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TOPIC: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC)

Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #1

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DieCast Championchips (DCC) format

DCC is a racing series designed to find out which cars are the fastest in our (me and my son’s collection). By racing, I mean running the cars down the ramp, which is usually a board leaning on a box, or something equally simple. The track is the terracotta floor tiles in our corridor, which is a bit slippery and has very small bumps (on joinings), which sometimes cause cars to change direction, bringing in the random factor.

We have 38 F1-like cars that signed up for the 1st Season of DCC. The format will be as close to Formula 1 as possible, but this means we can accept only 20 cars in the main race. Therefore we will need to introduce a qualification round before the real pole position qualifications can begin. Here is the full format explained.

Part I – Head-to-head drag race

2 cars will be given a bonus (assigned randomly) and will advance to main race automatically. The remaining 36 cars will be paired randomly and fight in a head-to-head drag race along the track. The car which travels a further distance wins and advances to main race. This will allow us to have 20 cars in the race (2 from bonus and 18 from duels).  

Part II – Qualifying for pole position

Cars will ran down the ramp one by one, each car one time. Their position on track will be marked with a sticker and car will be removed from the track so that other cars don’t hit it. The car which goes the further will start on pole, next cars on next positions.

Part III – main race

During the race, cars will run down the ramp one by one in order determined in qualifying and will stay on track once they stop. When all cars run once, this is considered a lap. Each race will have 10 laps.

Cars will stay on track during the lap, which means that the danger of hitting other cars or being blocked by other cars will increase for those which run later – just like in real life. The further a car goes, the better was his performance on particular lap. At the end of the lap, each car will be given points, called seconds. First car will get 1 second, 2nd car – 2 seconds ect. Last car will get 20 seconds. This is to reflect the cars time on this lap.

The seconds will be summed up after each lap and the result will determine the race order (from smallest to highest). This promotes consistency, just like in real F1 races. In case of a tie, the car which had higher position on previous lap keeps the place (at least 1 second advantage is needed to overtake).

Cars can also spin on track, hit each other ect. Below are some additional rules related to such events.

If a car spins, its lap time is fixed to 25 seconds. In real F1 world, if a car spins on track, it would lose around 4-5 sec on the lap time, which is slightly more than the gap between worst cars on the grid and the best cars. Here the difference between fastest and slowest cars on a lap will be 20-1=19 seconds, hence we went with 25 secs for a spin.

If a car touches/crashes into another car already standing on the track, but not one which had spun, we have a race incident. If neither of the cars turned around, they both continue as normal – as if they touched lightly. If one of them spins, it will be given a time of 25 seconds, while the second car is given a stop and go penalty for causing a collision. This is much more costly than a spin and car’s lap time is set to 60 seconds.

If a car hits another car which did already spun, it’s a big crash and both cars are out of the race, no matter which direction they end up. When cars end up on one another they are also both out.

If a different incident happens, which is not described above, it will be under investigation during the race and appropriate action will be taken by the stewards J

After the last lap the race is over and cars finish the race as per their race positions. Top 10 cars will be awarded points as per F1 system and the car which will have most points at the end of the season (after 10 races) will be the series champion.


Its natural to expect that the fastest cars would be the ones which:

-          Are heavy (like HotWheels)

-          Have good wheels which spin easily, but are not loose and don’t turn left or right (SIKU, Cararama)

-          Are wide and stable and have smooth floor so that they don’t change direction when entering the track from the ramp (Majorette and Cararama)


We will have the first race soon and I will then post the extensive review of it on the forum.
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #2

Well, you set yourself quite a task there.
It is great that you are using the toys for what they were designed for: to play with and have fun

Keep us updated please!

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #3

Fresh Boarder
Yes, its a brain-cracker, I know - it would be easier to just have a knock-out drag race, but we are all F1 fans and now, when the real season is over, we can have one of our own

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #4

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Besides by 2 Mini Champs F1 races I also have a couple of Corgi John Player Specials. Not sure what the one in the middle is but I think it is Corgi

Ralf Schumacher GP Brazil BMW FW22

Ralf Schumacher Jordan Peugeot 197

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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #5

Fresh Boarder
Can You make a closer picture of the small one? I am guessing its 1/64, right?

I will do some investiagtion if it does not say on the back what manufacturer is this...


By the way, Minichaps are very nice to look at, but one can hardly play with them... Thats why I dont fancy them too much. And why Ralf? He was a bit of a clumsy driver...
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 12 months ago #6

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Ralf is also one of the rarer cars to find and they did not cost much.
The small F1 has been sold or given away at a yard sale we have here called Trash to Treasure where you put out good gently used house hold items and let people have them for free. Saves sending them to recycle or the dump. The whole region does it here in BC Canada and it is very popular. I get rid if lots of stuff I no longer need or want twice a year. Something to think about for your communities, no matter where you live.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #7

Fresh Boarder
Wow! I want to move to Canada!!!

Its wonderfull that people can actually do things like that. Brings back some faith in humankind. Most of people are so greedy it would not work with them...

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #8

Platinum Boarder
Yes, here it is very popular and you can drive down the roads of our town and of Grand Forks about half an hour away and find lots of people doing it. All over the West Kootney and Boundary and even over into the Columbia region as well. It is quite popular and besides, saves fees at the dump or haveing to drive there in the first place. Most recycle bins in towns do not take that kind of stuff. We also have a huge recycling program here in BC that takes LIghtbulbs of any type, electronics and household appliances, computers and cordless power tools too. Even large appliances can be taken to the metal pile at the dump or you can call up shops that will come and take them away for free. Same goes for Cars and there is a great foundation, Kidney Foundation, that will take donations of Cars and trucks, even boats as long as the have the wheels and tires on them for free and they give a $300 income tax receipt for them too. Gave the wife's old Saturn SL to them a couple or three years ago.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #9

Fresh Boarder
DCC – Race 1


It took me quite a while to put this together, but here we go with the qualifications for the first race of DieCast Championchips!

First lets take a look at the track: here is the ramp and the track’s long straight with walls on left and right.

We will be changing the box and the angle of the ramp with next races, so each one will be slightly different. The bigger the angle of the ramp, the less predictable is the car’s behavior, as it hits the track with greater speed and often changes direction, jumps or spins.

20 cars have been qualified to the race and battled for the pole position. Looking at manufacturers we have 3 SIKU cars, 8x HotWheels, 4x Majorette, 4x Cararama and one Yatming car. Each car took one ride and its position was marked with a sticker – here is how it looked like:



In the end it was Ferrari nr 5 (HotWheels) who took the pole position. Full starting grid below, with car numbers and names, derived either from the sponsor labels on the livery or, when those are missing, from the paint colour (or sometimes both, when two cars are identical and only difference is the colour):

1 – Ferrari nr 5, Hotwheels                      3 – Red LWC nr 1, HotWheels

                2 – TV Sport Supra nr 5, SIKU           4 – Vodafone McLaren nr 1, Hotwheels


5 – Silver nr 4, SIKU                    7 – Black Fire nr 12, Hotwheels

                 6 – Motor Oil nr 7, SIKU               8 – Africatours nr 11, Cararama


9 – IZOD nr 11, Hotwheels                    11 – Trang nr 7, Cararama

            10 – World Champ Team nr 18, Cararama           12 – BCR nr 18, Majorette


13 – ING Renault nr 3, Hotwheels             15 – Hneun nr 8, Cararama

                      14 – Scott nr 9, Hotwheels            16 – Champion nr 3, Majorette


17 – Fiat Agip nr 1, Majorette                    19 – Hash# Nr 98, Yatming           

                 18 – Turquoise LWC nr 1, Hotwheels          20 – Antocel nr 35, Majorette


The most of the cars did as expected, except for ING and Turquoise LWC. Both should be in the top 5, as ING is basically the same car as Ferrari and Vodafone, while Turquoise is a different colour version of fellow car LWC Red, who managed to take 3rd place. So we are expecting those two to battle their way up as the race progresses.

Full race description to follow shortly...
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #10

Now that is really nice, loved reading your comment!

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #11

Platinum Boarder
I agree, this should be interesting to follow.

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #12

Fresh Boarder
Cars are now on their positions, so we wait for the green light and… here we go!

Lap 1

Thankfully all cars made it through the first lap without any crashes, so this is good. Ferrari nr 5 leading the pack with the fastest opening lap, while Vodafone McLaren passes Red LWC, who drops to 4th. Black Fire had a bad start and lost 2 places on the first straight, being passed by Africatours and IZOD. On the other hand Scott had a great reaction after the lights went green and managed to jump from 14th to 11th place. At the back Turquoise LWC moved up only 1 place to 17th, while ING took it easy and is still 13th.

Lap 2

Vodafone McLaren makes a successful move on TV Sport Supra and is now 2nd, losing 4 seconds to Ferrari. It is the fastest car on the track right now.

TV Sport is 3rd, with Red LWC 4th, Silver 5th and Motor Oil 6th. Those guys are running away from the rest, as Africatours, 7th place at the moment, is losing 8 seconds to Motor Oil already.

Great lap for Turquoise LWC – he is moving up the rankings nicely with 3 cars passed on this lap, currently running 14th. His next target is ING, who is still 13th and stuck behind Cararama car Trang.

Lap 3

Ferrari still leading the race, but with only 2 seconds advantage on Vodafone. TV Sport is losing places with each lap – this time Red LWC overtakes him and moves up to 3rd. He is closing on Vodafone and they are wheel to wheel on the start-finish straight, but Vodafone retains his place.

Turquoise LWC had a good lap and is now wheel to wheel with ING fighting for 12 place. Bad lap for Trang, who is now 14th, which is 3 places down from his starting position.


Lap 4

Vodafone defended his place from Red LWC and now makes a move on Ferrari and it’s a successful one! He’s got the fastest lap 3rd time in a row and now leads the race, but Ferrari is still just behind him. Then, 6 seconds back, we have another pair of Red LWC and TV Sport very close together.

At the back of the pack, green Majorette car BCR makes a mistake and almost touches the wall – he loses some positions and is now 16th (was starting 12th). 

Another good lap for Turquoise LWC means he is able to pass not only ING, but also WC Team and is running 11th, catching quickly Black Fire, who dropped from 8th after a small mistake. Scott and IZOD both used it to their advantage. 

Lap 5

Ferrari is not giving up and regains the lead. Fastest lap this time belongs to Scott, who moves into 7th place, overtaking Africatours. There was a small contact between ING and WC Team, but nothing serious. In fact ING moves ahead with a clean pass a few corners later.

Full race order after 5 laps with time gaps:

1. Ferrari, Hotwheels

2. Vodafone McLaren, Hotwheels - 2se

3. Red LWC, Hotwheels - 5sec

4. TV Sport, SIKU - 12sec

5. Motor Oil, SIKU - 16sec

6. Silver, SIKU - 24sec

7. Scott, Hotwheels - 32sec

8. Africatours, Cararama - 33sec

9. Black Fire, Hotwheels - 45sec

10. IZOD, Hotwheels - 46sec

11. Turquoise LWC, Hotwheels - 54sec

12. ING, Hotwheels - 54sec

13. WC Team, Cararama - 63sec

14. Trang, Cararama - 65sec

15. Hneun, Cararama - 69sec

16. BCR, Majorette - 82sec

17. Champion, Majorette - 84 sec

18. Fiat Agip, Majorette - 95sec

19. Antocel, Majorette - 96sec

20. Hash#, Yatming - 103sec (-1lap)
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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #13

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Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #14

Fresh Boarder

didnt expect this report to be so time-consuming... The actual race took us around 1 hour, but making up a story behind takes a bit longer. But its fun.

5 more laps to describe...

Re: Die-Cast Championchips (DCC) 5 years, 11 months ago #15

Bernie Ecclestone, eat you heart out!
Great topic, shall follow it closely

Thanks for all your hard work!
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