, I sometimes see models I have not seen before and from time to time I will ask questions too.
Let me know via email when the package is off. I can watch for its arrival and let the Post office know. we only have Jeannie the Post Master for our post office that works there full time. There is another girl, Agnes, that works there sometimes as a part timer or relief worker.

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<p>Jim, the parcel is ready, I will take it to the postoffice now!</p>

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Thanks kees, I will be watching for it.

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<p>Yes Jim, it is on it's way to you now, although no one agrees with me that you deserved it......</p>
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What a great forum with great members
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That does not matter to me. If they agree or not is up to them.

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Parcel arrived in this mornings mail. About 3.5 hours ago I picked it up but still have to open it.

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I opened the package last night after supper. Here is what I found inside. Besides the cars and the Cab for the Corgi Mobilgas tanker there are some VHS tape springs for suspension repairs and about 8 pieces pf the verticle blind material that was also in the box for me to try out. Looks very similar to the Plasti-card I have but it is thicker.
Thanks again Kees for these great toys and some will fill in gaps in my Dinky Collection and others go into my growing pile of restorations in the Corgi line I am going to be doing this winter.
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<p>Great to know it arrived safely. It took about 10 days to go around the globe.</p>
<p>I could follow the parcel 'from my side' to Nobleco's door, only a few hours in between. Sending from Holland to the USA with tracktrace is even better: I could not only follow the parcel, but the new owner and me were actually mailing at the moment, I mailed him: the parcel should be delivered......NOW! He then mailed me: the door bell is ringing NOW! How cool is that?</p>
<p>On the other side, I am expecting some parcels from China and Japan and you loose tracktrace once they are out of the country. In most cases only a day or more later, when you already recieved the parcel, the system says it arrived.</p>
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Kees, I explained what happens to the mail here in our small town in the email I just sent you. We don't have door to door delivery and our tracking system is not the best unless coming from England. Everything but letter mail is tracked in the USA and even the postmen have tracking devises with them to show it has been delivered. They are a government subsidized company and get most of their money that way. We in Canada have a private system similar to what the Royal Mail now has in the UK. Private ownership means you business has to pay for itself. Therefore we do not have tracking on anything unless you pay for it. In the USA it gets tracking on everything. Also as we don't have door to door service and are all on a Post Office box here we have to put in the house address and the box number or we don't get any mail at all.
Some years ago now Canad Post cut off all small communities for weekends. No mail delivered to our boxes. Also if you don't put the box number on the package and our regular girls (who knows everyone in town and what box number they have) is on holiday, we have a sub and they just send it back as undeliverable. They don't have the time to look up everyone's box number. The package arrived safe and sound but I could not track it with Canada Post and not even your Tracktrace would show me anything. I relied on your emails showing me where it was.
At least it gets here.

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<p>Jim, hopefully in future things get better in this. With paying for tracktrace, people expect they can tracktrace the whole traject, but when the tracing stops once it is out of the country, there is no reason for tracktracing anyway.</p>
<p>It is fun to see a picture of all the models from you, after I took a picture when I sent it.</p>

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Agreed on the tracking if you can't track it what is the point. I charge tracking and insurance if the customer wants it. Some services don't have tracking at all and you can't buy it here in Canada, Small Packet Air or ground or regular parcel mail. No tracking no insurance. If it is tracked it will get there as no body will mess with it as the post office would know exactly where it went missing I rely on the honesty of my customers to tell me when my mail to them arrives. 90% is not tracked or insured as you can't get that on letter mail or oversized letter mail. Not all let me know the parts arrived but after about 60 day I know they have them or they would have complained. This is just how I have done to for 13 years now. Sometimes someone says they did not get their item. I will send another but if that does not arrive I just cut my losses and give a total refund. After that I ban them from buying on my store. Others I just give a full refund as the mail was handled poorly (Usually I get a picture of the head off a driver or a door broken in two). That way I am not out a second mailing money and I also have a tax write off for the store.

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In fact, I just banned a guy today for not paying his bill. He first contacted me on eBay and wanted some Matchbox (there is that word again) Snow Trac Tracks and the words and ladder for the a Matchbox fire truck. My store has always been in US dollars and it states that in every ad. For some reason, after I get the parts here and invoice him he starts complaining that he can not pay as my price will not convert to Canadian dollars. I told him it was US dollars and that $39.00 cdn would be about $50.00 us. He did not like that and backed out of the sale. I banned him from my store and put the stuff he ordered up there too. I will sell it but who knows how long that will take. The tracks I am not worried about but one side of the fire trucks words and the ladder may be harder to sell.

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<p>As you know there are all sorts of people. Some are wierdos but luckily most of them are ok. Forgot to tell the post office asked me how much value was in your parcel, ad I said 30 euros. Then I paid, but after that I asked if it would have made any difference if I would have said 100 euros.  She said 'no'.</p>
<p>I remember, and luckily this only happened only once, I sent a signed for parcel to GB, value stated. This is long ago, before the tracktrace system. The customer said it did not arrive. I adressed the GB and Dutch post, you guessed, I never got a refund.</p>

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Here in Canada if it is tracked and insured you will get your money back if it has not been delivered.
The amount you put on the package was fine as toys come in free to Canada unless they are Brand New. There is a limit as at about $100.00 they start to charge taxes. Not from everywhere though. Most of the EU, GB, Aus and NZ there is no taxes or duty here. Sometimes from the USA there are taxes and also a brokerage fee. That always irks me as toys come in free from the USA too as long as they are used. What gets me is this Global Shipping Program scam they have going. I wonder where the money goes that they take for import duty etc for toys coming into Canada. I do know our government does not require that so it would seem to be an illegal scam being played out by eBay on the worlds toy buyers. That is why I won't buy anything that is in the GSP on eBay.