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SOME NEW PURCHASES! 12 years, 4 months ago #1

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Hi Fellow DieCasters.  Havent been here for a while due to work but now I am back to showcase some of my recent purchases.

First off we have a 1/25  1955 White 3000 COE with refrigerated body by Danbury Mint.  The workmanship on this model is superb.

Opening cab  doors and engine access door.

Tilt Cab and detailed engine and steerable wheels.

Very well detailed undercarriage.

This next piece is by Nostalgic Miniature Model Company.  I know very little about these models.  I do know they are small production runs and probably hand built.  I do have a nice selection from this company.

This next one is the tenth is a series of annual spring releases from the Hess oil company. The small one on the plastic plynth is approximately 1:150 scale.  The space shuttle disconnects from from the truck, and both the truck and the shuttle have batteries installed to operate the lights on each.

Here we see it in front of the large 1/32 scale 1999 Christmas Issue.  On the large on the back of the shuttle opens and a spring loaded satellite pops out when the red button on top is pushed.

This next one is a 1/32  Mack Model B Tank Truck by JMT.  This one is also a plastic bank with a slot for batteries for the lights similar to the Hess trucks. There is a small plastic bag with details such as exhaust pipes, rear view mirrors and such.

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Re:SOME NEW PURCHASES! 12 years, 4 months ago #2

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These are great looking models and great finds. I really like the Tanker. Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome back. Work always takes top seat, pleasure after. That is also why you don\'t see me sometimes for a week or so. Then up I pop.  Hope to see more posts soon. Jim

Re:SOME NEW PURCHASES! 12 years, 4 months ago #3

Love the opening features on that White truck! Especially the engine door and rear side door. What does the front of the cab look like?

Re:SOME NEW PURCHASES! 12 years, 4 months ago #4

I\'ve got a version of the B Mack in Phillips 66 colors. They are very nice, lots of extra details.
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