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TOPIC: What Killed Die-Cast?

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 9 years, 1 month ago #16

Hear hear

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 9 years, 1 month ago #17

Platinum Boarder
They don't sell well here in Australia. eBay is full of them now and again. Also they have competition from Australian motor racing enthusiast who prefer their homegrown verity of production runners from the likes of Bathurst V8 Supercars.

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 8 years, 11 months ago #18

Fresh Boarder
I'm late getting in on this subject, so if I repeat what someone else has said, I apologize. In my opinion the main thing that has killed diecast is all of the ridiculous paint schemes that Action, the Lionel/Action has continued to come up with. First there was color chrome, then Platinum, GOld, gold-plated, flashcoat, stealth, ghost, etc. I could go on and on. If someonev doesn't believe me, look at the low numbers of some of these and take a look at the sales that many of the internet sellers are lowering the prices to on them. They can't give them away for the most part. Personally, all i want is the actual paint scheme and the raced versions. That's what was actually on the track. I've seen some of a freind's Gold cars. As far as I'm concerned they are simply junk. You look at it once and that's enough.

If Lionel would cut all of this nonsense out they could spend their resources on the regular paint schemes and would be able to lower the price to the dealer, who consequently could lower their price to we buyers. Heck, I remember when Dale Earnhardtr started the hobby. THe drivers in that era only had pretty much one paint scheme. Yes, I know. Dale brought the Silver Select car out on the track and nobody could believe it. BUt, I'm mainly yalking about these "manufactured" paint jobs like I mentioned at the beginning. thank.

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 8 years, 11 months ago #19

Fresh Boarder
I heartily agree. If you are interested, please read my take on the subject. I think you'll agree. Thanks.

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 8 years, 11 months ago #20

TheAngryBison wrote:
Simple question. Not trying to start a flame war but NASCAR Die-Cast has taken quite the nose dive over the past decade. What's to blame, was it greed? And do you think that the powers that be have learned their lesson? Will it get better?

It will not get any better.  Greed yes, most definitely.  Also factor in companies like Lionel (who have been through several bankruptcies for this very reason) who listen very little to their most valuable asset, their customer.  It has been frowned upon for at least several years now about overproduction and excessive special finishes.  On the other hand you have the casual collector and/or completists who are fully in favor of this.  By the same token, companies like Lionel are essentially on a 6-month production schedule due to the China element of production.  That in itself is sad.  Oh, and don't forget NASCAR Licensing wanting their pound of flesh...  Sounds complicated and probably is, with so many hands in the pie.  That said, there is absolutely NO excuse for overproduction.  One solution?  MAKE TO ORDER.  MOQ does NOT WORK, despite the arguments it does.  The proof is undeniable.

On the bright side, companies like Checkered Flag Sports and University of Racing seem to have their act together and arguably provide a superior product for the price.  Unfortunately, Lionel NASCAR holds a monopoly on licensing due to the cozy licensing agreement for the top drivers between them and the NASCAR Licensing Trust, which by all accounts are the same entity.  They tell us what product should sell for instead of us telling them.
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Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 8 years, 11 months ago #21

Fresh Boarder
To many models, every time i go to the USA i am amazed at the amount of NASCAR stuff around be it at a toy show or a flee market... If you start collecting and there are to many models coming out every month then in the end. due to space on money you just have to stop.

Re: What Killed Die-Cast? 8 years, 11 months ago #22

Fresh Boarder
Thank you for your input into the problem. It was very interesting. It is a sad thing to see our great hobby go downhill, isn't ?
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