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TOPIC: Tekno Car Lift

Tekno Car Lift 6 years ago #1

Platinum Boarder
Arrived recently via Teebodk so I did a quick repair replacing a pin that was missing and now it works OK.

It does seem more like 1/25th scale and fits comfortably under a Cadillac Coupe De Ville from Franklin Mint.

It is bigger than I had imagined and as Teebodk suggested it may have been more for Tekno truck range.

Re: Tekno Car Lift 6 years ago #2

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Their trucks were 1/50 scale or around that, so this lift is even big for them.  Here it is with one of their larger cars.  They made larger tinplate fire trucks - pre and post-war.  Maybe as they got into diecast cars, they also made this diecast lift to go with the older tinplate trucks?
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Re: Tekno Car Lift 6 years ago #3

Another first for me, looks cool!

Re: Tekno Car Lift 6 years ago #4

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The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the floor jack is meant for the tinplate trucks. I've never seen one in person, but I've seen them on tv and they seem to be quite a lot bigger than the diecasts, perhaps 1/20-1/25 or so.

I'm seriously considering getting one, sooner or later. There's almost always a few for sale on Qxl and prices are often 'reasonable'. Right now, however, there's only a bunch of wrecks plus one good model for sale, and that good one is NOT reasonably priced, so it'll have to wait a bit.

The funny thing about them is that they're like a cross between a diecast, a tinplate and a Meccano-construction. They're held together with nuts and bolts like Meccano, made out of tinplate (but with rubber tires) and detail- and sturdiness-wise they're like diecasts.

From the photo with the Coupe de Ville, I'd say that 1/25 looks just about right.

Re: Tekno Car Lift 6 years ago #5

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The tinplate fire trucks seem to be smaller than 1:24 scale.  See photo with lift.  he truck seems too small still!

These trucks have an interesting and long history.  Argus Miniature (France, 1988) said they were made 1935-45 pre-war and then 1946-55 post-war.  They claim it is based on a Bedford WS.  Pre-war baseplate was upside down - Tekno was backwards!  Fenders were red, same color as the body.  During the war, the black rubber tires were changed to sold tinplate and painted grey.  Post-war they went back to rubber tires and changed the fenders to black.  So three styles are known.   

The famous Sue Richardson wrote an article in 1991 in Model Collector (UK) that states they were made 1935-40 pre-war and then stopped due to war production.  Post-war was 1952-55, starting up late due to tin restrictions.  Sue says the metal wheels were used in the very beginning pre-war. Which one is right?

Teebo - do you know the tin and rubber restrictions in DK during WW II?


A third source of historical information is .

He says basically the same thing as Sue.  It's a fun story - I wonder what the real story is?
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