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TOPIC: Buying Atlas From China

Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #1

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Sometime you find that an item you looking for is found in China or Hong Kong and you wonder about the free shipping. Most times it does not take 2 to 3 months to arrive. Near the middle of September, I purchased an Atlas Chevy Corvair and an Alas Police Car series Jaguar MkII Police car as early birthday presents to myself but did not expect them to be here in time for the 16th. They did not arrive by mid November and I told them so and they immediately refunded my payment. About 3 weeks later, they arrived. that took about 80 plus days. I paid them what they refunded me as that was only right and besides, it had been tracked but did not show anywhere but arriving at the Chinese postal outlet. Never had any success tracking it. I am not using that supplier anymore and have one I have used in the past to make the next purchase, also free shipping. I paid for those in Mid December and they arrived the other day. The French Ford Garbage Truck 25v and the 522 Chevrolet Corvair, which was part of the first order that went astray but I had already ordered and paid for the second one and a  few weeks later the first one arrived. I now have 2 so may just do one a different color. I already have a French Dinky Corvair I painted in the red color so these will go nicely with that one.

And the Base. Near the front you can see the scale, 1/43 and also the number 61 which I take to be the year of the Corvair.

Next is the Ford Garbage truck, I think Theo (RoutemasterNL) has already shown his.

In French it is the Ford Benne a Ordures. It is a very nice looking truck but I find the winder does not work very well. The original winders work much better on the British Dinky Garbage truck or Dust bin as they call it. It is also in the Beford Lorry too and it also works better than this one and it is an original old winder.

Under side, you can see the winder and the bar it pushes. It follows a sloped or angled part that sticks out from the bottom of the garbage bin and it is not a very smooth operation. Still a lovely truck to have on display. I have also noticed that the axles on some of the latest Atlas toys have a flat head on one end and the turned over end from when they install. Some have rounded ends too as the factory original end. Interesting the change they made.

Next up is the Jaguar MkII police car.

So far as I can see the only flaw is the drivers side or far side mirror. It was not installed properly and leans forward quite a bit. It does not look broken so I might just try to repair it. I don't have any replacements and the Vanguard mirrors I can get are for trucks and vans and are the rectangular type, not the round type I used to be able to get.

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #2

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I will also add in the Atlas Dinky 111 Triumph TR-2 Sports car in competition livery. This I purchased for my Birthday again at the beginning of October along with a Dinky Toys Bedford Kodak Van I am going to restore later. About $25 for the TR and $14 for the Kodak Van. They both arrived before the end of October from England

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #3

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Good subject Jim. Buying from China. I have purchase one Atlas Land Rover and one Corgi Land Rover from China by using their free postage system. The other is. I have purchased replacement carbie parts for two stroke engines on a couple of occasions, when I could not buy them here in Australia. Good customer service even though the postage is a bit slow due to the distance and our Boarder Force (Customs Service) checking most packaging from China and the likes. I included that note which was inside the box when I received the Land Rover from Boarder Force in my growing collection of Land Rovers for the world to see. Some of the items have been tracked too which is good of them for free too.

Cheers mate

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #4

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I agree and I like the free postage and Atlas Editions seem to be about half the price or less. They don't come with the card and certificate but that is okay. They have all come in sealed boxes and the Studebaker Wrecker I got last year came with all the paper work so if you look you can find them.
I just wish I could follow the tracking. Nothing showed up in our postal system until our post office here in Greenwood, BC scanned it in. Then the system shows it being accepted in China and arriving in Greenwood. Nothing in between. Strange as I though all scan-able packages were scanned every stop.

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #5

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At first I could not track anything here in Australia either if the tracking was not the Australian Post registered type. Now things are improving with updated computerised scanning system in place, that is now starting to recognise other countries identification bar codes. Sometimes the only time I know that the package has arrived from overseas is when it is delivered and the lovely lady who does our area, scan's off the bar code with a smile.
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Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #6

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I hear ya. Most bar codes can be scanned here in Canada too now. China seems to not be included in that, so far. Hopefully it will happen soon.
Another thing I noted is that there are a number of different systems to track packages out of China now-a-days. Even when I ask for the tracking number it does not work and I have to ask who they track through. Then it only covers China and does not go any further that telling me that it has been sent to the carrier for international delivery. Hopefully that will change too.
At least you still have delivery. Most small towns in Canada have a post office or Postal outlet as they call the new ones. They are in Drug stores etc. I have to pick up all mail at our post office. Always been like that, like forever here in Greenwood.

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #7

Good scores Jim, the winder on my garbage truck has the same problems

Re: Buying Atlas From China 4 years, 10 months ago #8

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Yes, that is one of two disappointing things about this truck. I also find the tail gate is hard to open and close. They could have made the holes for the axle at the top of the door a bit more on the oval side or taller if you like. Would make opening and closing a bit easier. I closed it but am now afraid to open it for fear of chipping the paint.
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