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Three from First Gear 12 years, 3 months ago #1

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I recently acquired these three First Gear Models on Ebay.

This first one celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Model Railroader Magazine.  It is a 1951 Ford F-6 dry goods van.

This next one is a 1953 Ford C-600 dry goods van commissioned by The Eastwood Company to commemorate Madison Hardware of NYC. The oldest and most comprehensive Lionel Train shop that ever existed.

This little beauty has a movable hydraulic lift gate.


I saved the best for last.  This gorgeous piece is a Mack L series dual rear axle dry goods van.  The amount of detail on this one is excellent.   Crisp colorful graphics.  It is decorated for Liberty Fireworks.


 Now I have stated in previous postings that accessories that come wtih toys really give it character.  Now I know this is not considered a toy but this has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen on a collector die cast.  The folding rear door is fully operative and it comes with six simulated wooden crates and a hand truck.

Re:Three from First Gear 12 years, 3 months ago #2

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Not to be critical or anything and don\'t take me the wrong way please.

First: There is no mention of scale for these models for those of us who have hardly ever seen First Gear Models let alone own one.
Second: What are they made of comes to mind next. They look like tin plate models easy and cheap to make but with some nice detailing and features done very nicely. If they are die cast, they are incredible as it is so thin and the detail so great.
Third: How old are they and and where do they originate.
Curious Jim

Re:Three from First Gear 12 years, 3 months ago #3

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You are 100% correct I should have added some further details for everyone\'s benefit and I apologize for the omission. let me try to make up for it here.

The scale for these models is 1/34.  They are diecast metal with some plastic detail parts.  and yes they are incredible models indeed.   Certain models such as the fireworks truck  have cold cast resin loads.  First Gear manufactures a huge range of die cast vehicles, both as regular releases and promotionals.  They have a very large selection of both contemporary and vintage trucks of all types including freight haulers, fire trucks, tow trucks, tankers, heavy construction, soda trucks and trash haulers.  A visit to their website is well worth the time. 

These models are not inexpensive.  The MSRP for these models is what one might expect for models of this caliber.  However, ebay do\'s have a fairly good selection at decent prices.  Some as low as five dollars for a simple box truck.  I bought these all within the space of a week and the total cost of the three including S/H/I was under $70.00 so rest assured bargains can be found.

 As far as the dates I think the Model Railroader is from 1999, the Lionel from the early 90s, and I think the fireworks truck is 2006-2007 but not sure.  In all honesty their date of manufacture is not that important to me.  I havent been able to find any comprehensive listings to show that.  They are manufactured in China for the First Gear Company of Iowa.   

I do own a few other first gear models which i might have posted in an earlier string but if you like i can post them here again.
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Re:Three from First Gear 12 years, 3 months ago #4

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Thank you Diecastduck, That helps fill in the blanks for me. Very interesting that they are indeed diecast toys. I will most definatley have to take a look at their site and see what is available on Feebay. I did not know they were an American Toy Company as I don\'t really know much about the toys. I have head of them but have never really looked into the. Now I think I will. Very informatiave and again I thank you.
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