We're delighted to announce that the very popular Oxford Diecast have agreed to host their forum on Toy Collector. Here's where you can discuss Oxford Diecasts past and present, ideas for new models you'd like to see and more. Oxford Diecast themselves will be stopping in from time to time, but please note that you can't use the forum to communicate directly with them if, for example, you've ordered a model that hasn't arrived yet or anything like that.
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TOPIC: Oxford Diecast

Oxford Diecast 9 years, 7 months ago #1

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Hi, This is Taff from Oxford Diecast. I will visit forums on odd occasions to try and answer any queries that you may have about our products, or forthcoming items. The below is an extract form our club newletter that appeared January that may be of interest.


The Armstrong Siddeleys and the Sunbeam Talbots are not far from release, we have had one or two amendments which have taken place. The Bentley S1 follows and the next model will be a Royal Daimler, we have used the vehicle held at Sandringham for the basis of the design. Due to the specialist nature of this, there will only be a few releases. The Thames 400E is also ready and this will be issued in Q2.


The Aviation range continues apace. This month the Mosquito, followed by a Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien, Spitfire IXE, Macchi C220, Hurricane MKIIC, Heinkel HE162, Grumann Hellcat, Mustang P51 and Douglas Dauntless. The new the History of Flight range will kick off with the Dragon Rapide and Tiger Moth, this will be a higher spec range of planes than the current Aviation range.


The new Military range will commence later in the year with the AEC Matador and Bedford MWD.

Cars: The Ford Consul, VW Golf, SS Jaguar, Minis and Rover P6 are already in development. To the line of cars we add the Citroen 2CV, Land Rover Discovery, Renault Dauphine, VW Beetle and Jaguar XJS.

Commercials: The Austin ATV, Bedford Heavy 12, Pump Trailers, Transits Farm Trailers are in development. We now announce the David Brown Tractor and Dennis RS Fire Engine. Haulage: The D Tec trailers are going through test, and the Matador will also appear in this range.


The Burlingham Sunsalon is in development. The trams are awaiting a production slot. We also announce the Plaxton Elite, Citroen 2CV, VW Beetle, Ferguson and Fordson Tractor.

Topgear The first of the challenge cars are fully developed and will release in the next few months.

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Re: Oxford Diecast 9 years, 7 months ago #2

Hello Taff from Oxford Diecast, welcome to the site and thank you for joining us.

Being in the US, I don't get to see a lot of Oxford. I do have a couple heavy haulage lorries in my collection, and I am very impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Haulage line, and the Military range sounds interesting as well.

Re: Oxford Diecast 8 years, 5 months ago #3

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I have been waiting for 3 months for the Mickey mouse AEC to come out I have two prepaid on order, I have been hoping for years that someone would bring out a MatadorI have been suggesting that to Corgi for at least five years. They will not have to bother now

Re: Oxford Diecast 8 years, 5 months ago #4

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I have been looking at the Oxford new toys catalogue and I have noticed. That there are a number of trucks in Q2 that have not been released yet, A friend who is also a seller of die cast. has told me that he does not hold out much hope that Q2 76 Aec will arrive in Q2 but Q3 . It would be a better idea if Oxford could at least make a guess at predicting issue dates which would influence back order purchases if Q2 is to be Q3 and so on then say so. they will still be purchased as they are to my knowledge the only AEC of type.

Pity they are not 1:50 but you can't have everthing you wish in life

I should be getting the Corgi BRS wrecker in the next couple of days, this will go alongside the AEC wreckers ,,,when I get them.

   Edit: The AEC Mickey mouse  for example was Q2 now you say later in year?? this was of course 2011

I just realized that this should have been last year so the AECs are around 6 to 8 months late doesn't bode well for Q3 and Q4 this year 2012
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Re: Oxford Diecast 4 years, 10 months ago #5

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I heard today from a toy dealer that Oxford Diecast has been taken over by HONGWELL, who produced the Cararama ranges among others. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

Re: Oxford Diecast 4 years, 10 months ago #6

Platinum Boarder
Oxford Diecast is the UK distributor for Hongwell for sure.

I won't be surprised if both companies are working close together on the production of modelcars. In fact Oxford production is done in China.

Re: Oxford Diecast 4 years ago #7

Platinum Boarder
I think Oxford Diecast are producing some great models in the range with some of the recent releases; I am waiting for a couple to be launched and hope to buy them then, including the dark green Volvo 122S, BRG Daimler SP250 Dart without the side screens and the next 2 colours for the Vauxhall Firenza.

The Vauxhall is a first class choice and what I've been waiting for, for years! One of the best cars Vauxhall made in the 70's. I have the blue one already.

I'm more of a 1/43 enthusiast and wish to see more cars in that scale never been modelled before, and many more British cars are waiting to be modelled from the 30's to the 70's.

I'd like to see a MK1 or MK2 Ford Consul, Zephyr or Zodiac convertibles, and late 60's and 70's Vauxhalls (PB or PC Crestas, or FC/FD and FE Victors or Ventoras etc) or even MK4 Zephyr/Zodiacs, along with many more Rootes/Chrysler type cars, E.g the fastback Sunbeam Rapier or big 60's Humbers, or maybe the big Farina 60's BMC cars like the VDP Princess 4 litre R, Westminster or Wolseley versions. A Sunbeam Alpine sports car with the later lower fins or a Tiger would be great too or perhaps a Bristol. I could go on but a great range with me also having a PA Vauxhall Cresta estate, a Jaguar XK150, MG Magnette, Lotus Elan + 2, a Daimler DS420 Limo and 3 Jensen Interceptors in my collection!

Re: Oxford Diecast 4 years ago #8

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I agree with most of those 'Wants', so many of the cars from our past could be made. I would love to see the Vanden Plas 'Princess R' (Rolls-Royce engine you see!), modelled by Oxford or Vangaurds.

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