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TOPIC: Some of my Dinky toys

Re: Some of my Dinky toys 4 months ago #436

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Your right Tick and I should talk to my insurance provider about that too. I have pictures of most of not all of my collection both in single pictures and in the cabinets and shelves they occupy at this time. At least I would have pictures if I remember to take my external drive with me in case of a forest fire. Not much you can do about a house fire if your not there. Most of my restorations are here on PD so they will live on as long as PD is up and running. That is some saving grace.
Still a horrible feeling to find some of your cherished and loved toys in the ash pile. I wonder how they could come up looking after a good glass beading. They are memento's at the very least now..

Re: Some of my Dinky toys 3 months, 4 weeks ago #437

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Seeing the pictures of what you have left , I am lost for words , the years of collecting and restoring can be taken away from you in a stroke of bad luck.
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