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TOPIC: Grip Zechin

Grip Zechin 6 years, 2 months ago #1

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I am really liking this forum, but sooooooo much to see. WOW! I have a lot of reading to do here!

So far I dont seem to see any mention of Eidai Corporation's Grip Zechins. One of my favourite 1/68 (ish) models to collect. I have posted this on other forums so I apologize for repeating to those who have read it. I just thought I would share one of my collections that have not been identified here (not that I could search for anyways)

I just adore these models by Eidai Corporation. I would think these would be wonderful items to add to any diecast collection especially for vintage collectors like me. Eidai is a Japanese corporation producing various toys products. In the mid 70's (right in the era of most of my collection) they produced a line of diecast working/construction vehicles about 1/70th scale. Each is about 4 inches long. The scales can be annoying but not like any other manufacturer (excet Spot-On of course) .Even as a kid I used to be annoyed by the fact that my buses were the same size as my cars which were the same size as my container trucks. These are no different with the ambulance model being bigger than a loader!

They were re-released in the 80's as well I believe under the name World Zechin and were packaged in different boxes. A few more models added to the series. I only collect the original series. What makes them great for collecting is:

1. There were a predetermined amount of models made. About 44 or 45 and they were numbered on the box. Perfect for challenging the collector to get them all!!!!!. Each model was packaged in an attractive box with cello window. The box had a graphic of the real vehicle and in big bold numbering, the number of the toy in the series. Boxes range in English, Japanese and a combination of both as well as other Asian printing. Each model also came with a mini catalogue that showed almost all the other models and their corresponding series number. No doubt for little boys to keep track of the "got em" and "need em".

2. Very nice quality. These little models are sturdy and have some good weight. A mix of plastic and metal. Typically with metal chasis, cabs and hubs with the remaining pieces mostly plastic.

3. Nice detail. For their size the detail is great. Lots of small pieces. Lots of moving parts too. Tires are plastic but they were set with plastic or metal caps giving the look of rubber on hubs. Dies were imprinted with door seams, lights, etc. Chrome grills, moving cranes, articulated trucks, opening doors, flip up cabs, and so on. Way more detail than any of their competitors of the same size (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc) and even larger.

4. Originality. Some of the models are quite interesting. Not many makers would think to create a toy replica of a road roller or a sewer suction truck!!!

And they are typically found at VERY reasonable prices. I am surprised they are not more popular. Anyways, I got hooked when I first came across one and have gone a bit crazy in a short period of time to collect them. As they are not highly collectable I know they will never support my retirement, but oh well, I guess I will just have to have fun playing with them  

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Re: Grip Zechin 6 years, 2 months ago #2

I have not seen them before, they are very detailled, thanks for sharing. Very interesting models!

Re: Grip Zechin 6 years, 2 months ago #3

These are unusual and that's what we all like seeing items we have not come across before...Great finish on these items and lovely colours, must be hard to find....



Re: Grip Zechin 6 years, 2 months ago #4

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Like any model line up there will be ones easier to find than others. For the most part these models are often on Primarily coming from the USA. Apparently the bulk of these toys were issued to the US market grocery and department store chains.

Re: Grip Zechin 5 years, 1 month ago #5

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some more Grips

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Re: Grip Zechin 5 years, 1 month ago #6

Good score Tick, you have got quite a collection of them already

Re: Grip Zechin 5 years, 1 month ago #7

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Thanks for all those pictures Tick. As a collection quite impressive. I never heard of the company. As far as I can see the models seem ingenius, and still have a high play value for kids.

Re: Grip Zechin 5 years, 1 month ago #8

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With all the moveable parts I would agree Keesie, there would have been great play value. A little boring in the sense that they use the same model of vehicle and change up the attachments and call it a new model. But other manufacturers are guilty too (I have a soft spot for Corgi Commers)

I came across these models with the cement mixer being my first one. I saw it a toy show. It was very attractive sitting on a table with the glossy and bright yellow and red paint. When I picked it up and felt the weight and decent quality, I was hooked. That was two years ago June. I have 36 now. The rest were all from ebay. As I indicated before, don't think they will ever be worth much but I do enjoy them

Re: Grip Zechin 5 years, 1 month ago #9

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The models I have from Eidai Grip are cars of 1/28th scale

Re: Grip Zechin 4 years, 7 months ago #10

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Another one to add to the collection. This model has only appeared a few times on ebay. At least from what I have seen. But the cost is too great for me. I guess the few collectors out there know a rare item when it appears and that drives up the price.

Well lucky me, and thanks to ebay email notifications, this one popped up at a ridiculous low buy it now price. Very happy to be the first one to click buy !!!!!

Great shape and still in box. Missing a front signal, but considering the condition and rarity, I am super super HAPPY !!!!!

According to the little catalogues that come with each model, there are two I still need that are not too rare but I am being patient for a good price. There is another that is rare by my searches so that is a waiting game to find a complete one in good shape at an affordable price. Then there are two shown by the catalogue that I have never even seen pictures of, so not even sure if they were ever made. If they were to pop up, I am sure they will fetch a decent price. The catalogue lists each model by item number. The highest number listed is 44 yet I have two models with higher numbers (47 and 45). So safe to say there are missing numbers, but how does one know if there are higher numbers than 47, when 47 itself was not even listed????? Well there are 10 models skipped on the catalogue of which I have 5.

So, my quest shall continue for the ones I know are out there and even for the ones that are mystery.

here are pictures of the catalogues (double sided). There is another version with less models shown, but the ones it does show are all on this version

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Re: Grip Zechin 3 years, 7 months ago #11

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over the past few months I have picked up a few more that I am just getting around to posting.

No. 19 CAT Motor Grader with swing plow. This one is in unusual packaging. There was another line of models marketed under name World Zechin that used the typical box like all mine have as well as this set up with hard plastic bubble cover over plinth/base. Just for note, the same models in different colours were marketed in the US under the name MadMax. I have none as hard to find and pricey when they pop up despite being the same models just different colours.

Anyways, this new one is still a Grip Zechin so I guess there was cross over with packaging as there was for the models themselves. Although the World Zechin line up did add a couple more models ( I have yet to acquire). This packaging has no English so obviously for a specific market. It is the only Grip Zechin example I have with this packaging

I already had this CAT D5 Bulldozer but the treads were cracked and dried out. This one came at a decent price so why not upgrade

Not too long ago I bid on this No.6 Snow Prinoth half asleep. Was surprised to get it for a cheap price. When it arrived I figured it out. Missing its tracks that were clearly indicated in the listing. A couple weeks later another one came up complete and although a decent price, I technically paid twice    

and this No 28 Hitachi Auger

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Re: Grip Zechin 3 years, 7 months ago #12

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Now, the Grip Zechin quest gets good, or sad however you look at it.

The catalogue doesn't show all numbered models. For instance, No.38 is missing from the catalogue but I know it's the Shell Gas Tanker because I have one. Also, I have models with a number higher than the highest one listed in the calendar so hard to determine how many there actually are. I guess these are the mystery models.

There are a couple models shown in the calendar that I have yet to see. Anywhere. No pictures on the internet, nadda via Google and no history in ebay. I'd call these ghosts as according to the manufacturer they are out there, but not to be seen.

Imagine my heart rate when a pre-set ebay search notified me of a No. 22 Ferry. A few days for the auction to run its coarse and only two bids. Despite its rarity, if there are no collectors out there then there just simply isn't a demand. Awesomely lucky for me because I was the winner at less than my max bid. It did cost more than the typical Grip but not more than I have paid for others.

The listing only pictured the boxes with view of the model through the box cello. The seller had no knowledge of these (or diecast for that matter). He simply indicated he took a peak and they (he had others models for sale) seemed unplayed with and mint and didn't want to open the packages. He probably would have if I asked but the clock was ticking on the auction time and they looked great in the photos.

I won I won I won!!!!!! I could not believe I found a ghost! It actually existed, and its on its way to me

 It arrived. I almost cried to own one! Then I did cry when I realised a piece was missing.


I would have bought it anyway but what a disappointment. Actually, the model itself turned out to be a disappointment. It really lacks the detail and moving parts of all the other models. Id say this ghost is really not up to Grip Zechin standard, but I am still super stoked to have it. Besides, what more could they have done with a ship at such a small scale????

A couple funny things I noticed as well. The box indicates "High Seed Car Felly Sun Flower" which I am sure was meant to read "Ferry". The big bright sun decal on the ship obviously eludes to the name of the boat as per the box as Sun Flower. Yet on the base of the model it is printed San Flower. Pretty funny errors if you ask me.

So here it is, the Grip Zechin Number 22 Car Ferry or "Ghost" as I like to call it. Once this thread is posted, I assume the only available images via Google will be these  

It is the exhaust stack on the top centre of the ship that is missing.

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Re: Grip Zechin 3 years, 7 months ago #13

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Great for you! That's quite a collection you have there of these models!
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Re: Grip Zechin 3 years, 7 months ago #14

What a story Tick, exitcement and disappointment, all in one topic......

You could try making the missing part from scratch

Re: Grip Zechin 3 years, 7 months ago #15

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Ya. I have some beat up Matchbox Seakings that may have a part that will do the trick. Or I was thinking since the part is tiny I can easily shape some piece of plastic with a hobby knife.
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