We're delighted to announce that the very popular Oxford Diecast have agreed to host their forum on Toy Collector. Here's where you can discuss Oxford Diecasts past and present, ideas for new models you'd like to see and more. Oxford Diecast themselves will be stopping in from time to time, but please note that you can't use the forum to communicate directly with them if, for example, you've ordered a model that hasn't arrived yet or anything like that.
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TOPIC: Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box 9 years, 7 months ago #1

Platinum Boarder
one of the main reasons I began collecting toycars was the cars my grandfather, father, uncles had owned and ofcourse recently the cars I have owned and have them as small scale replica's.

Over the years I have found some of these models. One my Dad owned, an Opel Rekord by Minichamps, and a black Morris Minor sedan with a red stripe by Corgi - my Grandad's second Morris Minor.

One model I'd really would like to have is grandad's first Morris Minor low-light split-windscreen. Why this model was skipped by everyone with so many variants available no one made the low-light.

Ofcourse some of my own cars were never made as diecast collectibles either. I found one small plastic one of my Mitsubishi Chariot, but appears that even Tomica skips the first three which is very annoying. lancer Evo appears to be the theme of moderm times even though the other Mitsubishi's were much more popular.

1977 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma. We had two from 1979 and one from 1980.

Type 1 mitsubishi Chariot. Had three of theseover a period of 10 years. One was for spare parts.

This is my current car exactly. The Mitsubishi Nimbus.

Even the colour is right

This was my previous car, almost exactly like this in fact.

Mitsubishi RVR Sportsgear X2

it might be a longshot to get the Mitsubishi's. However I think the Morris Lowlight would make an excellent choice for the Oxford Diecast line-up - simply because no one else made this one happen.

Re: Suggestion Box 9 years, 7 months ago #2

Platinum Boarder
Dad bought a new lowlight convert in 1949 so I agree with that.

Re: Suggestion Box 9 years, 7 months ago #3

Platinum Boarder
I have posted this before but worth another look?

Re: Suggestion Box 9 years, 7 months ago #4

Platinum Boarder
Yes, it's 'funny' how some seemingly obvious choices get skipped completely by every diecast maker (although some of these are available as handbuilt resin/white metal very limmited, prohibitely expensive models). The Morris Minor is a good example - nowadays there are tons of them available, but all seem to be from the same time period - we're missing the very early versions and also the late versions with the bigger two-color front turn indicators - my dad used to own one of these, but I can't find a model!

Another british car completely missing is the Austin Maxi. I know the motor journalists hated it, but nevertheless it was a very common car in the late 60s and early to mid 70s. As far as I know, the Maxi has only ever been made as a model by Airfix (plastic kit), Milestone Miniatures (ridiculously expensive, very limited, handbuilt resin) and one other small company (whose name escapes me atm) as a special limited version for the Austin Owner's Club.

Your Mitsubishi-woes are also very typical - japanese cars tend to be in one of two categories: cars of the last 10-15 years or very old ones from the 50s or early 60s before they started selling them abroad. Everything in between is a black hole even though some of them have been immensely popular all over the world - how many Corollas do you see? Honda Civic? Mazda 616 (Capella), 818 (Savanna), Toyota Carina? Nissan Sunny? Nissan Cherry? Datsun 100A? Datsun 120Y? Oh, you can get some of the sportscars, but how about the 'ordinary' street cars? Ebbro have a few of the japanese ones, but not nearly enough and they all tend to fall into the 'too old' category.

I do share your hope, that Oxford would pick up some of the british 'black holes' like the missing Morris Minor versions, the Austin Maxi and a few others - but I wonder if that hope is realistic? Vanguards could be another possible candidate for picking them up.

Re: Suggestion Box 9 years, 7 months ago #5

Platinum Boarder
I'm hoping for the low-light as I have many of the '60s version already.

Although one of my Dublo Dinky Morris Minor van has the '59 splitscreen.

Diapet is horendously expensive and I've tried to get that particular galant model, however at the moment it'll have to remain the plastic kitset.

I would've mentioned my '68 Morris 1300 Glyder MkII, but already converted an MG to that task from Tekno. the MG 1100 MkI appeared for many diecast companies as did the Austin 1100 MKI Glyder models.
Consider... that the last facelift of this car was heavily influenced by the Triumph stag and 2500TC and was rebadged as the Austin Victoria.
in Australia a Morris Glyder got converted to a liftback, got a benchseat, had the handbrake moved to the door and rebadged as the Morris Nomad.
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