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TOPIC: May Finds on eBay

May Finds on eBay 12 years, 5 months ago #1

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Thought it was time to share these great finds. The early Dinky Tanks  and small ammo trailer were all less than $10 each. The rest varied between $5 and $15 although I did pay about $40 for the Mersey Tunnel and Universal Jeep by Dinky. The Tank and Carrier came in at about $25 so was very pleased about that one. In not bad shape too. One of the jeeps is near mint and the ammo carrier (with the spare tire on top) had a mark on it in the ad. Maybe dirt or a bit of some kids cereal but it washed off. Glad people don\'t clean the toys before selling. I ALWAYS do. Find some good shape models that way. Get better bucks for them. So hope you enjoy my latest addtions to my collection. Just need a 15lb gun to complete the pre war Tank and Dragon Tank with ammo trailer and 15lb gun. Still looking. Anybody got one for sale.

All these photos take you to my Photo Bucket account, all clickable. Shows you the different ways they can be shown.

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Re:May Finds on eBay 12 years, 5 months ago #2

Them\'s some good finds at GREAT prices!
The Land Rover Mersey Tunnel & Jeep look in great shape and I\'ve sold tattier examples for more than $40 each. And that tank transporter is especially a steal at $25! 
The great thing about the little ammo trailer things is that they seem to survive in good condition and you can pick them up singly for low prices, then make a complete set cheap!

Re:May Finds on eBay 12 years, 5 months ago #3

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They are not that cheap. The last one I tried for and gave up on was in real good shape, I dropped out at about $20 and it sold for over $45. I got mine much cheaper by waiting and watching and sticking to a price I want to pay. Lucked out on the one with the spare tire. Mint. Base is pristeen.
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