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TOPIC: valuation resources?

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #16

Platinum Boarder
Now we can see one of the base rivets on the Citroen SM, it does not look like a normal type used by Corgi on models of this period. It looks more like a traditional metalworking rivet with the central hole and is not as big across the top surface as a genuine Corgi rivet head. 

If this was a Corgi instigated 'Colour Trial' model, I doubt they would have secured the baseplate in such a way, it is more likely to be screwed, similar to the Corvette baseplate, which brings me nicely onto that model.

It could well be a 'Pre-Pro' for an addition to the 'Whizzwheels' range, but clearly is not a full production model as it does not show 'WHIZZWHEELS' name on the baseplate, and it certainly would have to have this added at some point during development.

Unfortunately without any provenance with any of these non-standard coloured models (not the Volvo, that's genuine), they may have to be classed as 'Code 3' until it is conclusive as to why they are like they are, but I don't like seeing those types of rivet head designs on any models from the big brands, it automatically rings bells and suggests someone has repainted the model.

The Jaguar is now waiting to show us it's rivet heads and I will hold comment until I have seen them. Nice clear picture of the baseplate, especially the front where the rivets are please!!


Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #17

Fresh Boarder
Very interesting Rollerman, thank you.  Although certainly disappointed that my Citroen may not be authentic.

I will get you photos of baseplates for the charcoal gray Mercedes #393 and the gold Jaguar #238, in the light of day tomorrow.  

Would love to see pics of anyone else's unusual variations.  


Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #18

Fresh Boarder
As requested, here are photos of the baseplates/rivets for the charcoal gray Mercedes 350SL (Corgi 393) and for the gold Jaguar Mark X (Corgi 238).  Upon comparison with my other 393s the rivets look identical.  On the gold Jag, the rivets have center holes that look a bit larger than the tiny holes on my other 238s, but in any event I will defer to the experts.  Many thanks, Chris 

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #19

The rivets of the Merc look authentic to me, I have some doubts about the rivets on the Jag. If I do restos I use similar rivets

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #20

Platinum Boarder
Corgi pre production samples production samples etc had 3 ways that they joined the main body to the base 1 was to glue the base on with an epoxy resin type bonding agent 2 with a screw and these screws where made from brass and look like the screws found in 3 pin electrical plugs here in the UK and sometimes a washer was used too 3 by rivet but unlike the spun rivets used the normal production models they used un spun ones like on this pre production Bond DB5 below 

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #21

Platinum Boarder
Thank you Corginutnyc for the extra pictures and I am afraid to say that both models now look like repaints. 

The rivets on the Mercedes look like blobs of solder and the rivets on the Jaguar look like common household rivets you would use to fix panels on a real car before welding.

I have included two pictures of genuine models to show what the rivets look like and you will see how naturally dull the rivets are on the Jaguar, but on yours they are bright and shiny and nobody would polish the rivets on a model car!

I don't think the baseplate on yours should be painted in such a dark grey, if indeed it was ever grey at all, because on the genuine model, it is silver, done like this to suggest bright front bumper and all they then had to do is paint the rear bumper silver to match, so I think this is a give-away as well.

The rivets on the Mercedes are again quite dull, looking totally different to those on your Mercedes...

Above, is a genuine Corgi Mercedes rear section and rivet.

Above, is a genuine Corgi Jaguar Mk X front section and rivets.

Sorry Corginutnyc, I don't think these two models are genuine and can only really be classed as 'Code 3' models, taken to pieces and repainted by a previous owner and not Corgi themselves.

Last Edit: 6 years, 4 months ago by TheRollerman.

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #22

Fresh Boarder
Thanks Rollerman!  I appreciate your feedback and the pics.  The one that I'm still questioning is the charcoal gray Merc.  When I get the chance in the next couple of days I will upload pictures of the baseplates of all of my 393s including the gray Merc.  I honestly can't see the difference between these rivets and the ones on my other 393s that I am confident are genuine.  Also the interior is black which is not a color that one finds on any of the 393s - is that an easy thing though to switch out or overpaint?  

Ultimately, I am not a restorer and others are certainly more expert than I.  I just still have hopes for the Mercedes.

In any event, the good news is that I paid no more than about $10 for any of these so there is no great loss, other than the thrill of having stumbled upon a unique and genuine rarity.   

Again, thanks to all for your input!  Chris (nyc corgi nut)
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