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TOPIC: Spot On

Re: Spot On 4 weeks, 1 day ago #1801

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Very pleased to add this very rare and late Spot On model , the Morris Mini van, I will not paint this and replace the missing and broken parts , I will see if SF models parts Corgi rear door fits as the y don't do the replacement , this van came with the same figures the Glass & Holmes window cleaning van although with brown overall's and a metal ladder , rarer are the vans with Shell on the panels .

Re: Spot On 4 weeks, 1 day ago #1802

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I wonder if a Dinky back door could work with some modification? The 274 has plastic rear doors in Yellow. I just don't know how they are hinged.

Re: Spot On 4 weeks, 1 day ago #1803

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<p>The problem is that the Spot Ons are considerably larger.</p>
<p> </p>
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Re: Spot On 4 weeks ago #1804

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Thanks, I was wondering about that.

Re: Spot On 3 weeks, 3 days ago #1805

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The model is the same see as the Dinky one so I will see how I go about it, not ordered anything yet , will cut the bumpers of a new set as I don't want to split the base off.

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It was my understanding that the two model were close in scale. The Spot-On is of course 1:42 scale as they all are. I just looked up the AA mini van by Dinky in Jacques Encyclopedia and it is also 1:42 scale so should fit just fine. They come in Yellow plastic for the AA van and Blue plastic for the RAC Van.
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I may buy a door from each they are not expensive and will have two options then.

Re: Spot On 3 weeks, 3 days ago #1808

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No they are not expensive and a good idea for future projects,

Re: Spot On 5 days, 11 hours ago #1809

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sawmill brunch buffet price

I know very little about Spot ON except that I own but a few and want more !!!!!!
Usually out of my price range especially since there are not many available here in Canada let alone the USA so you got to pay for higher postage from UK.
I've wanted an articulated truck for a long time and finally picked up this Thames Trader
It has a very solid feel and well aged/warn.Complete and seems to me to be an actual Tri-ang. I am pretty confident it is not Norev. Plus the seller is very reputable and knowledgeable. I doubt they would have posted it wrong.
Andy had posted this model very early in this thread and mentioned there is no marking on the base. Did Spot On not have base markings??????

I dont have an actual Norev to compare but pictures I see seem to me they are bang on in their castings. However, the hubs appear plastic. Hard to tell. My model's hub are definitely metal.
Is there a good way to tell the difference between Tri-ang and Norev Spot Ons?
Did earlier Tri-angs really not have any markings?

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This definitely looks Triang Spot on to me, The patina is real you can tell the bare diecast is original, its a very nice find you have.

I did not check the base on the one I restored in blue a few years back but I am pretty 100% sure this is an original .

Re: Spot On 4 days, 20 hours ago #1811

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Thanx Andy. I believe it is too. It just looks and "feels" right. As I said the seller is reputable as well. But I really dont know a lot about them and I know nothing about Norev. At least Dinky and Atlas have identifiers on the base plates. I have 3 or 4 other Spot On's but they have Tri-ang and Spot On on the bottoms. This model doesn't so I was curious. I also got this at a reasonable price so I was a bit concerned. I was one of only 3 bids and the seller is well established. I thought it odd the final price and second guessed it as to maybe people with more experience knew something I did not. A lot of patina as you indicated, but it is all original and complete. I felt 37 GBP was a reasonable win .
Thanks for the input

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Excellent price they are normally two to three times that, weldone.

Re: Spot On 2 days ago #1813

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A couple of restorations to do when I feel like doing them and a clean up job on the rarer yellow coloured Ford Anglia, I won't paint this but I have ordered the chrome pens so will have a go at the chrome and repair the rear bumper.

Re: Spot On 1 day, 23 hours ago #1814

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How did you get all those old decals off? Soaking in Hot Water?

Re: Spot On 1 day, 21 hours ago #1815

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I soaked them in hot soapy water, I avoided going near the number plates and persevered with a washing up sponge with the green soft scouerer on and used my fingernails to get them ff , it took around half an hour to do but success .