Missing link is also factory error VW 1300
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TOPIC: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #16

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Wow, $55.01NZ for shipping is off the scale. Ask them if they will take it out of the GSP.

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #17

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Am in negogiation with the fella.

He did say that Global is hurting his business as ppl see the prices and just give him a hard time.

However, this is a rare Bug, it looks great and need it to complete the collection before moving on to the next project.

I think this time it will be French Dinky, not Atlas, altho Dan Toys does make an excellent Citroen Presidential.

Also thought of aiming for all the odd Citroen 2CV models in 1/43 scale that are not your usual van or sedan.

You see, projects to decide on

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #18

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Ya, try to talk him into leaving the GSP as it will hurt his business outside the USA. Inside the USA you don't need insurance as much as everything above simple letter post is tracked so you know where it is all the time. I don't and won't pay prices that high and have talked sellers into sending it regular international Small Packet, no insurance and no tracking. It is not likely that anything will go missing from the USA to Canada and besides there is buyers insurance though ebay if you did not receive the item or it is damaged in transit. Does not matter about insurance then as eBay steps in and does the claim for you if necessary. Not insurance needed most times unless irriplaceable or very Valuable. Both those types of items should be tracked and insured and I would think the Buyer would want that, I know I would.

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #19

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Thd main problem seems to be that ppl Trust The System. Its convenient and appear to be clueless of how sending parcels works.
What ebay Global offers is their couriers pick up the parcel.
The expense appears to be that all parcels, no matter whete they are in America, need to go to Ohio.
In England and Europe its the same, a central sorting system.
They use their own in-house customs, not the standard government paid customs.
If its packaged nicely, they unpack it and repack it minimaly themselves. They call it packaging and handling. (There is a joke in here somewhere).
Finally, it will never go by air toward the sorting centre... always over the road despite a couple oceans.
Flat fee is a minimum of $40.
Considering the item i was buying is worth substantially more it is still annoying that the bulk of that money is going to a fraudulent company..
In order to stop global in ots tracks it is about the ppl selling on ebay to decide enmasse to physically and properly refuse to use that system.
It should be a choice.
Its not that hard to figure out prices for internatonal sending.
In fact can actually advertise that tracking is cheaper using normal post as compared to GSP.
Buyers who cringe on postage will jump on that for years to come.
In fact, was planning to use that once i go full time selling.
I am still working the ons and outs of it, but if i block certain areas of the world and only post to Australia and New Zealand via feebay, avoiding GSP and work out actual cost via thd other cariers it will be cheaper.

Next year i think. Maybe the year after.
Physically and mentally exhausted from working in security.
Selling the toys is still giving me a buzz, especially if i throw a Mazda RX7 into the mix.

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #20

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Hi Richard

I beg to differ on several points in your post.

"in England & Europe it is the same, a central sorting system"

in the U.K. the item goes to the local 'MAIN' post office (major town) from there it goes to the airport (usually Heathrow, as this has the greatest number of departures/destinations), then the packages are consolidated by destination ,bagged & loaded on the aircraft. Nearly all international mail flies these days.

For distant points of origin the 'main' post office consolidates the  'international' packages and Royal Mail flies the items from the local airport to Southend Airport then it is trucked to Heathrow. For destinations served by the 'national carrier' there will be flights from the regional airport Manchester/ Birmingham e.t.c. (national carrier is an airline that the government of whatever country 'Air New Zealand', in your case, 'British Airways' for U.K., nominates as the 'mail carrier', yes there can be more than 1 per country). 

'In house customs', VERY few companies have in house customs, usually whisky distilleries and the like. (goods that have a VERY high rate of duty & are easy to steal), Pitney Bowes MAY have them as they make scales &

postage machines. as stated before Customs anywhere have VERY little connection with EXPORT goods. Customs also deal with calibration of scales, petrol pumps e.t.c.

I believe Ebay AUTOMATICALLY enrols American customers into GSP if they ship abroad. (as you have said most people don't realise they are in the program).



Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #21

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Terry, first off, Richard was talking about the eBay Global Shipping Program and they have their own in-house brokers. That is his point. Read it again as he is describing what I know of how the GSP works. All goes to Kentucky from what I have heard and been told by customers and also read on eBay when I looked into it when it first came out.

Second, you describe the mail system of the UK and it is very much the same here in Canada with the bagging and sending. Here in BC it is all sent to Vancouver International Air Port to the Canada Post sorting center there and from there to the rest of the world.

Third, here in Canada, the post office has nothing to do with anything beyond the post office, its own scales and postage meters. There are government agencies that take care of weigh scales etc, like along the highways, or gas pump configuration for summer pumping to winter pumping, the volume varies with temperature.

What Richard says about being able to ship yourself with the post office should work for everyone as it is already in every post system website. Just look for the "Find a Rate" tab and enter all your info. You need weight and size of package. The limits are all on the site through either questions marks, that when clicked on, will open a box where you can find the sizes for certain types of shipping, oversized letter, Light packet, Small packet, Tracked packet, Expedited freight etc. They all have their size limits and weight limits. I have all that in my ebay ads and I use the "Flat Rate" for all customers. You can enter in the size and weight of the package and have your customers figure out shipping but I have always found that it does not take exchange into account and it never comes out to what they say it should cost. It is always more when you do the shipping labels and I get discounts through Canada Post and Pay Pal shipping.

Look further into the EBAY Shipping in the UK and you will probably find that it is very similar.

To me it is just another way of eBay making more money.
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Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #22

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Hi Jim
The GSP system only appears to be available in the U.S. I only checked , U.K., France, Germany, Italy and India. so the GLOBAL shipping is a bit like the WORLD baseball series, no other country plays it , ( don"t know about Canada !) .
When Richard said just like England & Europe, he is mistaken, because Royal Mail is as described, (most countries postal systems are probably very similar) but in Germany D.H.L. run the postal system, in France T.N.T. run their postal system, and the courier companies use multi hub systems.
My point about customs is that it IS and MUST be a government department, there are NO 'private' customs organisations as it would be pointless.
Customs as I have said, have VERY little connection with EXPORTS, and certainly would have no involvement in any model car shipping. So it is as you stated a money making 'scam', for your $40 you get your shipment delayed, possibly re-packed & a large colourful sticker.
Sending anything by mail is getting to be an expensive business these days, that is why i suggest people check out courier companies. Sending by courier has always been expensive in the U.S. (compared with Europe). There are companies in the U.K. that just receive courier shipments from the U.S. and ship them on from here, cheaper than sending directly from the U.S. and they still make a profit.
I feel sure part of the problem is traditionally post office(s), had a monopoly, but the courier companies are eating into their profits, so Germany & France have admitted defeat. Just to re-iterate Ebay do not offer any sort of shipping services in Europe.
Hope this helps clear things up a bit.
Have fun

Re: Missing link is also factory error VW 1300 4 years, 8 months ago #23

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Thanks Terry. Yes, couriers over here are very expensive and I have never used them except with I was in a business back in about 1998.
As to the GSP, it is coming to Canada, from what I have read in the eBay notices. I will not sign up as it is not mandatory and if they make it so, there will be a great outcry as you can't tell people how to send their goods. Sellers choice unless the buyer wants it shipped another way and they are willing to pay that.
As an example, a package (my latest order from the UK cost £9.75 {$12.15 US} to ship and that is insured and has a tracking number but no signature) 16x16x11mm weighing 206 grams is about $8.00 via small packet surface mail to the UK.
You want Air Mail it is under $10.00, neither tracked nor insured.
Then comes International parcel (larger items) at about $43.00 but it is insured for up to $1000.00 at $2.25/$1000.
Tracked packet is about $47.00 and is trackingand insurance up to $100.00 included. 9 days delivery
Express Post is about $75.00 and is guaranteed 6 day delivery
Priority World Wide is about $96.00 but does give delivery confirmation and a signature option included, no time to deliver but us usually less than 6 days to most places in the UK.
Couriers are all over $100 for any way you ship via them and the price goes up if you want more than just their standard shipping. You want fast and the price goes way up. Can't sell anything but very expensive items on eBay to justify these prices from Couriers. Canada Post is expensive enough as it is.
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