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TOPIC: More New Playarts!!

More New Playarts!! 12 years, 4 months ago #1

I have been having a fruitful time adding Playarts to my collection of late!

First up was an awesome find. I was browsing the stuff Collectoys had in their recent auction ages ago and saw this one lot with two on-the-card Playarts in the photo. The pic was tiny, so although I could make out that one of them was this nice carded Range Rover...

...I couldn\'t tell what the other one was. Anyway, the lot was described as being a bunch of Range Rovers and Land Rovers, but I could see this was a car, so I idly wondered if it could be the uber-mega-rare Rover 2000TC. Anyways, I put in a bid and forgot about it - then discovered I had won the lot for the opening bid about a week later.

So my (very nicely packed) package arrives and it turns out that the car was indeed, a red Rover 2000TC!

But the story doesn\'t end there. I finished unpacking all the stuff from the box, and the last item is another carded car face down. So I pick it up, turn it over and...

I have an orange one too!

Here they are together:

I also won a nice little lot off eBay. The packing on these was awful! The seller didn\'t even bubble wrap them individually - just put them loose in a bubble envelope and (thankfully) put it in a box!!!! However, by a MIRACLE, they arrived from the US with no damage that they hadn\'t had before.
Nicest of the bunch was this HTF Toyota Corolla 1400SR:

But this VW-Porsche is nice too - just has one chip at the back and needs a new set of front wheels. Amazingly, the suspension leaf is not broken inside! The BMW 635CSi is also in good shape.

And there was also this Mustang and a nice blue Toyota 2000GT, both a little more worn, but still nice.

Re:More New Playarts!! 12 years, 4 months ago #2

Platinum Boarder
good find on both Toyota\'s.

Re:More New Playarts!! 12 years, 3 months ago #3

Expert Boarder
What a great story behind those carded Rover 2000TCs, it just goes to show that some supposedly expert folks dont know what they are selling and many of us potential buyers dont look properly at online offers to spot the gold! A well deserved score that is an inspiration to online toy buyers.
It is interesting to see the yellow card style of the Rover does date from the mid 1970s so these will be early releases in what was probably as short production life

Re:More New Playarts!! 12 years, 3 months ago #4

Yep, this was a really amazing find and I was VERY fortunate - I thought I might get one Rover, but not two!! This is easily the best auction-house purchase I\'ve had since my green Politoys Alfa Zagato Quatroruote from Vectis.

I think the trouble often is that auctioneers are familiar with the Dinkies, Corgis and Spot-Ons, but they\'re often unaware of the popularity (or otherwise) of other, more obscure brands. I paid a total of £82 for the lot with the two Rovers in it, of which about £50 was my bid and the rest was buyers premium & insured shipping. I\'ve kept the two Rovers, the Range Rover and the Efsi Dyane set from the other thread (plus a rather interesting tin shaped like a Rover P4!!!), but have sold off most of the rest of the items in the lot. I have two or three things left to go, but thus far they\'ve made just over £400 before fees, which is a lot more than their original owner would have seen on them.

Re:More New Playarts!! 12 years, 3 months ago #5

Expert Boarder
Excluding high end, Auction houses multiple lots offer less competition than ebay for very knowledgable buyers like yourself,and lower prices for sellers who dont wish to list their cherries on ebay..........
Its the obscure brands that are the most desirable for a large number of collectors who have all the everyday Lesney & Corgi stuff and feel ready for some landmark castings that their online collector buddies will ooh & aah over ..........
I know 2 other collectors who have shown me how they routinely double their money buying from the auction houses and selling off individual cars on ebay & toyforums, so that in the eyes of their wives, the toy collection comes for free and keeps the father amused & out of mischief! These 2 guys always pick the stuff up in person and they are very picky with far superior knowledge than I have - it sounds like you are in their league! I hope you havent suffered from paypal chargebacks or encountered any of those feebayers who try to chisel free toys..........
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