Yes, we know it's a little bit of a contradiction in terms, but here's where you can talk about Norev, Minialuxe, Siku, Polistil, Tomte, Auburn, Sun Rubber or any other ready-made model car that's made of plastic or rubber. Hey, they're still cast in dies!

TOPIC: Tudor Rose England

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That sounds like a great plan Andy. Looking forward to seeing some of your older toys. Doll houses sounds interesting too.
As for Rollerman, he has left the forum due to the state it is in. I will drop him a line about this thread for Julian and hopefully he will pop in and answer you.

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I have emailed Rollerman. Hopefully he will answer.

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I have an answer from Rollerman for Julian.

Tudor Rose...The business co-operation between Tudor Rose and Nacoral was rather strange because Tudor were officially supplying toys for Nacoral to market in Spain. These toys were packaged in cardboard boxes displaying both brand names...Nacoral and Tudor Rose.

With the big veteran cars it is a little more complicated. Nacoral designed, manufactured and marketed their own range of veteran cars in two scales first in plastic then in metal.

The Tudor Rose veteran cars were were designed, manufactured and marketed by themselves but the chosen car subjects mirror the same cars seen from Nacoral!

A 1910 Model T Ford, 1912 Packard, 1904 Darracq, 1914 Mercer, 1923 Morris and a 1907 Rolls-Royce can be found in both companies ranges and marketed in similar cardboard boxes but are not made from the same tooling they are actually different models.

The Nacoral versions being copied from the Tudor Rose but with Tudor's blessing!

I have not seen boxes for these models displaying both the Tudor Rose and Nacoral names but if Julian has a box or two with them both displayed this certainly is feasable given my comments earlier in this text and a picture or two would be very welcome.

He hopes that will help you out.

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Many thanks Nobleco & thank you Rollerman, I will miss his knowledge on here especially with plastic toys he knows everything about them.

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Thank you so much for the reply.

The four boxes I have are for the correct models contained - but two models are Nacoral - and two are Tudor Rose. All four boxes have french text - no english text except for the name of the model in very large text alongside the model picture.
There is no mention of Nacoral on the boxes - just a small Tudor Rose emblem and text.

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It will be nice to see them I know of these but I don't have any in my collection

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Rollerman want to say HI to everyone here on Planet Diecast. I have sent him your replies and I know he appreciates the thanks as we appreciate his knowledge of toys.
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