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TOPIC: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC)

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #16

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This is fun and I look forward to further races, we will then see patterns developing among the cars such as all leaders will be Hot Wheels, cars with aero foils not doing so well etc because of weight.

Can you or somebody else following your ideas, extend this idea to saloon rally cars etc and also do an event for historic saloon cars, plenty of those from the likes of Corgi Vangaurds.

It would be great seeing MkII Jaguar race against a Rover 2000.


Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #17

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Thanks Rollerman for a kind word.

That would need to be someone else, as I have only F1-like cars. 

If You like this kind of racing, check this out: 


unfortunately its only hotwheels which fit into such tracks, so I could not use it with other manufacturers. On the flip side, it's more interesting to race on different surfaces, as then the type of wheels have a bigger factor...

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #18

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Thank's for the link, I enjoyed watching those.


Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #19

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Sorry - only now finding time to finish this...

Lap 6

Vodafone and Ferrari swap places again, great battle there! Silver makes a mistake, but holds on to his 6th place, although Africatours is just behind him. 5 cars have been already lapped by the leaders (more than 100sec time gap) – that’s all Majorette cars and the Yatming.


Lap 7


Lap full of drama! Firstly Ferrari overcooked a corner and lost 2 places. He is now running 4th, losing 1 sec to TV Sport and 3 sec to Red LWC (2nd place). Vodafone safely at the front.


Than Scott, who was doing so well (gained 6 places from the start), lost the control and hit the wall quite heavily. The car bounced back on the track and while most of other cars managed to avoid it, Fiat Agip didn’t and hit the rear of Scott, damaging suspension. Both cars are out of the race.


Lap 8

TV Sport managed to pass Red LWC and is now second. Ferrari chasing those two and only 1 sec behind. 

Black Fire makes a mistake and drops from 9th to 11th. Can he get back to the top 10 by the end of the race?

Lap 9

Vodafone still in the lead with a healthy 6 sec advantage pver... Red LWC, who regains 2nd place from TV Sport. Ferrari still behind and not able to pass them.

Turquoise LWC battling with ING for 1 point to gain for 10th place. ING trying to pass, but good defensive driving by Turquoise. 

Lap 10 - final lap!

Vodafone wins the race ahead of Red LWC. Ferrari unable to pass TV Sport, who hangs on to the 3rd place, as You can see below.

Ferrari finishes 4th, a big dissapointment to all Tifosi fans after such a great first part of the race.

Here is the final result:

1. Vodafone McLaren, Hotwheels (25pts)

2. Red LWC, Hotwheels +3sec (18pts)

3. TV Sport, SIKU +12sec (15pts)

4. Ferrari, Hotwheels +14sec (12pts)

5. Motor Oil, SIKU +31sec (10pts)

6. IZOD, Hotwheels +60sec (8pts)

7. Africatours, Cararama +63sec (6pts)

8. Silver, SIKU +65sec (4pts)

9. Black Fire, Hotwheels +70sec (2pts)

10. Turquoise LWC, Hotwheels +71sec (1pts)

11. ING Renault, Hotwheels +81sec

12. Trang, Cararama +111sec

13. WC Team, Cararama +120sec

14. Hneun, Cararama +121sec

15. BCR, Majorette +135sec

16. Champion, Majorette +149sec

17. Antocel, Majorette +161sec

18. Hash#, Yatming +180sec

Constructors standings:

1. Hotwheels - 66pts

2. SIKU - 29pts

3. Cararama - 6pts
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #20

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Probably a few electrical problems causing the odd car to slow down, they use Microsoft you know...!!


Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #21

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Very good and detailed race. Thanks for doing this, seems like a lot of work so you must really enjoy it.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #22

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DCC – race 2

While posint the description of the last race, which I did for years, we did another one.

For this race we lowered the ramp almost twice, which means two things:

a)      Cars will run slower, so there is much smaller chance of spinning / making mistakes

b)      Cars will end up closer to the ramp, not spread across the track and, therefore, closer to each other. So there is a bigger chance of blocking and qualifications become more important. Something like in Monaco GP.

As last time, during initial qualifications 20 cars from 38 were picked up for the race. There are 5 new entrants in comparison to last race:

From left to right:

Car nr 41 – Rallye, Majorette

Car nr 22 – Pilot, Majorette

Car nr 18 – McDonalds, Hotwheels (from the Happy Meal lunchbox)

Car nr 8 – Yellow Eight, Hotwheels

Car nr 2 – Electric VS, Cararama

The two Majorette cars will probably be backmarkers, as Majorette turns out to be the weakest manufacturer. McDonalds is fast and I expect it to fight for top 5. Yellow Hotwheels car strongly turns right and is not as fast as Red LWC, although this is the same chassis. It will probably be somewhere in the middle of the pack while Electric is quite good, so may fight for places 6-8.


Pole position winner was again Ferrari. This was the starting order:

1-Ferrari, 2-TV Sport, 3-Red LWC, 4-Vodafone, 5-ING (well placed this time for the race), 6-Scott (should finish in points this time), 7-McDonalds, 8-Electric, 9-Africatours, 10-Hneun, 11-IZOD, 12-Black Fire, 13-Yellow Eight, 14-WC Team, 15-Champion, 16-BCR, 17-Pilot, 18-Antocel, 19-Rallye, 20-Hash#.

Lap 1

As cars go really slow, they are really close to each other, as You can see below, but they are also very consistent performance-wise, therefore there will be probably little overtaking.

In the opening lap Vodafone is being passed by ING after a bad start. ING moves into 4th place.

Lap 2

Vodafone comes back with a pass on both ING and Red LWC and advances to 3rd place. Ferrari leads with TV Sport in the 2nd place.

Lap 3

Hneun passes Africatours and moves to 9th place.

Lap 4

ING and Red LWC are fighting for 4th spot. They pass each other on every lap.

Lap 5

At halfway point, Ferrari is distancing everybody else, having fastest lap on each lap so far (5 times).

TV Sport is 2nd losing 7sec, Vodafone and Red LWC are 3rd and 4th,trailing 17sec to the leader. ING is 5th, Scott 6th, McDonaldsc 7th, Electric 8th with Hneun and Africatours filling the final places in points.

Lap 6

Africatours makes a move on Hneun and regains 9th spot.

Lap 7

All five Majorette cars and the Yatming car are running in almost the same pace, but they fight for minor places, 15-19.

Lap 8, 9, 10

We expected no changes on the last few laps, but we were proven wrong! Ferrari makes a strange and costly mistake on lap 9 (some debris on track?) and loses the lead to TV Sport, who holds onto it on next lap and wins the race by 1 second! Vodafone safely comes third.

Here is the full result:

1, TV Sport, SIKU (25pts)

2. Ferrari, Hotwheels +1sec (18pts)

3. Vodafone McLaren, Hotwheels +17sec (15pts)

4. ING Renault, Hotwheels +24sec (12pts)

5. Red LWC, Hotwheels +27sec (10pts)

6. Scott, Hotwheels +36sec (8pts)

7. McDonalds, Hotwheels +57sec (6pts)

8. Africatours, Cararama +68sec (4pts)

9. Electric, Cararama +76sec (2pts)

10. Hneun, Cararama +89sec (1pts)

11. IZOD, Hotwheels +91sec

12. Black Fire, Hotwheels +109sec

13. Yellow Eight, Hotwheels +122sec

14. WC Team, Cararama +130sec

15. BCR, Majorette +157sec

16. Pilot, Majorette +157sec

17. Champion, Majorette +159sec

18. Rallye, Majorette +179sec

19. Antocel, Majorette +185sec

20. Hash#, Yatming +186sec
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #23

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Well run race and I was rooting for Ferrari.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #24

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yeah, he should have won, he is generally the fastest I guess, but was unlucky (or the driver is a crappy one)

For the next race the ramp will be much higher and I expect Hotwheels to spin around like crazy, cause those cars are very thin and unstable. Its a chance for SIKU and Cararama to shine.
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #25

Great game!

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #26

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Race 3

4 newbies in this race were:

From lefr: Car nr 14 - KGZ, Car nr 12 - Tictel, Car nr 8 - Blue Eight, Car nr 6 - Gold LWC

For this race we have raised the ramp by 3cm in comparison to the first race (by 6cm in comparison to the 2nd race). In result, we saw something similar to this:

Cars were unstable and inconsistent. It was seen already during qualifying.

ING grabbed the pole position with TV Sport 2nd. This was not that surprising. However other favorites were way down: Vodafone 8th, Motor Oil and Siilver 15th and 16th, Red LWC 17th and Ferrari - 19th after a big mistake.

And here is lap by lap report:

Lap 1

Vodafone hits Pilot when trying to quickly move a few positions, Pilot spins.

Motor Oil hits Yellow Eight who spins and comes back on track just in front of approaching Ferrari who hits him hard. Both cars are out of the race and we have a Safety Car.

Lap 2

While safety car is on track, stewards investigate the incidents and give stop-and-go pentalty to Vodafone and Motor Oil for causing a collision.

Lap 3

Safety Car is out. Vodafone goes to pits to serve his penalty, while in the mean time we have another big crash - Gold LWC spins and a few cars crash into him: Africatours, KGZ, Tictel and Motor Oil. All are out. We have another Safety Car period.

Lap 4

This Safety Car helps Vodafone a lot, as the times are reset and he can unlap himself and re-join the race. ING leads with TV Sport 2nd and Cararama's Electric on 3rd place.

Lap 5

Race is on. ING leads with TV Sport 2nd and Electric 3rd. IZOD spins, while WC Team and Red LWC are not able to pass him and all three cars end up in the wall. They are out of the race.

Lap 6

At this stage we have only 10 cars left. There is no safety car now as the last incident happened at the back of the pack.

BCR, who was 5th, spins and dropps to 10th.

Lap 7

TV Sport overtakes ING and gains the lead. Electric is still 3rd while Vodafone is 4th after a few flying laps.

Lap 8

Electric overtakes ING and takes 2nd place while BCR spins again.

Lap 9

Vodafone closes the gap to ING to 1 sec only. Can he get on the podium on the last lap?

Lap 10

No, he cant. ING holds on to 3rd just by a car lenght. TV Sport wins the race.


Full results:

1. TV Sport, SIKU

2. Electric, Cararama +6sec

3. ING, Hotwheels +14sec

4. Vodafone, Hotwheels +14sec

5. Pilot, Majorettte +21sec

6. Silver, SIKU +25sec

7. Blue Eight, Hotwheels +34sec

8. Fiat Agip, Majorette +38sec

9. Rallye, Majorette +42sec

10. BCR, Majorette +68sec

Others - did not finish
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #27

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That was a grueling race and I hope that some of those crashed cars can repair before the next race, only days away.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years, 1 month ago #28

Yellow flags all around
No injured drivers?

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 6 years ago #29

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haha! no injuries fortunately, but the mechanics will have a lot of work before the next race...

merry christmas by the way! thanks for reading.
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