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Yes, we know it's a little bit of a contradiction in terms, but here's where you can talk about Norev, Minialuxe, Siku, Polistil, Tomte, Auburn, Sun Rubber or any other ready-made model car that's made of plastic or rubber. Hey, they're still cast in dies!

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Tomte Laerdal Company. 12 years ago #1

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My darling wife Roslyn picked up a bucket of toys the other day at a Salvation Army garage sale and showed me the contents. I could see Corgi, Matchbox  and some I couldn\'t see at first glance. Thus hidden in the bottom were Hotwheels, Zylmex, Playart, Lucky Funmate. All were either made in UK or Hong Kong, even the Hot Wheels. The local Major smiled and asked what do you think they are worth Jim. I said I can only afford $50 bucks and he replied smiling sold. Actually Major Bruce had kept them aside for me as he knew I was into collecting die-cast toys for a long time.

When we arrived home, I placed all the contents onto the home made side table I had built out of Tasmain Oak in my computer room come collection glory of many years.  Some were just like if one had taken them out of the box for the first time while others had seen the loving playful care a childhood hands could muster.

A VW and Landrover caught my eye as I had seen these unbreakable plastic vinyl type material occasionally which differed to the plastic ABS type.  I gave them a good wash as some dirt or something had collected on the inside of the toy car and Landrover no 23 and VW police car no 13. I discovered the name and I remember something on Toy Collector about these toys by tomte 2007.  I carried out a Google search and found a blogg on the subject and who was the maker and country of origin. I also checked up on Toy Collector, all too easy.

Tomte Laedal Company, Stavanger of Norway started making rubber type toy cars and dolls in 1958 which the cars were not that successful. They experimented with Vinyl cars in 1963 which filled a niche in the market for younger aged children. Hygienic, able to wash them, float them in the bath with soft edges and made of non destructible plastic that could take a lot of pounding and bouncing off the floors or walls. Simple body with closed windows so that little fingers could not get stuck inside. Can be sucked by the child when teething is apparent or just like any child, anything new must be taste tested. They came in bright colours which today still hold their brilliance. Tomte made at least 35 different models over the years until 1978. Like most companies of the times competition was fierce within the children toy market.

As one can see from the underneath the cross rib members stiffen the durability and the thickness of the plastic vinyl adds to their strength. Thick axles and solid wheels combine the toy for robust use by children.

For more information tomte2007 has a range of pictures on Toy Collector if one wants to see more.

The other is one can go to 

So have fun and enjoy. If you are a visitor and you like what you see on Toy Collector then join it is free to have fun and you can leave your comments.

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James, I love your write up on the Tomte Laedal Company Plastic Toys. You should crop that out and put it up as a blog. Very good reading and interesting stuff I did not know. Thanks for posting and promoting.

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Ooooooh - Mebetoys Alfetta in the back row!!!!!!! Can we see a close-up pic?

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Tomte were cars we could play with at \"maternelle\" scholl (i.e. frm 3 to 6 years old).

No way to hurt another children with that.

Two models I had (but sold today).

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Here we have a Dodge Kew with a trailer

Sold it to a french forum's member. (As we often sell directly or do exchange. I recently send to a member french Dinky barrels because he offered me a Dinky box)

So, I would have prefer to give these truck and trailer and recieve a Bentley...

Because I have these ones and would like to find the green and orange pair.

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If I do come across any green or orange chauffeur driven Bentley. I will definitely let you know, as these Tomte Laerdal don't really fetch high prices here in Australia, although I do see them on rare occasions.

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there's a orange bentley on ebay right now $5.99
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Many thanks.

I got them now !

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Is my eyes playing tricks or have you posted the images that way Coky and how did you do it.

Good to see you have had your wish granted with the green Bentley. Cheers

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Very cool!  Yes, how did you do that?

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I use a freeware named "The Gimp".

Just did five pictures with my camera. Then each picture became a layer of a unique file.

And saved it as a ".gif" one. (gif standard explains why picutres aren't as good as they are when in ".jpeg" standard).

About half an hour to do. But I like it.

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Anyway it looks great net trick.

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It can sometimes be hard to judge the scale of some models so I took some photos of my Dodge with the Dinky to show the comparison

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I would say your Tomte has a longer box on the rear but is basically the same size and scale. At least from my side of the screen.

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The Tomte Dodge looks in good along side the Dinky and I think Jim is on the ball. The front cab is a good comparison though. Haven't seen any around the Sunday Markets lately. Then again I haven't been too much this year.