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Re: My vehicles 7 months ago #166

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My first car was a 1957 Morris Minor 1000 - a great car.

This was followed by a 1963 Triumph Spitfire - this was the morning after.....?!?!

That's what you get for driving too fast - nobody was hurt - except my pride!!!!


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Not the best out come for a Sunday Drive. Just glad you were okay. That car is a wreck, wow.

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what a shame abut that car Hugh. Still, you survived! And some great cars in the background at that yard too.

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In 1984 my wife bought for herself a limited edition "Mini 25" celebrating 25 years of the Mini production. It was a basic Mini except for the bodywork finish and the interior which was very well finished in a silver dralon fabric embossed with the Mini 25 logo, it also had larger wheels than the standard model. It came with the regular series "A" 998cc engine - I fitted a high com head, along with the normal attention to the valves and the ports, and then put on twin SU carbs. People were quite surprised at its turn of speed. We had many a happy time taking it to various shows and meetings. Unfortunately the rot began to set in as with all Minis so we moved it on after about 4/5 years.


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That is a memory jogger, I remember the Mini 30 coming out they were in a nice dark metallic burgundy/red , now seeing this I can remember this model, probably a small fortune now.