Super Rare Corgi Fire Engine
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TOPIC: Super Rare Corgi Fire Engine

Super Rare Corgi Fire Engine 3 years, 9 months ago #1

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I picked up this Corgi fire engine recently. It really didn't cause me to think I had something unusual as I really am not familiar with Corgi fire apparatus other than their Simon Snorkel. I just liked the lines. Anyway, I decided to research it as it seemed to not be seen again on EBay. As I took some pictures of it, the Corgi "Simon Snorkel" logo on the bottom and then noticing the turntable being white, made me realize I had a code 3 on my hands.

It seems someone took a American LaFrance ladder assembly from a tiller truck and attached it to the Simon Snorkel chassis. It actually fits perfect, with the ladder resting on the top of the cab just right. 

So much for being a rare truck!


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Re: Super Rare Corgi Fire Engine 3 years, 9 months ago #2

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Now, that does look good and I can see why it caught your eye. I don't go in for fire appliances much, but have a few and this one would be nice to have. Large, yes, trouble displaying it, yes. worth it to move a few toys??? Yes, OF course.
Nice score.

Re: Super Rare Corgi Fire Engine 3 years, 9 months ago #3

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Thanks! I have had a Corgi Simon Snorkel and ALF Ladder in the original boxes for about 25 years. I like it, but never considered older fire trucks from Corgi or Dinky until recently. I do collect the modern made British Fire vehicles put out by Corgi now. Not really Toys, but more model like with some working features.

Anyway, I wasn't really familiar with any other Corgi fire vehicles and I though this was another  fairly common variant Corgi made. It does have nice lines and is actually a great idea for a code 3. I really don't do code3 work, but I may finish what the person started with this "Simon Ladder". 

It needs a good cleaning to say the least...

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