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It is true the boy died. I heard they were on a life raft and did not have life preservers, they were supposed to according to reports. What ever.... There is a relative if these people, a sister I believe, who came forward and under Canadian law a relative can be brought into the country if there is a sponsor. She was that sponsor and it took well over a year before they were let in. Not sure how many came but at least her brother from what I can recal. Was quite some time ago, Sep 2, 2015 Read part of the report. There never was a ship involved but it was substandard equipment and human trafficers who caused this poor little boy's death. His father was desperate. What would you do to save your family from robbers, thieves and rapists By the way, his name was Alan Kurdi
From a simple google search.
In the early hours of 2 September 2015, Kurdi and his family boarded a small plastic or rubber inflatable boat, which capsized about five minutes after leaving Bodrum in Turkey. Sixteen people were in the boat, which was designed for a maximum of eight people.

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To answer your question, NO Trudeau was not elected due to this boys Death or anything at all related to the European crisis. That is there's to manage.
Trudeau was elected on his fathers record, he being a former Prime Minister of Canada and the fact that the country was sick of the corruption of Steven Harper and his view of Canada as his own little fiefdom of Harperville. The country was sick and tired of the Conservatives and said so with a Liberal Government. Next it will be this fall, another election and you just watch, NDP will be in power and then we will all be in trouble, like you but worse as they like to drain the bank and borrow with no sense of paying it back.