You never know what will happen!
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TOPIC: You never know what will happen!

You never know what will happen! 12 years, 6 months ago #1

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This last weekend my local paper did a story on myself and my website, The Toy Peddler. I received several calls from people with toys they wanted to sell. One guy have over 2000 Hot Wheels, mostly newer stuff so I wasn\'t interested. Another lady said her husband had died and she had about 35 toy cars that were about 30 years old. I met with her and found them all to be made in China and were actually from the 90\'s.  Then...I get a call from a guy that says he has a few HotWheels from the mid to late 70\'s and a couple G.I. Joes. I didn\'t think a lot about it, but went to check them out. OMG! He had 2 dozen cars in near mint condition, mostly Redlines. He had a dozen larger Dinky and Corgi models, including some rarer ones. He also had 3 very old lego sets with boxes. He also had 6 Superhero Mego figures. The 2 G.I. Joes came with a couple foot lockers full of accessories. There was also a few assorted other toys and an early 60\'s Japanese battery operated fire engine with box, unused.
  I really wasnt expecting so many cool toys, and he wasn\'t expecting me to give him $1,000. We are both happy with the deal. I will be posting some of them here in they Toy Pedia section and probably will list them for sale at The Toy Peddler. I don\'t have pics yet, but will have in the next day or 2 and will post when I do.

Re:You never know what will happen! 12 years, 6 months ago #2

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You lucky Guy!  Well done and keen to see them, particularly the Dinkys.  You might want to post this in the Car Forum (or maybe one of the mods can do for you).

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Re:You never know what will happen! 12 years, 6 months ago #3

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Some people have all the luck although I would like to see some of the pictures when you post them.
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