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TOPIC: Parts Hunt!!!

Parts Hunt!!! 13 years ago #1

I\'d like to have one thread just for parts hunting. There\'s always a search for pieces and parts for whatever we\'re building. Especially if you\'re like me and do allot of restorations and rebuilds of old, out of issue models. so I\'ll kick this off with a parts hunt of my own

I\'m looking for the rear bumper for the Hubley \'61 Ford Fairlane 4 door sedan. parts must be in reasonable shape (not broken) and the chrome need not be good.
Also looking for a pair of chrome tail light housings for an MPC \'75 to\'78 AMC Pacer. I\'m lacking that much of being able to build it!
I\'m also needing a set of off road tires with wheels for another project. If you have any of these items do contact me thru this forum. This may move to a different place later, but I will start it here! Thank you!

Re:Parts Hunt!!! 13 years ago #2

Platinum Boarder
Sorry, cannot help with the parts but have created a Parts Sub Forum - could luck and always let LaToya or me know if you need something done.

Re:Parts Hunt!!! 13 years ago #3

Thanks! That is something Model car builders especially are always looking for! Often parts and kit swapping become the life blood of a forum. Not to mention the exchange of ideas and tips. Sio if something is needed, post it here!

Re:Parts Hunt!!! 12 years, 11 months ago #4

Looking for pars for Chrysler, dodge and PLymouth kits. I\'m looking for the following;
Rear bumper for AMT \'61 Valiant
Tail lights (2 piece) for AMT \'62 Imperial, need enough for 2 cars!
Windshield and convert boot for \'62 Imperial
Any Barracuda parts!!
And looking for MPC \'69 Dodge Coronet R/T, kits parts, whatever you have!!
Will buy or trade! Also looking for junk boxes of parts & model cars. Prefer Chrysler products but will take any!

Re:Parts Hunt!!! 12 years, 11 months ago #5

I\'ve got a Chevy Malibu wagon kit that I stole the engine, tires and rims and rear axle out of for another project. I was going to turn it into an El Camino, but I\'ve got too many projects going. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Re:Parts Hunt!!!.....Scratch that! 12 years, 11 months ago #6

I just want to say that on my parts hunt for Pacer parts is at an end. I didn\'t find the parts but I traded the car!! So I no longer need the Pacer parts! But I still need that rear bumper for the Hubley \'61 Ford 4 door. And I\'m looking for Chrysler/Plymouth?Dodge engines. Big and small block. 440 to 340 but NO HEMIS!!! I have all the Hemis I neee thank you! I\'m also always looking for custom rims. Cragar, American Racing, Halibrands, Keystones, you name it! All the rebuilding and kitbashing I do tends to deplete the parts supply So if you8 have anything you can spare please give me a shout!

Re:Parts Hunt!!!....JUNK LOTS WANTED!! 12 years, 10 months ago #7

I\'m looking for junk boxes of model car parts. I\'ll take boxes of variois parts, broken kits, glue bombs, and just boxes of junked out car models and parts. I do allot of rebuilding and the junk lots come in very handy! Just contact me thru this group and tell me what you got!

Re:Parts Hunt!!!....JUNK LOTS WANTED!! 12 years, 10 months ago #8

Hey Hippie!
I just put togather a junk box with new kits,lotta of chassis that was used for this and that,some incomplete build up etc! its a 10 inch table saw box from craftsmen and its fairly full.....i can grab a pic later if your interested....


Re:Parts Hunt!!! 12 years, 10 months ago #9

WOW!! (oh this is gonna hurt!) What would you want for that box of stuff?! and can i afford it!! LOL!!

Re:Parts Hunt!!! 12 years, 10 months ago #10

I\'ll get a pic of it later on tonight then we can go from there....
BUT i have a smaller parts here thats loaded with extra goodies and he said he would take 35 for it shipped, i was gona put it on ebay but now thru the middle of sept isnt a good time to sell anything....

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