Marek models build marathon...
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If you like your planes to be made of paper, then this is the place for you. Please remember that some paper models are offered for sale and not as free downloads, please only offer models for download if you are certain that there are no copyright issues. Paper kit fans should note that there's also a paper vehicle kit forum over in the Car section.
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TOPIC: Marek models build marathon...

Marek models build marathon... 12 years, 9 months ago #1

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This is a several posts wrapped into one....

I would like to start another competition!

Marek has authorized me to sell all of his electronic models. I have been selling Sergey repaints (with Mareks permission) since I have opened my doors. Selling his other models is new for me. I am a firm believer in having pictures of built up models when possible to help show customers what they are buying. Unfortunately I do not have very many pictures of his models after being built.

This is a NO COST contest. Anyone that wants to particiapte may participate.

Anyone that wants to build one of Mareks models that I currently do not have pictures for only needs to request the model and I will send it to you. Upon building that model I would like pictures to be posted here for me to use on the models page.

I will only send one model at a time. If you build a model and post pictures you can request another model. The 1:33 models are significantly more difficult than the 1:50 models so the will count as double points (or triple - please discuss)

Whomever builds the most models (points) (with posted pics) 3 months after the contest opens (to be determined) gets $50 to spend in my shop.

I will get a list of models posted soon if there is any interest - so please post if you are interested!



If you have already built ANY models by Marek (or any models on my site that dont have pictures) you can send those to me at ecardmodels at gmail period com.

I will give you 50% value credit towards models in my store. If you have built ten of them then combine those values for a nice credit

To keep it fair for the contest you can use models that are under 25% complete for points. I am sure everyone will be honest! I trust each and every one of you
If you are over 25% complete you can finish those for the store credit at 50% face value (before during or after the contest ends).

I have to compile my list of marek models and see what I get pics of before I start - planned start May 1st!

I have created a spreadsheet to track the contest - it just got too complicated too fast without it!

I think I have it up to date right now (Have not sent out any models yet). I would like anyone that wants to paticipate to put their screen name and email on the spreadsheet under the model they want. I have it set so anyone can edit it. If you prefer to not put your email on there please email me your email address after you put in your entry  If you already have the file please note that on the spreadsheet. I will change the font on models that I either already have pics for or have been chosen by someone else to make it more obvious.

Link to the sheet:

Hopefully anyone can raelly edit it, if you cant just keep posting requests here if you wish to participate!

cgutzmer at gmail period com
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