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'79 Ford F-250 4wheel drive

Man, I really like this...

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Baskingshark Reviewed by Baskingshark
February 15, 2009

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Last updated: February 15, 2009
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I'm not really a pickup truck person, but I really, really like this truck a lot. It seems stupid to say a custom pickup this size is "subtle", but it kind of is! I love how it's painted that nice mid-blue with no screaming flames or anything. I think it also really complements the model because it does a good job of disguiding the hood cowl - I didn't actually notice the hood cowl until I looked twice, which makes the truck look almsot stock at first glance - but then you realise it's actually a total sleeper.

Plus, it's really original - I've never seen a truck with a hood cowl like this before, it's such an unusual choice and it just works really well. As a matter of personal choice, I'm the biggest fan of shortened exhaust pipes on anything, even factory Challenger T/As and the like, so I would have gone for a different exhaust setup, but the red looks good against all the blue. The presentation is great too - you could actually have left it as a WIP and made the second pic the display, it looks so realistic!

ETA cos I forgot to say:

It's also great that it's a '79! It's a truck you can actually find and that someone who wasn't building a $100,000 Coddington style showrod might actually customise for themselves and use, and the subtle-looking mods work really well with that because anynone who plans to use their custom truck isn't going to put $30K rims on it, or a metal-flake flame paint job.

Great stuff!


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