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TOPIC: 267 Batmobile

267 Batmobile 11 years, 7 months ago #1

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I am hopless with computers so if this is in the wrong section I apologise (as I can not see where to continue my previous notes on the 267 Batmobile). Anyhow I enyoy collecting novelty die cast toys mostly Corgi and Dinky I like ones with figures (people) and the way biding goes on Ebay I am not the only one.

My collection numbers about 50 including some Matchbox ones. Thankfully to the net or I would only have a couple, from what I see the UK have a lot of old toys and good on you for taking better care than me (in Aust.) In am sad to say I ruined and lost a lot of toys I now try to get some back (for the memories?) and also get ones my parents could noit afford I would get the junior batmobile instead of the 267(bugger!).

Now I have about 5 versions of the 267 they are my favorite (I also like the Bond cars) and its good I am not alone as many parts are available  (hope someone will make parts for the Batboat trailer). I can see all sides to restoring and not restoring, light play worn having charm but some could maybe do with a restoration?

Some of the non Corgi Dinky that have figures and others might like to lookout for are ones with Herge charector Tin-Tin in them. My favorite is one of him in a Model T Ford. I can not remember the maker but they could be French and are very well detailed.

Regards Wilson

Re:267 Batmobile 11 years, 7 months ago #2

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Hey Wilson, Welcome to the site. The Corgi Batmobile is a very popular model, no matter the scale. You have chosen a very select group of models to collect and I wish you good luck as they are very much in demand. Kudos on you for getting what you have.
This thread could have been added to your last one, so as to continue the conversation. I can move it for you if you wish.
Jim, Mod in Cars.

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