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TOPIC: Some More New Purchases

Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #1

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Hello Friends!  A few more additions to the Diecastduck Collection.  Another assortment in various scales.
First off we have a pair of Matchbox Yesteryears to fill a few holes in that portion of my collection. All 1/43 scale.

Y-12 1912 Model T Ford Van lettered for Rosella Condiments.

Y-7   1930  Model A Ford wrecker

I just love vintage Coca Cola trucks so here is one from the Matchbox Collection.
1932 Ford Model AA, 1/43 scale

Staying with Coca Cola trucks we have this 1928 International in 1/25 scale from Danbury Mint.  Now an interesting Ebay story about how I acquired this. This was advertised \"as is\" on the auction page.  It was missing the headlights, the front left fender was bent, the cab seat was missing and the left front wheel was listed as not turning. All soda cases were included.  Item was unboxed. My winning bid was $41.00 +14.00 s/h.  The seller shipped it wrapped in foam rubber with foam peanuts filling the box.  I take it out and unwrap it and find the entire front axle assemly broken off.  I write the seller and he apologizes and offers to refund the entire amount plus return shipping costs.  I tell him I have a COA for the vehicle which will allow me to get spare parts direct from the manufacturer, and it is an easy fix.  I couldnt find any reason for him to throw away almost $70.00 just for me to return it.  I tell him if he were to make a partial refund of $10.00 I would consider this a good deal.  He ended up refunding me $20.00 so this one only cost $34.00 in the end.  Not bad for a vehicle whose MSRP is $150.00.

Here we have three Eligor Vans, all in 1/43

First we have a 1933 Ford pickup lettered for Watneys Ale.  The decals need to be reset.

Next we have a 1934 Ford van lettered for Ford Motor Company Parts Delivery.

And last we have another Ford Van lettered for Mobiloil

Next up is this fine piece from Liberty Classics/Crown Premiums.  On my website I have numerous prototype photos of old cars being used for advertising purposes utilizing custom built bodies.  I never thought i would see one in a die cast model.  This is a model of an actual vehicle used by Lennox Heating Company to advertise it\'s new forced air furnace. This is a 1920 Studebaker pickup.

These next few vehicles are from the National Motor Museum Mint.  Very reasonably priced, good quality vehicles. (more about that in my next product review).   These are all 1/32 scale.
First up is a 1924 Chevrolet Series H 1-ton Truck.  This has sliding cab doors and and open rear end.

This next pair was originally advertised on television for $9.95 plus s/h/i.  I bought mine on ebay for a comparable price.  The truck is a 1941 Chevrolet Flatbed lettered for Ajax Towing.  The car is a 1932 Chevrolet Roadster lettered for the fire chief.

Now another pair from First Gear. Both in 1/34 scale. The first one is an 1957 International R-190 with Fuel Tanker Body lettered for Exxon Aviation Products.

This next one is a 1957 International R-200 with a moving van body as used by mounted police forces.

This last one is a 1955 Whote 3000 in 1/25 scale from the Danbury Mint lettered for Coca Cola.  The garage type doors on each side of this truck open and all the syrup canisters are removable.

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Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #2

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Got a spare bottle of Coke on ice Mate. Also some very nice Inter\'s there including the Chevy.

Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #3

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I really like the Studebaker Pickup with the Hotwater Cylinder

Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #4

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Great Ford wrecker and I really like to Coke trucks and the loads. I have a few National Motor Museum Mint Vehicles and they are great. Opening hoods and trunks and some have doors too that open. Nicely detailed models.

Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #5

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I\'ll get round with showing off my Yesteryear models soon. At the moment I\'m really enjoying the high details on these.

Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #6

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These are all really great models and the photos actually do them justice. Good photography Diecastduck.

Re:Some More New Purchases 11 years, 11 months ago #7

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Love the police patrol coming with its horse transporter.  Very nice!
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