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21 Feb 2021 20:32


i will have to show you how to get the search to work.
First, here is the link to your comparison. Just scroll down the page to find it.
Category: General Chat
21 Feb 2021 18:44


I have an Atlas Renault Alpine as it had been a long standing item in my wish list but too hard to come in decent condition and a reasonable price for an original. It wasnt cheap though as many Atlas models can go for a fair sum. I eventually got an original.
The search feature doesnt work here anymore, but I posted the two and did a side by side to show how good Atlas are.

I have a Dinky Unic Pipe truck that was missing the plastic pipes. Original or aftermarket replacements weren't worth the price in my opinion. I ended up coming across an Atlas version of the truck new in box for really cheap including postage from China. The pipes were perfect replicas of the original for my original model.
Category: General Chat
29 Jul 2018 07:08


This nice Peugeot was delivered last Friday
photo hosting

And a week before that, this one came, so Atlas is speeding up deliveries

Category: Dinky Toys
15 Feb 2018 16:31


Theo what do you think of the quality of the Renault Alpine A310.
Category: Dinky Toys
15 Feb 2018 15:25


And today in the mail:

Dinky 1411 Renault Alpine A310

Category: Dinky Toys
06 Jan 2016 10:52


The fact that I bought the Alpine Renault but always wanted an original really aggravated me, I guess my wife is right.... I can be compulsive. So I blame my compulsiveness for finally getting an original. Actually paid a decent price compared to what I typically see on ebay. In fact I got it for less than the Alpine (bowing and shaking my head as I typed that).

Anyways, thought I would post the two to show how the Dinky compares to Alpine

Original is on the left. I'd say Alpine did a nice job on this re-issue

First a picture of the original, an Xmas/Chanukah gift to myself

Category: Dinky Toys
04 Nov 2015 17:04


I'm such an idiot.

Not because I bought an Atlas, but because I did not mean to when it was obvious that I should have known.

Anyways, I have no issue with Atlas nor for those who collect them. I think they are quite lovely. For me, they are just not what I prefer to collect. I like the original and don't mind a  few nicks and scratches.

I have wanted a Dinky 1411 Renault Alpine for quite some time, but don't like the typical price tag. I saw this model starting at a reasonable price for this model and watched it for a few days and eventually bid and won the item. The entire time not realising "Atlas" right in the auction title. son of a b.......

Anyways, my fault. Sucked it up, paid the price and waited for it's arrival. Brand new in the box, still vacuum sealed in plastic wrap.

A very lovely model, and although I don't have an original to compare it to, it seems very very much like the original except a plastic base. I would expect the original was metal. Anyone confirm?????

So I own an Atlas now. I may decide to resell it, but I doubt I can get the cost of the item plus postage I paid and then expect a buyer to pay expensive Canadian postage on top. I may see if I can sell it locally (no postage) if I decide to not keep it.

A few things I was not aware of by Atlas. I understood Atlas to be a France company, but was not aware as per the box, the models are made in China. No surprise. Isn't everything these days? I was surprised to see the Mattel Copyright though. Is Mattel affiliated with Atlas, or does Atlas have to include this as Mattel still owns the Dinky name (since buying Matchbox who before that bought Dinky)????????

Although the model is very beautiful, I was not impressed about the paint defect on the roof or the misshaped front wheel (see pictures).

I have not been able to track any details of this model either. Can anyone assist? There is no mention of the model on the Atlas website nor can I find it in a catalogue. I think it is a new model for 2015 though ???????

excuse the reflection of my shop light (bright streak). The defect in paint can be seen from just above the light reflection all the way to the top of the windshield

Hope this mushed tire does not  affect value........

Category: Dinky Toys
05 Aug 2012 04:49


This be last months buys, only just got round to pics this morning.

First up is this bus from Corgi mint box is a little tired. 1/76 scale.

Another Fabbri Ferrari this the FXX 1/43 scale

Two more AUTOart another Mercedes CLK DTM, and another RX8 Mazda 1/43 scale.

Also this Renault Alpine I believe it is made by Atlas 1/43 scale.

Three Daimler DS420 by Oxford 1/76 scale.

And finally is this unusual resin car by 0717 Toys, thought it might something that could have been worth a lot of money so hence why I purchased it.

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