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TOPIC: Catalogue Information

Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #1

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<p>Love to have some feedback. I am creating a catalogue research page and although unfinished I would like some comments. Still to do is a vehicle type search and an alphabetical and name search.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Please use the link in my reply below. This page added some characters at the end of the link, so I have deleted the link and added a more useful one below</p>
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Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #2

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I am not entirely sure what service your website is offering but because of the amount of information contained, I could not get it to load fully on two attempts.

The list of brand names you have included seem to have been taken from other websites because you have included names that are well known (to me anyway!) wholesalers and distributors, not actual toy or model manufactures!

Some of the other names which are actual brand names such as Gaiety and River Series are so scarce, replacement parts are not available so will have to be hand made or 3D printed for the purpose of restoring such scarce models.

I hope I am just reading it all wrong and wish you much success with the project.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #3

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Thank you for your comments rollerman. All is useful. In reply, the brand names are taken from entries I have made into my collection page. I experiment with web design and there are a few errors. The brand names are automatically generated from the collection page entries so a few errors to correct. Nothing taken from other websites.

As regards to what I am trying to achieve is primarily a restoration help site. The rest is for research and comparison. So I may need to address this as a point of clarity.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #4

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As far as failing to load the link is not good.

Should work better
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Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #5

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Just looking at the new link as I had the same problem as Rollerman with very very slow loading and I gave up. So far what I see is good but I will make a comment on the axle removal on the Dinky Bentley you show. I never cut off the pinched ends. I always use a flat nose set of Vice Grips, teeth removed to keep them smooth and flatten or round them out so the hub will come off. I use the same vice grips in stages to make the end look similar but not original. I only cut axles when I have to due to too much rust mostly. Hubs like to freeze onto the axles on some very rusted toys. Then I don't even use the hubs again unless I can get the axle out which most case being that badly rusted just won't happen.
There is also an odd picture in your Standard Vanguard photos in your Restorations Section. Second row down and second picture from the left looks to me like the Austin Devon you show in another restoration on the same pages. Just thought you would like to know about that. The other comments above are just so you know and my opinion only. What I have seen looks good so far and I am going to explore more. Hope you don't mind my comments.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #6

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I've had a quick look and it looks interesting, I will take a longer look at the weekend , thanks for sharing this.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 6 days ago #7

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I will say that it is very extensive and I have spent some time on it so far in the early years. Lots of the variations shown that are not in a lot of the books of today or of the past. Nice to se and must have taken some time. Thanks for your efforts Jeff, congrats on a well done project in the works

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 5 days ago #8

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Thank you for the encouragement. I will be adding further catalogue information as and when time permits, as well as additions to my collection. And yes, it took quite some time to get as far as I have, just hope it useful to others.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 5 days ago #9

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Should be quite useful to many people not just members here. From just over the hill from you, it looks great.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 2 days ago #10

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I have added 1941 1942 1946 and 1947 to the Dinky toys catalogue data from Tony Stanfords publication. This covers stock held at the beginning of the war period and new models being added post war.
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Re: Catalogue Information 1 week, 1 day ago #11

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The second link posted did work better for me and now I can see more of the information and I also think it will be a useful website especially for the model restorers.

Re: Catalogue Information 1 day, 18 hours ago #12

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This will be one hell of a resource for so many. Great work!

Re: Catalogue Information 1 day, 9 hours ago #13

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Thank you. I am adding some search facilities and more catalogue information as time permits. Any suggestion as to improvements or additional information are welcomed.

Re: Catalogue Information 12 minutes ago #14

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Works pretty fast for me - I guess i have a faster connection. Some of the photos at the bottom are still loading if you scroll down there fast. But too much to look at at the top!

This is a cool idea - instead of just warnings at the top, i would add a little more background. Maybe a sentence on why you did this and why someone would use this? For example: "Now, you can see catalog images of your favorite Dinky Toy all together at the same time!"

This is a lot of work - well done!
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