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Indeed when you collected already when you were at a young age, and just carried on till now, it has nothing to do with a midlife crisis. Oops, sorry, a Corvette of course. We had an Opel GT here, around 1970, and although it was far smaller than a Corvette, I sometimes mix them up when pictured. You are right, owning car or bike for a long time, does not apply to a midlife crisis either. I am eager to know  what the other members think.
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Well, can start with my Opa (granddad)

He chauffeured a Countess around in a Rolls-Royce likely a Phantom II as its the family favorite.
His first own car was a red low-light morris minor 850. Then a Morris Minor 1000, Daf 33 Dafodil, daf 44, daf 55, Volvo 66, volvo 343 was his final car.
Dad had various mopeds and motorcycles before his first car which was an Opel Rekord, and another Opel Rekord. He tried twice to give Mum a car, the first was a Citroën 2CV which he found on thd road, located the owner, bought it, fixed it, gave to mum, who didn't want it and then sold it for a nice profit.
Second was a Sunbeam Hillman Wimp that mum did not want either, and they sold that one to het youngest sister.
Dad's work vehicles from the ANWB was a BSA with coffin sidecar, Citroën 2CV box van, a Peugeot 204 Break, and an Opel Kadet.
Dad's eldest sister had a Dafodil, daf 33, Datsun, Nissan cherry, and a Subaru Jumbo which was slightly bigger than a Subaru 360 Xbox.
That was holland.

New Zealand gets us a Chrysler Valiant Regal, then a Holden Torana Plus4. Added a Morris Minor 1000 that later went to my sister, and subsequently kept this for hundreds of years until Dad gave it away.
Got a 1979 mitsubishi in yellow and then went back to Holland.
Got a Datsun Bluebird Diesel RWD. Then a VW Passat.
Back to New Zealand again.
This time red 1979 mitsubishi sigma Galant, Austin 1100, morris 1300, and of course the Morris Minor.
Back to Holland. Had a mitsubishi galant.
Back in NZ.
Dad got a 1984 mitsubishi sigma, mum got a 1980 mitsubishi galant, then gets a red 1986 mitsubishi sigma from my brother.
I bought a 1981 Mitsubishi Lancer from my brother. Then replaced it with a 1986 mitsubishi Chariot, that got succeeded with a 1990 chariot, a 1997 RVR sportswear X2, a 1999 Nimbus, and my current car a 2002 Toyota Vitz (echo yaris).
Most cars we had were 7 cars registered between us. Mum had 3 cars. I had 2 and so did dad. Also we had three wrecks including the Morris Minor 1000 which we had since 1978.

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Keesie wrote:
Thanks for telling Gerrit. Maybe it was a decision between scary and exciting!? Can you describe why it was scary? Probably you thought about how much such a car would cost maintaining it. I think I understand though: buying a car is not really the problem, but maintaining it. It is no doubt stalled inside somewhere.


I never had any kind of midlife crisis, I have always been crazy and that kept me from going insane.

Excitement had little to do with it, my emotions were flat. Scary is more related to,     "you don't buy this everyday", and "what will it bring me"?  A financial disaster and disappointment? Owning a double R is something quite different, you will imagine.

The car hasn't been any kind of disappointment, even if I had to do some investments to correct a small number of problems.

What strikes me most is driving this car. It opened my eyes even more regarding contemporary automobiles (all of them). What a creative poverty on wheels the automobile industry has created nowadays. They are all pretty good cars, no problem, but there is no soul.

I have the car in a garage of course, otherwise it will be cannibalised. Many people look with their hands and not with their eyes. And a Spirit of Ecstacy ormament is worth a good number of bobs.

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Quite a story RV! Funny that there were periods with just Mitsubishis, and also Morris Minors on two sides of the globe. Apart from that it is quite some moving you did. You probably mentionede this before my time here, but which country do you like best....?

Gerrit, I was gonna say, it occured to me that you were quite insane the first time we met in Louwman....haha. Still, there must have been some form of excitement with you when you bought that RR. I mean, it must have been at least partly the way it looked: an artwork on wheels. And of course, if you once had a disaster car experience, you always think what a new buy will bring you.

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Getting back to my cars, I left off in 1979. That is the year I moved to the Okanagan from Vancouver and started a new trade. I was in the restaurant business and went from Delivery boy and dishwasher to Manager of three restaurants in about 4 years time. I then went to school, again, at age 24 and learned how to be a Structural Steel Detailer. That lasted until holidays in the summer of 1979. Myself and a bunch of buddies went on a six week bike ride all over the province. Our province is large enough to put at least 4 of England inside it with Germany in the middle. Vancouver Island is larger than Great Britian. We rode all over as I said and that got me into thinking I did not want to sit in an office all day any more. I met some locals in Kelowna and next thing you know, the girlfriend (the one who's mother traded cars with me) and I moved there and I started out as a Carpenter. 3rd year apprentice with his help of course. That lasted about 27 years as my career. Ending in about 2005 with loosing my health. I have skipped alot in that period. Getting married, having 2 children, getting divorced and then getting remarried to my current wife whom I have know for about 22 years now. We married in 1999 so 16 years was just celebrated this past Sept.
When I left Vancouver I had the Black Dodge, the Harley Knuckle head and my girlfriend had a car but I can't remember what. We traded that off for a 1965 Triump TR4 IRS. AT least I think it was a '65. Later she or we traded that for a 1954 Ford F100 pick up truck with full Mustang running gear. Bright red and it moved very fast. About that time I bought the 45 Trike for her. I had bought a pick up for a work truck. Ford I think. Then I stated the Bike shop and that lasted from about 1981 to 1984 and I moved to the prairies. Lloydminster Saskatchewan but that town is right on the boarder so we were actually living in Alberta. I had a 1965 Chevy half ton pickup there. My girl friend had a notch back Volkswagon. Rusty old thing we brought from Kelowna. She later became my first wife in 1985 and the rest is history. I have owned many 10 more trucks since then. Chevy S-10, Ford F 100 extended cab long box. 1969 Chevy Half ton, 1970 Chevy half ton, 1975 Chevy half ton, a few GMC half tons as well. Then I bought a 1974? Cadillac Seville that came up from the USA and was sooooooo clean even the oil came out like new when changed. Very nice car but started to cost me nickels and dimes so sold it off too. After that had a few cars, 1975 Pontiac LeMans, very rusty but got me around, then another Ford Pick up that did not last and traded that for a Dodge Caravan, kids needed a place. Then another VW Jetta for the then wife. The I got another Ford pick up that ran on Propane and gasoline. That was a great work truck. Then I got my prized 1975 Chevy 3-4 ton pickup. I had divorced and remarried and Tracy had a HOnda Civic, Plymouth?? was a small car and then another Honda. She then sold that and bought a Saturn Sedan. We had both of them when we moved here but gave here Saturn away after about 8 years. Donated it to the Kidney Foundation. They get $300 and I get a tax write off. I also sold the 3/4 ton Chevy and bought a 1994 Mazda 4000 pick up. I now drive a 2008 Hyundia Santa Fe.
That brings us to today.

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Thanks for all that Jim. Your story is even more overwhelming than some of the others, because you incorporated your complete life in it, in a nut shell. Reading your story, I think in the US, in general, more older cars were available than with us. I don't really know why that was, and maybe it still is. Nowadays we have to have our daily cars checked every year, and repairs have to be done before it can come on the road again. Maybe our cars wear out sooner, because of the shorter distances, the weather, who knows. Also you have more cars per person. With us it is quite normal to have only one car per household. (and of course Gerrit is the abnormal exception here......). Also, as you know, a lot of cars with you we don't have here and vica versa.

As you and I are about the same age, let me go over my car (and bike) history. I do not have any pictures of them in the computer though. I got my bike license first in 1974, when I was 18. Bought a 450 Honda, and after that kept breaking down a few times, I got myself a new 750 in 1976. Again I had trouble with it, which was the shop's fault. Traded it in for another 750, and decided to do most things myself from then on. Kept that bike for 35+ years. Now I only have the Harley, which I already told you.

Got my car license around 1978, and from then on I bought a lot of old cars, for the wintertime only, and sold them again in spring, to go on the bike. I really bought them for about 500 guilders each, to sell them as well for that amount. My first car was a Ford 15M, and after that came a whole line of Ford Taunus models, most of them were 1600cc, but I remember there was also a 1300 and even a 2000 sport. Around 1981 it was time for a 'proper' car which would take my wife and myself to work in Amsterdam (we live about 25 miles north of Amsterdam). I decided on a Matra Bagheera, and that was rubbish, sold it after 6 months. I then bought a Ford Capri 2 litre, and this car was great. It lasted for 6 or 7 years, and I traded it in in the late 80's for a fairly new Opel Manta. Also that car did great, also lasted 6 or 7 years, untill I saw this Toyota Supra, already told you this. I traded the Opel in, and technically the Supra was the best, it lasted us about 14 years. It had a roof panel, which you could take out and place in the rear.  It leaked a little from day one though, the shop could not locate the leak, and I sealed the roof panel. After these 14 years, the Supra was already 17 years old, and we did a lot of miles with it. Repairs costed more and more, so I decided it was time for a 'new' car. 

  Also, around that time, my wife and I got lucky. We could say goodbye to our steady jobs, and spend more time on the nice things in life. This was around 2009. So, what car to buy?

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Gerrit, coming back to the 'excitement', I really felt it as excitement, with the later cars I bought, like the Manta, the Capri and especially the Supra, which was a 3 litre 6 cilinder. Of course over the years the cars I bought became faster, which no doubt contributed to the excitement. Still, I always had a sort of tendency to stick to the old. I am sure that, if the costs of keeping older cars on the road were not so high, I would probably have hold on longer to some.

So, on my quest for a new car I had a sporty car in mind, like the last ones I had. (no midlife crisis, right?). I searched the net, went to dealers, and could not decide, simply because the car I was after was not there. Plenty of BMW's, sporty Japanese cars and such, but I wanted a car with more 'charisma'. Untill I saw there were Mustangs (in the US only), which had modern techniques, but on the outside they had old fashioned lines, and that was a complete make over since the earlier model, made till 2004/5.

I investigated and got all sorts of information about this Mustang. Bear in mind, that no one in my surroundings, no shop, not even Ford dealers, had one, nor did they have any experience with this. I tried to find out what a car like that would cost to import. Therefore I had to contact the import tax-office. Because these cars were seldom imported,........they could not tell me how much import tax I had to pay!!! Also I did not like the idea of going to the US just for a car, pay the money, and not have the car in my possession, not knowing what would happen on the way. So I abandoned the idea, and contacted some dealers who were specialized in importing US cars.
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I told those dealers I wanted a V8 , red or black, with gears.......after two months no one seemed te be able to get such a car. Found out that in general 6-cilinders have gears, 8-cilinders are automatic, as this was the situation around 2008. Then I tried some variations which already have a Dutch license plate. At least then I had the advantage of knowing the price.

At the end of 2008 I saw a V8 advertised somewhere on the other side of the country for a reasonable price. It was not really according to my wishes, being an automatic, grey, wrong wheels. Still, it was 'fully loaded', on the outside with all extra spoilers and skirts, air intakes, and on the inside special seats and accents to the interior. 

I took a test-ride, and man, this car was fast! Hitting the gas was almost scary (Gerrit!). Found out the engine was worked on as well, it being a GT with open air intake, it gives about 450 HP. We agreed on the price, and then I was the proud owner of a real Mustang!

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Had a new set of wheels on, added some more striping, and that was it.

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Great little pony you got there. Had the pleasure of admiring and on occasion slipped into the drivers seat of a close cousin of the 'Stang, a Shelby Cobra in it was at a dealership and we had this on our patrol checks.

My parents cars reduced from the Mitsubishi. They retired and Dad got a part time job, however mum got very I'll and sold her red Mitsubishi galant.
At the time I still had my red RVR, dad had a green mitubishi Magna.
He traded this in for a Toyota Ipsum.
But every penny counts and it's a bit complicated how f****d superannuation is for retired ppl, especially as whatever was coming from Holland, the NZ one would deduct this as an extra income.
Basically you are not allowed to live above your means.
Anyway, the Ipsum got traded for a red Toyota (Allex) Corolla. Mum's favorite color is red.
Switch to toyota was a practical economic decision.

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Thanks RV, I am very proud on it. Still, some more comments on my Mustang (and similar ones). Although it is a great ride, and because I do not drive in it too often, simply because I work at home, it still excites me every time I turn on the key.

I am also very critical though, especially when you buy something new. When you need a new battery for this one, you better order it weeks in advance, or look for a good replacement. Window wipers? No way you can buy those. There are so many small details on this car that could have been done better with less money. Plastic clips ALL break. Electrical components still use power when the key it turned to off. Screws that need to hold something are plastic and bend or loose their thread in no time. The list is endless. Once I know the minor, I replace it with better material (I know someone who does that with small models as well.....).
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Dream cars to own is why I have a large 1/18th scale collection and recently the scale 1/8th.
It would be magic to own a Phantom II. Would go totally period and don the all weather drivers uniform to chauffeur the clients or family around.
But reality is I'm at the other end of the scale.
So it will remain a dream.

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I have spoken en met a lot of guys (and girls) since I have the Mustang. I do not see this car in the streets too often, but you will be surprised how many owners there are once there is a meeting. Fun is that no one is alike mine, they are all different. Also you think it is a certain kind of person who drives those, but not true. I met people who spent their last cent on owing one, and people in higher places in three piece suits. I have come across (I think Gerrit will agree) people who you think they have a special car, and in the end they don't. Or what to think of people who come past your house, and never greet you, untill you have a special car........In fact, an older couple come past my house sometimes with their dog, and they never say a word. Untill yesterday, when my neighbour showed their new Mercedes. The couple passed, and did not stop talking.

 own a vehicle of your dreams is will remain a dream for most people. Bear in mind, that sometimes the longing for a vehicle or any other wish, is even more fun than to actually own it. I am not saying it is no fun to have it, but working towards it, investigating, is a lot of fun too. As long as you know that one day you own it.

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Lovely car Keesie, have you seen Sierra1's Shelby Mustang  pedal car in the pedal car topic?

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Thanks Andy. Man, I just took a look at the pedal car section............I did not know it existed!!!!!!!!!! There is so much to explore. Where can I find the Mustang?
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