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TOPIC: valuation resources?

valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #1

Fresh Boarder
Hello, I am finally getting insurance coverage for my Corgi collection (1956-1972) and I need to do an inventory.  I figure that I can use Ramseys for most of the models which are known and listed variations, but I do have a few unusual items that I believe are pre-production models or rare variations.  They aren't going to show up on toymart or ramseys.  Can anyone recommend a good place to get an approximate value?  Thanks!  Chris

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #2

Platinum Boarder
How about Vectis? You'll need to sign up with them to view the prices, but depending on how much you need info on, it may be worth it.

I would also suggest The New Great Book of Corgi, but that one's probably too obvious? The reason I suggest the 'new' version, is because it's most up to date, both regarding valuations and also the number of variations found.

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #3

Fresh Boarder
Thank you for your response.  Yes, I have the Great Book of Corgi, and I am signed up with Vectis; this will cover most of the models.  My issue is with what I believe to be the pre-production models, and a couple of variations that I've never seen before and aren't listed anywhere.  The only places I can think of are the UK vendors Quality Diecast Toys and Diecast Investor as they do sell pre-production models, but I'm not interested in selling and don't want to be disingenuous.  

I can post pictures in a little while to see if anyone has any thoughts.  Chris

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #4

Platinum Boarder
Pre production samples can vary in value the resin and wooden ones can be expensive depending on what model it is and the die cast variants with glued and screwed bases can go for top dollar prices too but it all depends on the model and if it's a tv related model then the sky is the limit...
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Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #5

Platinum Boarder
Valuing variations of well known models such as Corgi and Dinky is difficult, I could put five Corgi toy Silver Shadows together in a line and to most auction houses they would just be five examples of the same model, but each one will be different to me with it's own specification. I currently have 24 versions of this model listed...

4 'Take Off' wheel versions.

1 'Red Spot' wheel version.

3 'Whizzwheel' versions in silver over blue.

13 'Whizzwheel' versions in metallic blue.

2 'Whizzwheel' versions in metallic silver.

and 1 'Whizzwheel' version in metallic beige.

Even Vectis would not take into account the various versions of the above 24 models, they are likely to put the blue ones together and may mention some have different style wheel designs!

To get a separate valuation of each version is near impossible, they would have to be sold as bundled lots of three or four models, which like "Corginutnyc" would be no good to me, I would want the best price for each separate model.


Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #6

Fresh Boarder
Ah, the red spot version of 280 - still on my short list!  I think Vectis would distinguish the red spot version, but probably not the others.

So, upon reviewing, most of them are known variations but I am putting up 3 images.  

The first is a #228 Volvo in white that is NOT a Saints version, it has no man on the interior and has 228 on the base plate rather than 258, and is not a repaint -- it is mentioned in Edward Force's list as the last variation of the #228.  I've never come across another.

The second is a #284 Citroen SM in a steel gray, not a Code 3.  I have seen one other image of this unlisted variation (pre-production color?).  The only listed colors are green and magenta/purple.  

The third is a #393 Mercedes 350SL in a metallic gray with black interior that is definitely not a code 3 and which I have never seen listed.  

I will just upload these 3 photos for now but I do also have a couple of other oddballs the authenticity of which I do question; I'll put those in a separate post.  But these I am confident are originals.  Again I'm not interested in selling I just would like to make sure that I am properly insured and it would be fun to have an idea of their value in any event.

Any thoughts or feedback appreciated!  Chris



Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #7

Well Chris,
I have never seen these variations before. Ofcourse a know the regular ones. Something came to mind about the Citroen. Could the paint be faded due to being exposed to sunlight?
You can check under the wheelarches

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #8

Fresh Boarder
i do have a couple of sunfaded corgis (like the red and pink volvo 228s) that i originally thought were color variations, but no, this is definitely steel blue.  I just did a search and found the same exterior color on this model (but with a deeper blue interior than mine) that vectis sold as a pre-production, here is the link:


Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #9

Platinum Boarder
The white Volvo P1800 was also available in red with a lemon interior and the catalogue number of...228, is correct and it was even printed on a box for the model in a similar style to the 'Saint' car version. At some point in production the catalogue number on the baseplate was covered over with a blanking-plate, this will have something to do with Corgi making the plain car or the Saint car first, then deciding to remove the base number.

Corgi would have both catalogue numbers in their inventory as two separate models, not just a 'Saint' version of the plain car, their system could not tell the difference between the two!!

The Citroen 'SM' has the type of wheels fitted at least as early as 1977 and could be a genuine 'Pre-Pro' or in my view one of the models supplied to 'British Home Stores' for them to market as a small range of models from 1977 through to about 1979.

The Mercedes-Benz is unusual and I have not seen this before and can not add anything here for you, sorry.


Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #10

Platinum Boarder
Vectis is your best bet.

Tee great to see you back, where have you been?

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #11

Platinum Boarder
Funny that you mention a red sunfaded Volvo 1800 #228 with lemon interior... because I have exactly the same! Got it really cheap because the paint looked horrible and very uneven in shade. Took a chance and tried a paint scratch remover... and lo and behold: the original color and shine was restored in just moments!

Dinkyjay, thanks There's a whole thread dedicated to 'where I've been' so won't start polluting this one too.

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #12

Fresh Boarder
That's funny ... at first I thought that I had purchased a slightly darker version of the light pink Volvo #228, until I looked at the other unfaded side and realized that I had a half-faded dark pink version.  Will try what you suggest Teebodk.  Would you consider that to be a "restoration"?  

Thanks to Rollerman on the theory about the Corgi SM, of course it came with no box so I had no thoughts as to which end of the 1970s it came from.  Yes the Mercedes 350SL in charcoal gray with black interior is a mystery.  The Volvo 228 was primarily issued in tan and various shades of red and pink, but I have never seen another white one (other than a #258 Saint that lost its bonnet decal.)

Ok so to continue the fun I'm going to post two other models that I have assumed may not be authentic, but I'm really not sure.  The paint is flawless and they don't at all look like they've been taken apart or resprayed.  One is a very odd Corvettte #310 that is not the bronze, although I have one of those, but is a non-metallic chocolate brown, with same colored base, and red spot wheels.  The other is a gold Jaguar #238, this model as Corgi people know came in so many different color variations I think I have 10 or 11 of them that are the real thing, and this one also looks good with a very clean base, and the gold is continued onto the top of the inside of the boot ... any specialists out there who have a hunch or any insights?     

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #13

Platinum Boarder
Ahh, models such as these two are where it gets really tricky... and part of the reason I gave up actively pursuing Corgi and Dinky models: strange variations, where all normal rules of thumb are useless. Take the Corvette, for example... one quick look at the baseplate would reveal the screws and you'd normally go "hey, no rivets! That's a fake!", but when it comes to preproductions, you never know: maybe Corgi DID make it like this for a reason, maybe they experimented with wheels, interior or something else and wanted an easy way to take it apart, maybe... it COULD be real... or it could be fake... who knows?

The only one who'll know for certain is the wallet that pays and there's such a high risk of being ripped off, it made me angry back then.

Because the fact is, that the thought of finding and holding a genuine scarce gem is very tempting, so even looking at these oddities is 'dangerous'.

I hope yours are genuine, but maybe nobody will ever find out.

Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #14

Platinum Boarder
Very interesting Corgi's.

White 228 Volvo is a great find. It's on my wish list.

I recall seeing that colour Citroen on Ebay about a year ago.
I don't remember what it sold for but I thought it was a repaint. Curious to see the base.
Interesting that the example on Liveauctioneers has original whizzwheels and is missing the side window trim.

I've seen a Green Mercedes before but not grey. Again, I'd love to see the base.

Corvette certainly appears to be a well made code 3. But half your luck if you've come across a rare pre-production.
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Re: valuation resources? 6 years, 4 months ago #15

Fresh Boarder
CorgiCrossEyed, here is the base for the Citroen SM - will upload one of the mercedes tomorrow.  I have a couple of green Mercedes #393, i like the one with blue interior especially.  

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