My 1977 Dodge Charger
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TOPIC: My 1977 Dodge Charger

My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 4 months ago #1

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This thread is a continuation of General Chat "Oldtimers in De Bilt"

A car I once owned showed up in a posted picture. An "American Battleship" that snuck into Ecclesley's photo.

Being 16, I needed a ride for getting to and from work and of course to pick up my many dates as I was such a ladies man (that was sarcasm folks). Problem was it was hard to find something affordable for such a young guy. Also, in Canada car insurance for a young kid is next to impossible to afford back then (sadly still true today).

My dad suggested I take over the family beast. It ran beautifully and the interior was great. He drove it for about 8 years all year round without ever protecting the body from Canadian road salt. No oil treatment to the inner voids and under carriage took its toll on this 1977 Dodge Charger. By being in my dad's name, I could be listed as an occasional driver and save huge on insurance as opposed to being a principal driver on my own car. Besides, it was the car I learned how to drive with and it was a true pleasure to drive. 

I went to the junk yard and picked up some new doors and trunk (boot) as the originals were badly rusted. I drove it like this for the winter before getting it to the garage. My dad knew this older chap who ran a garage that could fix anything right and cheap.

Around 1985

and so he did fix it.......

We changed the roof vinyl from grey to black and cut in a sun roof. Those are still the original 1977 mag wheels

Problem was, he was cheap but not right. I fought a constant battle after just a couple years later with poor metal work and rust. Eventually I  just gave up and let the body work go for a few more years.

By this time I was too attached to the car to ever let it go. But by now I had another primary vehicle and the Charger was just sitting around for the occasional cruise. Since it was still mechanically sound I decided to give it another face lift. This time I found a place who saved money by training me to do the dirty work (tear down, grinding, sand blasting and sanding).  I removed the vinyl roof cover and gave it a two toned paint job. Black on the front  half of the roof and the hood (bonnet) and metalic silver everywhere else. Black pin striping was added where the black met silver. Light weight allow rims were added too.

About 1992

Just for note, the rusty license plates were changed after this picture.

This newer version remained until I finally let the car go just three years ago. It finally started having serious mechanical issues with the transmission and engine block. Suspension was shot and frame was deteriorating. Hey, what do you expect for 380,000kms (236,000 miles). It sat for years in storage in my parents garage after I got married and had nowhere to keep it. I never was able to find the space or money for it so I agreed to let my dad sell it to some mechanic who had an eye on it. It was not worth much by then so off it went (towed away of course). The mechanic was a marine guy and rebuilt a boat engine for my dad in exchange. Funny thing is the marine engine in my dad's boat was a Chrysler 360 V8. The same as this Charger.

According to my buddies of the same era, I remained living with my parents too long. I disagreed. I had a full time job and a part time job. When I was not working I was out cruising. I did not have the desire to live in a dingy apartment with broken furniture and a room mate. So I stuck with my parents who were awesome to live with. I came and went as I pleased. I had my own private bedroom (for whenever I was actually home). I was no free loader either. I paid my share of the apartment rent  so my folks had some extra pocket change. My friends were never home either, but they had higher rent to pay. I had money to spend on toys like these......

1977 Dodge Charger 360 Cubic Inch (5.9 litre) V8
1991 Suzuki GSX 750cc (Katana)
1991 Mercury Cougar 5.0 litre (305 cubic inch) HO (same High Output engine as the Mustang of the same year)

Hmmmm, seems to be a similar paint scheme (except for the red) with the Katana and Charger. A coincidence maybe....

And what a dashing young man there too. Oh, to be that age again....... hahahahahahahah

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Re: My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 4 months ago #2

Great story Tick!
You did well on the cars you showed.

Re: My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 4 months ago #3

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Your life with the Charger was a great joy to read Tick, really funny how one static picture can trigger such fine memories.

There will be no more Oldtimer events for me this year, the next one is to be expected in June/July 2016. I will keep an eye on these Dodges and Chryslers, and report when found.

For now I have two months left to drive the Rolls Royce this year; weather permitting. From December up to the 1st of March next year it will go into hibernation, due to the legal restrictions of the road tax system.

Finally, my son stayed in my house until he graduated from college and provided a solid platform for himself, which he managed to achieve recently. Like you he saved a lot of money, did not need a study loan, and is therefore able to make a clean start. We both considered that a wise decision.
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Re: My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 4 months ago #4

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Yep. No student loans for me either. And a house down payment for when I was ready!

Re: My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 4 months ago #5

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Great story Tick. It must be tempting for every reader to place a similar story about their lifetime vehicles. I am working on mine. Over the years you did not get too many vehicles, and you had a tendency to cling to the others as well. Well done!

Re: My 1977 Dodge Charger 6 years, 3 months ago #6

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Great story !
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