CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers)
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TOPIC: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers)

CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #1

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First up is this 1989 Spice SE89c Cosworth. Raced in the 1989 Le Mans with a driver line-up of Wayne Taylor, Thorkild Thyrring and Tim Harvey. At CRAA it was in the class named "Le Mans & Prototypes" (driver: Claus Bjerglund)

Next up is Ronnie Peterson's 1976 March 761-03 F1 racer. Driven at CRAA by current owner Lord Gregory Thornton and it did, of course, belong to the Formula 1 class (exhibition races only)

1973 Chevron B24 (chassis B24-73-02) is a F5000 racer built for the 1973 season, won the 1973 Race of Champions. Spent most of its racing careeer in the US where it was modified for Can-Am (raced until 1985). Returned to the UK in 2001 and brought back to original condition with F5000 specs. Purchased by Lord Gregory Thornton in 2011. Badly damaged in a garage fire june 2012, but thanks to a very determined and dedicated owner it has been restored and was back in racing by april 2014. Driven at the CRAA by Calum Lockie in the F1 (exhibition) class, which may sound odd, but back in 'the old days' it often raced against F1 cars.

1965 Ford Mustang (l.) and 1960 Cooper T52 (r.) both owned (and driven) by Lord Gregory Thornton. The Mustang raced in the 1965 class, the Cooper in the class called "International Historic Formula". The Cooper was extremely popular with the audiences - it was incredibly noisy (a deep roaring sound) and lord Thornton drove it like there was no tomorrow, going sideways through the turns and more than once did everybody think "he's gonna crash now!", but he didn't and we got a spectacular show... wonderful!

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Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #2

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Some nice motors there Tee, the Mustang is very nice.

Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #3

Great cars and stories. you must have had a wonderful time there, thanks for sharing

Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #4

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While I was busy taking photos in the classic car park on saturday (photos posted in the first CRAA thread) a Formula 1 exhibition race was taking place on the track. In the distance I could hear the speaker mentioning 'red flag' and delays. I didn't fully understand what had been going on, until much later that day, after the last race had ended and I was on my way back to the entrance, through the paddocks. A recovery vehicle arrived with the oldes of all the F1 cars, a 1957 Lotus 12. This was the car that Graham Hill entered in the 1958 Monaco GP. Back then, Hill's race had ended when a rear wheel fell off(!), well they say that history repeats itself, and on this day, in 2014, the Lotus had hit the concrete barrier and both rear wheels (suspension), but in particular the left one, had suffered heavy damage. Thankfully the driver, Lars-Göran Itskowitz of Sweden, escaped with minor injuries, but the beautiful old Lotus was in a sorry state. I watched as the race crew helped the track worker unload the car. I could feel their pain over seeing their pride and joy like this, the mood was sombre and quiet. I'm sure the car can and will be repaired, but still...

Ford Escort MkI, 71-class, driver Klaus Bodilsen

The engine of the car above... looking quite good

Ford Escort RS, 76-class, driver Kasper Aaskov

In 1977, James Hunt's former team Hesketh caused some controversy due to their main sponsors: Rizla (cigarette paper) and Playboy. The car name was Hesketh 308E and it used a Cosworth engine. Race #24 (this one) was driven by Rupert Keegan, who managed to qualify for all of the 12 races he entered. The results were a bit so-so: 6 retirements, and finishes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13. The following year, Hesketh used the same car again, but with less controversial sponsors Olympus - the Olympus version is available from Dinky Toys... I wonder why they didn't make it in the Playboy/Rizla livery At the end of the 1978 season, Hesketh retired from F1 and so this is the last Hesketh made. At the CRAA (ehibition-)race, the car was driven by Graham Williams... in the original, controversial livery. On this photo, the driver's seat and helmet has been taken over by a stuffed toy... thankfully, he didn't drive the car on the circuit

Next is a March 822, driven at CRAA by Scotsman Eddie McLurg. There are a couple of unanswered questions, because the car was not supposed to have been here, so it's not mentioned in the programme. The March 822 is a Formula 2 car, launched for the 1982 season. That year, the car won the European F2 championship with italian driver Corrado Fabi, younger brother of famed Teo Fabi. In 1988 and quite a few years on, the March 822 was used for the so-called "Interseries", looking very different with a lot of skirts (actually it looked a bit like a modern open LMP2 car). The driver in this series was Eddie McLurg, who - as already mentioned - was also behind the wheel at the CRAA event. According to the printed programmes, Eddie was supposed to drive a 1992 Footwork Arrows FA13, but instead (for reasons unknown) he raced in his old March F2. Because there was no F2 class at CRAA, the March participated in the F1 (show-)races.

Last car of this post is Jos Verstappen's 2000 Orange/Arrows A21, driven at CRAA by Barry Walker. I remember this car very well from the days when Jos was behind the wheel, the bright orange and black colour scheme certainly attracts attention. At the CRAA (show-)race, most drivers were 'kind' to their cars, not driving at full throttle, but this Arrows, and one other car (BAR/Honda, coming up later) went at full speed and really gave the audience some nice 'battles'. But perhaps the most impressive thing was the sound - this is nothing like the modern F1 cars with their puny engines, nope: this, and the BAR/Honda raced along with high-pitched screaming at a deafening level and occasional loud combustion-explosions that sounded like gunshots! I loved it, but some didn't... after the event, there has been a lot of controversy over these two cars in particular - some 'health officials' had measured the sound levels and claimed that there were high risks of permanent hearing damage, not only for the spectators, but also for 'innocent' neighbours of the street circuit. As a result, the city council decided to ban F1 car from CRAA for future events, much to the dismay of the CRAA-organisation. They have now appealed the decision and F1 may be allowed back in, but the high-pitched 'screamers' like this are almost certainly out for good. A real shame, if you ask me, so I'm very glad I got this one chance of experiencing that 'classic sound'. Oh, and if you think you've seen the Verstappen-name in recent F1 headlines, you're perfectly right: Jos' son, Max (just 16 years old!), has just signed a contract with the Toro Rosso F1 team and will race for them in the 2015 season! Jacques Villeneuve has called this decision 'the worst disaster in the history of formula 1' because he feels that a 17-year old (like Max will be next season) is far too young to be a F1 driver. We'll just have to wait and see.

Hmmm, that driver looks a little fluffy, doesn't he? Let's take a closer look... OMG! A TIGER!!! Everybody run!

Hope you enjoyed!
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Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #5

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whoops, the Hesketh sponsor was, of course, Penthouse, not Playboy

Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #6

Great stories, and a real shame about the Lotus

Re: CRAA 2014 - Paddock photos (classic racers) 7 years, 4 months ago #7

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Superb pictures an knowledgeable stories around them. Thanks for that.

Shame about  that Lotus...

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