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TOPIC: Header Cards

Header Cards 3 years, 6 months ago #1

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I do own a GS14 Daktari set and was doing a little research in order to purchase a header card for my item.

Thereby I recognized that my GS14 has two outer slots in order to insert the tabs of a header card.

The header cards I saw in the net on the other hands do have 3 tabs.

This leads me to the question:

Regarding these Corgi Toys header cards:

- were they exclusively available for just the retailers?

- did the boxes come without slots and where cut by the retailers?

- how many Corgi models did come along with it's own header card?

Best regards


Re: Header Cards 3 years, 6 months ago #2

Hello Wolfgang. Thanks for posting this question. I do not have the answer to it, but I am sure some of our specialist will know

Re: Header Cards 3 years, 6 months ago #3

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Redundant question deleted
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Re: Header Cards 3 years, 6 months ago #4

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The GS14 set was made on purpose with a detachable header card. This allowed the models to be packed without causing damage to the header. The retailer would normally be expected to place the header card into the factory cut slots, so the model could be displayed correctly. This was of course a time consuming process and many header cards went missing because they were not fixed to the main box by retailers, making mint in box GS14 sets a little more expensive when header cards are still with the model.

I do not know how many GS14 sets were made with the separate header card.

I also do not know how many other sets were made the same way, but I would think other large gift sets in production at the same time as GS14 would have been the same.

Two and Three slots is very likely due to the fact, Two slots were not enough to make the header card secure. A further slot to make Three, is more secure!

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Re: Header Cards 3 years, 6 months ago #5

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Thanks a lot - I was always believing these header cards were mandatory and all lost during ownership.

I recently became aware of the existence of those ones for the Miura and the Astro - would love to own one...


Re: Header Cards 3 years ago #6

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There were two types of header card supplied with early window box Corgi Toys. The ones used in models such as GS14 (Daktari) and GS21 (Chipperfields) for example were packed inside the box underneath the window to protect the contents and the face that was exposed asked the dealer to remove the card for display, which could then be slotted into the back of the box as a header card. All the models with this type of packaging would have been supplied new with a header INSIDE the box but as suggested above, sometimes they were just removed and not sold with the model, and in any case even where the main box survived they could be lost. Over the length of a production run it is not surprising that the actual construction of the headers and boxes changed - it may be that the third slot was added as two slots made for an insufficiently secure mounting.

The other type of header card was used with a limited range of models such as the Monkeemobile, DeTomaso Mangusta, Lamborghini Miura etc. In this case the standard box did not include the header card but a promotional header card was included in early releases in limited quantities to allow dealers to present the model. I have heard (but cannot verify) that for these early releases one header card would be packed in each 6 car trade pack. It is because these headers were not a normal part of the packaging that they are so extremely rare.
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Re: Header Cards 3 years ago #7

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I have a gift set with just a plain card with the instructions printed.

Re: Header Cards 3 years ago #8

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That corvette has peaked my interest
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