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TOPIC: Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689

Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689 12 years ago #1

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Just to let everyone know that I finally got me hands on the Medium Artillery Tractor although I think the 5.5 medium gun by dinky looks a bit small for this tractor. If my memory is still in prospective I think the gun is a little bit larger then the dinky version if I compare the actual gun against the Mack Tractor we had used.

Anzac Day 2009 and the old gunner came wandering just to have a look at the restorations that 10th Medium Regiment Association had done the previous year and now it is in its resting place for the time-being. We used to have 1942 Mack Tractors petrol driven and were replaced by the International Mrk 3 Tractors. The 5.5 BL gun Weight 5791 kg. Length 7. 52 meters, Height 2.62 meters. Width 2.54 meters. Fires 100 lb and 80 lb HE shells. Range 16,450 meters. We used to say 10 miles snipers. These guns were replaced by the M198 mm Howitzers in 1984.

By the way it was a very good reunion with all us old and not so young anymore gunners and there was plenty to eat and drink after the main march. I know one thing that the march back to the Drill Hall from War Memorial is getting longer and longer back to 2/10th Field Regiment 38 Battery Drill Hall. In the back ground is the Old Geelong Jail just for interest we used to love pointing the guns at it and pretend to blow it up.

The Dinky was won on eBay UK. The total cost was $45.29 Aussie dollar and it only took 6 days postage.


I have added the Airfix Matador and 5.5 inch BL gun and a 25 pounder for comparison and the size of the 5.5 inch 10 ton gun against the 25 pounder for scale. I doubt if a jeep could pull a 5.5 inch gun even if the trails were on the ground for the jeep to drag it in reality. Although for toys you can add anything the mind envisages.

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Re:Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689 12 years ago #2

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That is a great Dinky and it looks in good shape too. Even has a canopy. I agree with you that the 5.5\" gun looks small behind this truck. I think this should be towing the Howitzer. One of my Dinky books shows a Howitzer behind it.  It is a medium duty vehicle and towed the 692 Medium Gun (5.5 Pounder). I still say it looks too small.

Re:Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689 12 years ago #3

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You are right Mate the Dinky 695 Gift Set does contain the 689 and the 693 which does match in comparison to each other.  I my mind the Dinky 25 Pounder Field Gun Set 697 is more realistic apart from Dinky forgetting to include the traversing wheel which is carried underneath.  The Crescent 25 Pounder managed to include this important peace of mechanism on the 25 Pounder.

Tractors for the British Medium Artillery started off, by using the famous AEC Matador which Airfix used with their 5.5 inch Gun kit.  The Army replaced this Tractor with the Militant MK1 6x6 and subsequently followed by the Leyland FV 1103 6x6 Medium Artillery Tractor.
The 7.2 inch Howitzer is slightly larger in size and weight than the 5.5 Gun in reality, although the chunky style of the 7.2 Howitzer seems to suit the Medium Gun Tractor for obvious reasons.  Maybe Dinky should have produced the Matador or even the Militant for the 5.5 inch gun or the main vehicle used for the 7.2 Howitzer the Scammell Pioneer R100. Then the could have made a slightly larger 5.5 inch Gun to match the Medium Tractor.

The Bedford QL 4x4 Tractor mainly towed the British 6 Pounder Anti tank Gun, although they used the Bren Gun for this as well.  The Bedford doesn\'t seemed to match the 5.5 inch Gun either. That\'s life I guess they were toys and made to be played with.

Thanks for pointing this out there Noblico Mate although I was hoping that the Dinky Medium Tractor would have suited the 5.5 inch Gun as I have two of them.

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Re:Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689 12 years ago #4

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I think what the 5.5 gun needs is to be towed by a jeep or smaller truck. Maybe with an ammunition trailer too.

Re:Medium Artillery Tractor Dinky 689 12 years ago #5

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I came across a picture on the Web showing the Alvis towing a BL 4.5 inch gun which is the same design as the BL 5.5 inch gun with a smaller bore barrel. This gun only fired 55 lb to 80 lb HE shells compared with the 5.5 inch gun that fired 80 lb to 100 lb HE shells. Also if anyone is interested there is a BL 5.5 inch gun on display at Waymark Gallery in Quebec Canada.
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