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The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975

Horbick, Horstmann, HRG...

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Joschik Reviewed by Joschik
January 26, 2009

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Before I start my review it t is important to remember that this is a reissue of the first "Culshaw & Horrobin" that was not available for 20 years and had started to command really high prices in the after market. It has been updated but has kept it initial character which makes it a little old-fashioned.

This book must be the labour of love. I love to browse through it and read about brands such as Calcott, Calthorpe, Carden, Chambers, Chater-Lea, Climax, Cluley, Clyde or Clyno (to give you just some of the Cs and only the ones of what are classed as "Major Manufacturers" - there is also a section on "Smaller Manufacturers"). Every brand is introduced and then models listed with their key details (say valves, carburation, wheelbase or tyre size). Keep in mind that it does not cover racing cars, commercial vehicles, one-offs and kit cars. There are appendices for light cars, cyclecars, non-series productions, three-wheeled cars, steam cars, electric cars and coachwork styles.

As a model car collector it gives you an amazing theme, who will be first to have all 700+ manufacturers with al least one model!

It would be nice to have colour and more photos (i.e. photos of all models), but we will have to leave some room for improvement! Overall, an essential book to have if you have an interest in British cars.


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