Matchbox K-15 Superking Fire Truck
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TOPIC: Matchbox K-15 Superking Fire Truck

Matchbox K-15 Superking Fire Truck 3 years, 8 months ago #1

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I acquired a K-15 Merryweather fire truck at a discount outlet a few years ago  the condition wasn't bad, nothing unusual and I planned to restore it as close to original as I possibly could.  The chassis plate is dated 1971.

About 3 months ago I found another Superkings K-15 that I bought at an auction with plans of using it for parts.  After taking it apart I noticed that the ladder turret different from the first (longer) and the casting/machining on both the turret and the truck base were completely different.  The turret on this truck overhangs the truck body slightly and will not rotate (although it looks like the original owner did) 360 degrees.

The turret from the 2nd is larger and tapered, where as the first is a smaller diameter and not tapered.  The hydraulic cylinder on the second is straight and does not have a bend at the cylinder base.  Due to the pivot diameter, the second will not fit into the first.  The chassis plate on the second is also dated 1971.

Is this a manufacturing quirk by Lesney or have I stumbled across something unique.  There must be more of this variation but when I look online I cannot find any photos showing the K-15 with this other ladder turret.

Should I be restoring the one with the odd turret and use the first for parts?

Re: Matchbox K-15 Superking Fire Truck 3 years, 8 months ago #2

Hello gcladd and welcome to PD.
I have not noticed the difference before, so thank you for pointing that out to us. i shall have to investigate my books to see if the differences are mentioned.

Re: Matchbox K-15 Superking Fire Truck 3 years, 8 months ago #3

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Hi welcome to PD from Australia.

What you have is the K-15 A-1 if it has the red plastic wheels with black plastic tyres that you found years ago, while this latest find is from Big MX model that came in a set including a burning building. As far as I know this set only lasted a year in production. If I was you I would try to see if there was a Merry-weather fire engine K-15 A-5 and probably has super fast wheels that would be in a fire set on their web site as I cannot get a clear image up.

I found the one I am looking for that I had copied from one of the many catalogues I have, and I used it in the first opening part of my collection contained in. Gunner Jim's Lesney Matchbox King-Size and super-Kings including Universal and Tyco. You can see there is a blue winch mechanism that lifts the ladder extension. That is why the turret has the extended platform.

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