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TOPIC: Russian Zinc Pest

Russian Zinc Pest 6 years, 1 month ago #1

One of the cars that I am selling for the widow of a Dutch Spot On collector was this Russian car. It was identified by Teebodk as a 

And this is what happens when it is suffering from the dreaded zinc pest


Crack in the roof

Doors suffer too, no need locking the car when parked

Bootlid with the remains of the hinges

another oops

Now where is that roof light gone? I am missing the tail lights too

These parts are still okay

I suppose I fail the MOT don't you think?

A detailed engine, that is for sure

This zinc pest leaves the car in a very sorry state. The parts just break into small fragments

What do you think of it?

Re: Russian Zinc Pest 6 years, 1 month ago #2

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I see you got hit by the PD Forum auto-cropper... The car was not identified as a "blank space", but you're also showing two different cars. The complete one, on photo 1, is a GAZ Volga 3102, the cumbling one is a GAZ Volga 24.

I notice on the last photo, that the radiator has cracks as well, so the baseplate is also infected, which leads me to a question: could you show the bottom of the car, please? I'm curious about what's written there, since this will, at least to some degree, tell us when it was made. Remember: catalogue numbers were dropped in 1986 and english text "made in USSR" was introduced in 1983. The baseplates often remained in stock for years, but if it has a catalogue number, then it should be 1986 or earlier, if it also says "made in USSR" it should be 1983-1986.

The civilian one I bought from you (exactly the same car) shows absolutely no signs of zinc pest - that one has a catalogue number (A14) and no "made in USSR", so the baseplate should be 1983 or earlier.

Re: Russian Zinc Pest 6 years, 1 month ago #3

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These Russian diecast showed up in the US a while ago - I got a few and noticed some of the hinges had zinc pest so that I did not dare to to open any doors/trunks.  I am scared now to look at the few I have in boxes...  

Re: Russian Zinc Pest 6 years, 1 month ago #4

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Heehe, I know exactly what you mean - before writing the post above, I VERY carefully opened the bonnet/hood on my 'good' GAZ Volga 24 (like Theo's crumbling one), it's very tight and made quite a bit of resistance, so I was really scared it would break if it was infected. Thankfully nothing broke, but I'm not going to repeat that experiment in the future, unless I absolutely have to (for photos or discussions)

I still believe that the vast majority of models should be okay, but that doesn't help if you don't know which ones are affected.

So far, these models are known to have suffered from zinc pest for a period of their production time:
UAZ 469 (Jeep/SUV)
GAZ Volga 24
GAZ 13 "Chaika"
Moskvitch 2141
ZIL 115

Plus the ZAZ 968 was affected by metal impurities in the dies.
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