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TOPIC: Recent arrivals.

Recent arrivals. 6 years, 1 month ago #1

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Having not posted in a while and having models that I've now had for three or more months! I thought it was about time to share my spoils.......

As you all know Dinky is my main collecting, but am sampling other brands.

First up Albion cement mixer number 960 in very good condition.

Armoured Personnel Carrier number 676 in near mint condition, box is missing the main end flap.

Morris J van in Royal Mail livery. Model is near mint, the box although complete is very tatty.

40G Morris Oxford in excellent condition. 

Standard Vanguard number 40E second casting with closed rear wheel arches in excellent condition. 

30E breakdown lorry in excellent condition.

33W Mechanical Horse in very good condition, this comes in mid grey, the colour has a green tinge to it.

30H Daimler Ambulance in very good condition. This is a favourite of mine, just need to source the military version now.

36G Taxi in very good condition. Hard to find in this condition or better.

31A Trojan van in Esso livery with the early maroon hubs in good condition.

673 Armoured scout car in excellent condition.

30J Austin lorry in excellent condition another hard to find model in good shape.

25A wagon with 4th type base in excellent condition. I have 2nd, 3rd and 4th type bases of this model. Now need to find a decent 1st type.

As stated earlier that I'm collecting other brands. A friend and myself have embarked on collecting hot wheels and this is my collection so far.

I have added also some 1/24 scale Nascar, these are reasonably cheap to obtain and will gradually add more when I find them cheap enough.



More to add as soon as I get them.
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Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years, 1 month ago #2

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Well, you must have doubled your many you are showing! Your models look great. I am not into Dinky, not because I don't like them, but simply because my parents gave me Corgi, and I carried on with that. I DO have some Dinky's though, which I will show in time. The most intriguing model you are showing, for me, is the 'mechanical horse', which looks like a small train!

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years, 1 month ago #3

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Nice to see you branching out into other brands. The hot wheels are cheap here in Canada, under $2 and cheaper in the USA, mostly under $1. Some of them are really nice models and I have a couple hundred now.
I really like the older Dinky and the breakdown lorry is in really nice condition. I also like the Mechanical horse but do not have one in my collection. They are too dear for me when I do find them. I prefer the older play worn ones that need restoration. Nice to see a new looking toy on my shelves. Thanks for showing your latest finds. They all look great. I even have a couple of the NASCAR 1:24 cars too.

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years, 1 month ago #4

Wow Jay,
now I understand why you are busy...

Great additions to your collection mate!

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years ago #5

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Cheers guys.

I have been super busy and slowly getting to grips with collecting all sorts again..... Here are some more arrivals.

Firstly are these James Bond vehicles, for £9.99 each a good price to pay most are in 1/36 scale, except the Toyota 2000 and Mustang Mach 1, these look to be made from the original dies as the are 1/43.

I will be adding to this collection as I do love a bit of 007. Originals are just of reach for me at the moment but will have a go in the new year.

next two are late seventies Dinky and were £10 each, both boxed and both mint.

A few childhood toys now, Matchbox all cost £38 in total so good bargain these were. All are mint, some of the boxes have some wear and crushing.

This lovely Corgi Juniors ERF fire engine was included in the Matchbox lot, a cracking little model.

I have always admired the detail on all EFE models and this Atkinson transporter is just wonderful. 

The end of this month will bring some more into the collection, Dinky, Matchbox-Lesney and some early yesteryear.
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Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years ago #6

You are really expanding your collection.
The EFE is so good..

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years ago #7

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Cheers Theo.

The EFE is a real nice just need some cars for it now.

A small preview of what is due end of the month.

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years ago #8

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Love the bus. I have one here myself. Not as nice as yours is though. The 4 top windows is the harder one to find. Mine also has the 8 windows but no decals on the rear stairs as mine is a replacement.
I also like the jeep and is a nice addition to your collection. Looks in good shape too.

Re: Recent arrivals. 6 years ago #9

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Cheers Jim. The bus I really like and will be paying only £20 for it so got it cheap.

The Jeep is real nice too that one will set me back £35! not as cheap as I'd like but these are hard to come by.

I have plenty of excellent scores for the end of the month, expanding my collection nicely.
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