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ROCO MINITANKS 10 years ago #1

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I've just come across these, in fact I can't remember what I was searching for but as usual I went off at  a tangent.

Roco minitanks series HO, 1:87 scale

Although I don't think they could be strictly classed as a kit they do seem to be a plastic made high detailed AFV's from what I can make out the main part is assembled and unpainted.

Anyone familiar with these?

I found them to start with in the US but have now found a UK source (or 3)

Re: ROCO MINITANKS 10 years ago #2

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I have seen them maybe it was about 15 years ago not sure now. Yes they would be the ones that are partly assembled and made of plastic. Actually I think they are all made of plastics.

Re: ROCO MINITANKS 10 years ago #3

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Military Vehicles & Tanks made Hong Kong to China Some of my collection in this forum post.

Re: ROCO MINITANKS 10 years ago #4

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This is what I have my eye on, in fact it's no cheaper getting it in the UK than buying it in the States, my guess is the UK seller is loading the shipping cost.


Re: ROCO MINITANKS 9 years, 12 months ago #5

I've got to check down here more often. Roco Minitanks are all plastic and run from WWII through modern day vehicles. Most of the one's I have have been severely customized or used as the base for a custom. They are great replicas, the extra parts can be a bit of a bother to put on, but once they are, they are ready to go. Some of the newer models are painted, but most are molded in that green plastic shown in the last post. A little paint and some decals and you've got a great little model. HO scale, some in boxes, some in the blister shown above. Detail kits are also available for them including mirrors, air cleaners jerry cans and ammo boxes.
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